Easter Party Games

Easter Party Games: Fun 11 Suggestions

Time to host an Easter party? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a boring brunch potluck at Grandma’s. Liven up the party with some of our favorite Easter party game suggestions! Trust us – you won’t regret it.

Fun Easter Party Games

Fun Easter Party Games

1. Jellybean Jar

You’ve probably heard of this one. For a staple party-long, passive game, take a mason jar or any glass container and fill it to the top with jellybeans. Throughout the party, instruct your guests to write down how many jellybeans they think are in the jar.

At the end of the party, have the kids help to count them out, or be proactive and know the count before the party even begins. The guest that has the closest guess wins the jar!

2. Egg Toss

Split your guests up into pairs of two and hand them one colorful Easter egg. The object of the game is to toss the eggs back and forth without dropping them. As time goes on, the pairs must move further apart. If you drop your egg, you’re out!

The team that lasts the longest without breaking their egg wins. Note: traditionally, these eggs are hard-boiled, but you could also leave them uncooked for extra stakes. It’s like a water balloon, only messier.

3. Piñatas

We all need that sugar rush. Order an Easter piñata that you can hang up and fill with candy. Party supply stores all oversell some fun Easter-themed designs: eggs, bunnies, chicks; you name it.

For gameplay, blindfold guests and have them take turns swinging at the piñata until it breaks open. Whatever candy guests manage to pick up after it finally breaks, they get to keep!

4. Egg Relay Race

A classic relay game that everyone will love. Split your guests into teams and have them form a line. The first person in line gets a spoon and a hard-boiled egg, which they have to balance on the spoon.

The person must hold the spoon out (with the egg) in front of them and walk to the end of the room and back. When they get back to their teammate, they pass the spoon/egg to them. It’s all a great balancing act – if you drop the egg, you must start over. The first team to finish wins!

5. Pin the Tail on the Bunny 

Either buy or print out a large photo of a bunny and hang it on the wall. Give your guests a bunny tail (cotton balls with tape work great!) and blindfold each participant as they start. Spin them three times around and let them try to Pin the Tail on the bunny.

6. Hot Egg

Hot potato, but make it Easter. Take a large plastic Easter egg filled with candy and have your guests get into a circle.

When the music starts, each guest must pass the egg to other people in the circle. If you have the Easter egg when the music stops, you’re out! The last person standing gets the Easter egg with the candy.

7. Bingo

You can never go wrong with this one. For your Easter party, make your own egg-shaped bingo cards out of different colors of cardstock. Use a random number generator to call out numbers. Use miniature chocolate Easter eggs or jellybeans as placeholders.

8. Hop, Hop, Hop

Give your guests either a plastic garbage bag or a potato sack. The guests must get into the bags and hop like a bunny to the finish line. This game gets even more intense as a relay race with obstacles – use it as a time to build teamwork and camaraderie among guests. The first team finished wins!

9. Blowing Eggs

For this Easter party game, make sure you are using eggs that have had their inside contents removed. Give your contestants a blown-out egg and a straw. The object of this game is to get your egg to the other side of the table the fastest – using only your straw!

10. Confetti Eggs

Called cascarones in Spanish, confetti eggs are hollowed-out eggs, often dyed and decorated with Easter colors, and filled with confetti. Though they were originally made during the Latin American Carnival season, making cascarones has become an Easter tradition in México and the southwestern United States.

Confetti eggs are perfect for smashing on the heads of your guests! You can make all sorts of games involving confetti eggs: divide your guests into teams and keep track of who breaks the most eggs on the most heads. Or, you could send your guests on an egg-smashing free for all. It will, indeed, be an unforgettable experience.

11. Egg Hunt!

No Easter party can be complete without the grand finale: an Easter egg hunt. Take plastic eggs (the more, the better) and fill them with candy and other goodies. Before your guests arrive, hide them around your party – outside, inside, wherever. Then, have your guests look for them! Please provide them with baskets or small buckets to store their found treasures in.


Party games are never just for kids – they’re for everyone. We hope these Easter party game suggestions make your Easter gathering better and brighter, whoever and wherever you are.

Written by Jillian Smith
Edited By June Park

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