13 Fun Eco-Friendly Events - Decoration and Party Favors

Go green and help out Mother Nature by adding some eco-friendly aspects to your event. Whether these party ideas are for a wedding reception or a birthday party, your guests will appreciate the environmentally friendly features. These ideas are also inexpensive, so going eco-friendly on decorations and party favors allows you to save money to spend on other aspects of your event. Easy Event Planning has put together recommendations for eco-friendly events decorations and party favors that are recycled, reusable and green that you and your guests will love. 

Eco-Friendly Events: Decorations

Eco-Friendly Events
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1. Eco-friendly Utensils and Dishware

If your party is more laid-back and doesn’t require glass tableware, try using environmentally friendly biodegradable utensils and biodegradable plates

2. Flowers

Flowers make great centerpieces and decorations for your party. You can find the perfect flowers for your party at a local florist or plant nursery and ask where or how their flowers are grown. Purchasing flowers locally also reduces air pollution by saving someone a trip to deliver your flowers.  

3. Mason Jar Centerpieces 

Another green floral centerpiece idea requires just a few old jars. Simply remove any labels from the jars and fill them with flowers of your choice. 

4. Man Made

You can also choose to make or purchase paper flowers or fabric flowers. These will look great, will not wilt, and can be recycled over and over again.  

5. Cloth Napkins 

Why use paper napkins when you can use reusable cloth napkins? They come in hundreds of beautiful designs to match your decor and are great for the environment as well!

6. Reusable Décor

When picking out party decorations, search for décor that you can use again in the future. Whether it’s paper lanterns, beeswax candles, or decorative banners, try saving these items and using them again for another party. Paper lanterns and decorative banners can replace colorful balloons. These decorations come in all sorts of fun, vibrant colors, and are completely reusable.

7. Tablecloth Sheet

Put away that plastic tablecloth and use cloth tablecloths instead! There are numerous designs or solid colors to choose from to match your decor. If your event is less formal, you can also use old sheets or pass around markers and let guests decorate an old white sheet as a tablecloth! 

Eco-Friendly Party Favors

8. Tie-Dye Shirts 

For an informal party, purchase tie-dye kits for guests to tie-dye their own organic t-shirts. Once they’re dry, let everyone take them home as their favors!

9. Natural Stones

Unique party favors to give out at the end of the day are natural stones. Go on a nature walk before the event and collect as many stones as you are expecting guests. Wash them off and decorate them using paint pens or paint sets. If you do not have time to go look for stones, you can also purchase natural polished stones. You can write the names of your guests, brief thank you messages, the date of your event, or other sayings that correlate with your event on the stones. 

10. Organic Goodie Bags

Rather than using plastic goodie bags, try replacing them with mini canvas bags. To personalize the gifts, paint each guest’s name on a different bag. Fill the bags with items that go along with your event. 

11. Plantable Seed Paper

At the end of your party, give away plantable seed paper to all of your guests. This paper has embedded seeds that you can plant directly into your garden. You can decorate the paper portion of it yourself, or order customized plantable seed papers. 

12. Homemade soaps

The perfect Eco-Friendly party favor is homemade soap. You can either make the soap prior to the celebration, or have your guests make their own as a fun party activity!

13. Reuse and Recycle

Take a step toward saving the environment by recycling the flowers you use. You can reuse flowers by giving them away as party favors. You can also recycle them by replanting or composting them. Though it is small, it will help a lot and is a wonderful party favor.


Eco-friendly decorations and favors are where saving money, creativity and green living meet. We want to make event planning as easy for you as possible, while still satisfying the needs, and themes, of your events. For more ideas for themed events and for planning events, check out other blogs by Easy Event Planning!

Written By Allie Martin/Annette Girion/Natalie Davidson

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