9 Beautiful Elopement Packages

Couples choosing elopement packages rather than having a traditional wedding ceremony is becoming more and more common in the current century since it is a cost-effective way for couples to attain their dream wedding. There is so much simplicity in eloping as there are no people to entertain or wedding to plan. Are you desiring to elope and don’t know where to start? We are here to bring some package ideas to you, whether you wish for a beach, mountains, or luxury trip. Eloping makes any type of trip possible! Continue reading to view a variety of amazing elopement packages that will leave you ready to tie the knot, making you and your partner fall deeper in love. 

Luxury Elopement Packages

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1. Ventana Big Sur 

Hidden from Highway 1 is Ventana Big Sur, a stunning, dreamy, and breathtaking resort with wedding spaces, suite accommodations, spas, glamping experience offers, and more. The best part is that Ventana offers a “Micro Wedding” package for elopers with a max of 30 guests. 

This micro wedding option offered by Ventana is perfect if you and your partner wish for a luxurious, intimate gathering to say your “I do’s”, whether you decide to elope with or without guests. Included in the elopement package is a ceremony that lasts for about an hour, a 3-course dinner, refreshments, chairs, a cake, and wines and beverages. The price stands at about $20,000, but keep in mind that the price is still cheaper than the average wedding cost in the U.S., $33,900. Such stunning oceanside beauty is truly hard to match!

2. The Cove 

If you and your partner wish for something more secluded and private, The Cove in the Bahamas is worth checking out! The  Cove holds luxury oceanside accommodations for your eloping wants and wishes. The beauty of this location certainly shows off an intimate and exclusive hideaway for an intimate wedding of two, with swinging palm trees and white sandy beaches.

Pricing starts at $18,000 for just you and your future spouse, and includes a private seaside dinner, a professional photographer, ceremony officiant, oceanfront luxury accommodations for 5 total nights, assistance with wedding planning, and more! There is no better way to celebrate the love you share than at a romantic, luxurious location.

3. Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa

Located in Arizona is a high quality, five-star resort, the Omni Scottsdale Resort. Omni Scottsdale Resort offers elopements and weddings in a Mediterranean vibe. At this location, you will feel like you are at a destination wedding. 

The package that Omni offers touts all you need to celebrate the marriage of you and your partner. You will both have all you need with a price of around $3,750 including, a ceremony that takes place outside, if you will include an intimate gathering-a reception a maximum of 25 guests, plenty of drinks, a cake, and more!  One of the best parts is, after saying your “I do’s”, you can head to the resort accommodations included within the package, sure to leave you blown away.  

Elopement Packages for the Adventurous

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Elopements are all about the adventures to many couples. Adventure elopements involve planning the elopement in a place where outdoor activities are practiced and are anything different from a traditional wedding. They quite literally are “outside”. From mountain overlooks to beach views… we’re here for them all. Surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors, you will say your vows to your partner and it will be a truly amazing and unforgettable experience. 

4. Wild Dunes: Stunning Beach Venue

If you have always dreamed of having a ceremony by the sea, Wild Dunes venue in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, holds incredible package options for your elopement. For only $2500 you can commit to your partner among crashing waves with chairs and music included in the package. In addition, for $50 a person, a maximum of 8 guests may be invited to celebrate the binding of you two.

If you and your partner decide on the beautiful Wild Dunes resort, you will score a complimentary suite that includes chocolate strawberries and wine, to celebrate the special day of marriage.

We also love another package this venue offers, the “micro wedding” package, perfect for elopement couples. Totalling $8700, you and your partner along with up to 20 guests, can experience the ceremony on the beach with a delicious 3-course dinner, toast, wedding cake, bar, and an included ceremony setup.

5. Choose a National Park 

Do you and your partner have a favorite national park? Why not get eloped there. At a national park, you can elope in front of the world’s most stunning scenery. This is a very memorable thing for many people and couples who elope end up back at the same location years later to remember the moment when they committed their lives to each other. Take your eloping opportunity into one of the best adventures through this unique experience! 

Many national parks host guests through nearby Airbnb’s or cabin rentals, which can both very cheap and convenient options for you and your partner if you are looking for an adventure, but not wishing to spend much. 

6. Tropical Adventure – Tabacon Grand Spa

Tabacon Grand Spa is a wonderful option if you and your partner are tropically adventurous. The resort is located in a beautiful rainforest in Costa Rica, at the bottom of the Arenal Volcano, an active volcano of Costa Rica for the past 40 years.  The backdrop of your ceremony will have the most stunning waterfalls and tropical scene. With natural springs and hiking, this could be a great adventure for your elopement. 

Elopement Packages: Adventure
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3 Questions to First Think About Before Deciding on an Adventurous Location

1. What do you and your partner enjoy doing?

Do both of you enjoy hiking? Wine tasting? Relaxing? Kayaking? Whatever activities you may enjoy, think about locations that offer your favorite things. You want your elopement to be fun, enjoyable, and also relaxing. 

In terms of outdoor activities, what gets you excited? Hiking, horseback riding, fishing, tasting local fare, etc.? Where you go is also going to inform what you do — so make it fun!

2. Is there a place you have been wanting to go – a bucket list item?

A bucket list location is a simple way to start planning your elopement. Make a list with your partner to see places you both have been wanting to go, and narrow it down to a decision you both agree with.

3. Where do you feel most relaxed? 

You want this special time to be relaxing, yet fun for you and your partner. Choose a location that takes the stress of wedding planning off your plate.

Inexpensive Elopement Packages 

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7. Christopher Place in the Smoky Mountains

This gorgeous venue within the Smoky packages has incredible deals with the priciest option being only $1810. If you are looking to save money, this is a great option. The smaller package includes a 2-night stay in a suite that is quite romantic and allows you to ask up to ten guests to join you for your special day. The large package supplies photos, chairs for guests and a multiple course dinner, with plenty of options to upgrade as you wish to. With plenty of mountain scenery, you and your significant other will find yourselves in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

8. The Picollo

The Piccolo is a quaint boutique hotel in Paso Robles, California. The stunning event spaces they have are a rooftop bar (Tetto), courtyard, library, and wine cellar. The elopement package provided includes a private ceremony on the rooftop bar, set up and clean up, use of rentals and a two-night stay, with the lowest cost at $1300. 

9. Cavallo Point – The Lodge at the Golden Gate Bridge

A historic location at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge with breathtaking scenery, this place is sure to knock the socks off your feet. This venue offers several accommodations. You can exchange vows underneath beautiful eucalyptus trees, and with an ever-gorgeous view of the San Francisco Skyline. Eloping packages provide a one night stay and custom made cake for the newlyweds with pricing starts at just $3500. 


We truly hope you have a better idea of some of the best options out there for elopement packages! Elopements are very sentimental to many couples, as a time they will forever cherish. There are many to choose from and we are sure that you will find one perfect for you and your partner’s special day of marriage. For more of our blogs visit easyeventplanning.com.

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