Duct Tape Party Theme

10 Inspiring Duct Tape Party Theme Ideas

Are you throwing a party for a neon-loving kid? Or perhaps, you throwing a party for your inner neon-loving kid? Either way, we have a fun, creative, and colorful solution to all of your decor-related questions: a duct tape party theme.

Duct tape is not only useful for patching holes, hiding valuables, and removing lint. It also makes the ultimate tool for creative crafts. We’ve created a list of duct tape craft and decoration ideas to help you create an iconic, colorful crafting party that no one will forget. Whether you’re creating decorations from scratch, enhancing everyday objects, or using it for crafting fun during your party, duct tape will inspire your guests to use their imagination.

Duct Tape Party Theme Ideas & Decorations

Duct Tape Party Theme Ideas & Decorations

1. Fabulous Florals 

Awesome duct tape décor ideas include creating wild and colorful bouquets to accent your look. Make flowers (roses, daisies) out of duct tape in all kinds of wacky sizes and colors. These are super easy to make; tutorials on how to make them can be found online. Whether attached to pencils, pipe cleaners, garlands, or light fixtures, duct tape flowers make for amazing decorations and/or a fun craft to create with guests.

2. Beautiful Bows 

To add a flamboyant flair to any party, encourage your guests to make and wear duct tape bows! They’re super easy to make, and they provide a colorful accent to any outfit. Try attaching them to a ribbon or bobby pin to add them to your clothes or hair.

3. Super Streamers 

Aside from regular paper streamers, you can create some streamers made out of duct tape. Simply stick two different strips of duct tape together (so that no sticky sides are exposed). You can twist different colored streamer supplies together to create an eye-catching 3D effect!

4. Chic Chandeliers

Hang those duct tape streamers from all light fixtures in the room. The result is a super cool chandelier effect that guests are sure to appreciate. Be sure to use colors that accent the color scheme of the party and/or the room.

5. Wall Art

Cover a canvas or large bulletin board with duct tape stripes, and splatter it with neon paint. Then, using a contrasting color of duct tape, create a message theme for the party: a birthday message, a congratulatory message, or just something fun.

6. Brilliant Balloons

Start with oversized balloons in all different colors. Then, cover them with duct tape images, words, letters, and random strips of duct tape that guests can write on with markers.

7. Tablecloths and Placemats

Did you know you can make a quilt-like tablecloth or placemat entirely out of duct tape? Create strips as you did for the duct tape streamers. Then weave those strips through each other and attach them together at the ends, forming a woven, placemat-like texture. The resulting pattern is checkered, so it’s fun to experiment with different color schemes. You can even make your creation into a game board for checkers and chess!

8. Party Favors

Using the same method you used to make the tablecloth, you can make duct tape bags to fill with party favors. Just attach two woven rectangles of duct tape together on three sides, making a small purse the size of a cosmetics bag. Guests can even make their own bags as a fun crafting activity during the party. Fill the bags with prizes and favors such as candy, temporary tattoos, or bubbles. Some of the prizes can even be duct tape creations such as rings, bracelets, wallets, or bookmarks. 

9. Colorful Cushions

You can also make your own seat cushions or throw pillows out of duct tape. Scatter them about the room – on the couches, chairs, etc. Fill them with real pillow stuffing so that they are as comfortable as possible! This also makes a great party favor for your guests to take home after the party!

10. Gorgeous Garland

Bring your party to the next level with homemade duct tape garland. Use funky patterns to fit your party theme, and cut out fun shapes to create beautiful strings of garland. Attach your duct tape to strings of twine, for a fun and durable decoration! Use fun scissors to create awesome borders. This could also be a fun craft for your party guests!

11. Disco Ball

Last, but not least, make your own duct tape disco ball with glittery, sparkly tape! Cover a 3-dimensional globe made out of cardboard or poster paper with tape. You can also add sequins and rhinestones for some added bling. Hang the disco ball(s) from the ceiling and watch your guests marvel at their shine!


Duct tape is a fun, versatile tool for crafts of all shapes and sizes. We hope these 10 duct tape party theme ideas encourage you to create even more uses and ideas for duct tape. With duct tape involved, both you and your guests will surely create a fun-filled experience none of you will forget.

Written by Natalie Smallwood and Jillian Smith

Edited by Anna Wertman and Hannah Mayo

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