Edible Party Decorations

12 Inspirational Edible Party Decorations

If you are hosting a party for your kid, it would be most fitting to have decorations and some tasty treats. But what if you were to combine both? That’s right, edible party decorations would give your party a tasty look. When serving these treats, make sure you make them in portions so that not everybody is snacking off one giant piece of decoration.

This is to ensure that no germs are being spread around due to the pandemic of COVID-19 happening. As always, make sure everybody has a mask and is standing at a safe distance from each other. From there on, enjoy these 12 edible decoration ideas that you can use.

Top 12 Edible Party Decorations Ideas

1. Chocolate Chip Or Oatmeal

Believe it or not, you can use cookies to decorate your child’s birthday party. You can either bake the cookies yourself or purchase a couple packages of premade cookies from the grocery store. There is one more option in cookie décor. You can purchase one enormous cookie from a shop that specializes in “cookie cakes.” Once you figure out which type of cookie you will be using, prominently display it on the dessert table.

The individual cookies that don’t have icing on them have the ability to be stacked to create a cookie pyramid. If they are iced, stacking isn’t a brilliant idea because it may cause the icing to chip or smear. With the iced cookies, you can use two different colors of icing and arrange them in a pattern.

2. Small Cakes

Cupcakes can be decorated to fit your theme and or color scheme. Craft and kitchen stores sell cupcake towers in all shapes and sizes. These towers allow the party planner to arrange their cupcakes in an organized manner, but also make the cupcakes look unique.

3. Atop The Cake

The traditional desert item for any kid’s birthday is cake. Due to its significance, cake is placed by itself on a table to be admired. What’s on the cake is often based on your theme. You can decorate your cake using edible items like icing, fondant shapes, candy, or sprinkles or you can use non-edible items like little figurines or smaller toys.

4. Pop, Pop, And Pop

Popcorn is not just for the movie theater anymore, but it can be used as a party decoration. If you are throwing a movie themed party, you can place it in popcorn tubs and place it around the room. If your party is far from a movie theme, another fun way to use popcorn to decorate is to make popcorn garland. All you need is a needle, string, and a couple bags of popcorn. Children will love this delicious treat.

5. Sweets

Candy may not be beneficial for your teeth, but it makes a sweet decoration. Most hard candies consist of a number of different flavors. The different flavors produce different colors like red, green, yellow, blue, and pink. Lollipops have all these colors swirled into one, so if you want to switch things up, incorporate these into your design.  These candy ideas are sure to satisfy any child’s sweet tooth.

6. Healthy Stuff

You don’t have to use a ton of sugar to make delicious edible kid’s party decorations, fruits and vegetables fulfill the same requirement. You have a plethora of colors to choose from. It won’t be hard to find something to use as the centerpiece.

7. Cupcake Towers

Purchase cupcakes and cupcake stands to match your theme and color scheme. Bake or buy the cupcakes in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Layer them neatly on the stand to create a cupcake tower that looks not only scrumptious, but stylish as well.

8. Furnish With Fruit

Fruit makes for a sweet and healthy edible decoration. Fill a large glass bowl with a variety of colorful fruit and let it serve as one of your centerpieces.

9. Trendy Toppings

Decorate your cake to make it even more appetizing and ravishing! Top the cake with edible items based on your theme. Edible flowers make for a beautiful topping, as well as consumable chocolate pearls, nonpareils, sugar crystals, and shimmer sprinkles. Write or draw symbols with colorful icing and add edible glitter for a touch of shine.

10. Color With Candy

All kids love candy, so why not incorporate candy into your decorating? String lifesavers on a ribbon or wire and hang along the sides of tables or around the doorway. You can also fill clear bowls or vases with colorful jelly beans, skittles, or M&M’s.

11. Lollipop Bouquets

Take a bunch of large, rainbow-swirl pops and tie them together to make lollipop bouquets. You can let guests take these flower treats home with them as party favors too.

12. Cookie Embellishments

Cookies can make for a yummy decoration. Bake them yourself or buy them from a great local bakery. Garnish your dessert table with cookie pyramids, made by stacking the cookies on top of one another in a triangular shape. You could also buy one giant cookie and use it as the centerpiece for your dessert table.


We hope you enjoyed these edible party decorations that are very unique and inspirationally. Many can also be accommodated towards holiday events and can easily impress your guest.

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