Engagement Party Ideas

30 Unique Engagement Party Ideas

If you or someone you know has recently gotten engaged, it is now time to throw an engagement party. If you are in search of ideas for parties, look no further! Planning an engagement party made easy with these 30 ideas for engagement party decorations, party favors, and party games. 

Engagement Party Ideas: Decorations


Engagement parties often happen shortly after the engagement itself, and there may not be enough time to make your own decorations. Purchasing the decorations can be less time-consuming. You can still be extraordinarily creative when purchasing and customize the décor as much as you’d like. Whether you choose to craft your own décor or prefer to buy what you need, here are some great, budget friendly options.

1. Diamond Accents 

Fill elegant bowls or vases with cheap fake diamonds that you can find at a craft or party store. They will add some sparkle to your party. You can also put lights in with the diamonds to enhance the sparkle and add a small light source.

2. Dazzling Sequins

Sprinkle some small silver and gold sequins on the tables for that extra glow. You can use the same sequins to fill jars or vases that also serve as great centerpieces.

3. Glitter and Confetti Galore 

Find engagement themed confetti at a party store and sprinkle it on your tables. You can also add giant glitter and generic confetti that fit the color scheme of your event.

4. Engagement Trinkets 

Scatter plastic hearts, large diamonds and fake engagement rings on the tables. You can even use the engagement rings as napkin holders if you find some big enough. These are perfect engagement ideas for your party.

5. Ribbon Accents 

Use ribbon with a diamond effect to wrap around vases, candles, and tea lights. This unique party idea is great for adding a classy pop of texture and color.  

6. Romantic Lights 

Candles are inexpensive items that are great for adding just the right ambiance you need for your party. Collect various kinds, such as pillars, tea lights, and floating candles. Don’t be afraid of choosing romantic scents, such as lavender or rose. 

7. Candle Creations 

There are two ways you can go about this decoration.  

  1. You can fill some mason jars with tiny pebbles, gems, seashells, or sand and place a flameless, battery-operated votive candle inside each one. These serve as excellent centerpieces, or even as decorations for each place setting at the table. Use these jars to illuminate the room with soft light to set the mood. 
  2. Use one or a set of three vases filled with water and place floating candles on top. Add color to the water by using food coloring or place colored stones at the bottom of the base. Place vases on top of a flat mirror to create an elegant effect. Use smaller votive holders around the taller vases to illuminate the water. 

8. Balloons! 

  1. An inexpensive way to fill up the room is by hanging up numerous balloons. Tie clear balloons to a string and have them run across the entire ceiling. Fill each balloon with alternating gold and silver glitter. Hang them from the string upside down. To give them the finishing touch, tie gold and silver ribbon to each one. 
  2. Fill colored balloons with helium that match the color scheme of the party. Rather than simply grouping the balloons, leave the string off and tape the balloons in a shape on the wall. For example, create a heart shape to signify the undying love of the couple.
  3. Blow up multiple iridescent balloons that represent champagne colors – gold, peach, or ivory. Tape these to a wall to resemble various bubbles fizzing up from a glass of champagne.

9. Silly Decorations 

If the couple is quirky and loves to joke around, use gag gift items to decorate. Some examples are comical Bride and Groom figures, and oversized plastic rings. They can be found at party stores or other gift stores.

10. Flowers 

Flowers can make great centerpieces and are always beautiful and elegant. Find out the Bride’s favorite colors and flowers and make arrangements according to those. Use flowers all over the party area as decorations. Flowers’ simple and elegant nature makes them a beautiful centerpiece. You can also collect mason jars of all different sizes, as they will help add different heights and volume to the room. Fill the jars with flowers and tie a bow around the jar to add a finishing touch.

11. Lantern Lights 

Decorate your party with paper lanterns. You can find them at craft stores or online. Use them to decorate outdoor and indoor parties.

12. Hanging Crystals 

Find crystals at a craft store that match the rest of your theme. Hang them either vertically or horizontally around the party area. Some are great for winter-themed parties because they will look like icicles.

13. It’s Raining Engagement Rings! 

Create your own engagement rings out of construction paper. Use silver or gold glitter to cover both sides of the ring, and use a white construction paper as the diamond. An important detail to consider is cutting the white paper into the same diamond shape as that of the Bride’s engagement ring. Hang each of these from the ceiling with fishing line. You can even use fishing hooks to attach the rings to the line! The glitter will be sparkling as the rings sway all night long! You can also use silver twist-ties to make engagement rings. These can be scattered on the tables with rhinestones, and other sparkly jewels.

14. Sweetheart Memories 

Gather pictures of the couple from the beginning of their relationship to now. Ask guests to provide you with any never-before-seen photos of the couple. Make a collage with these memories, or frame and hang them around the party. One way to do this is to attach a line across the room and use clothespins to hang the photos.

Engagement Party Ideas: Party Favors 

If you would like your guests to leave with a gift or a memento of this special occasion, here is a list of some beautiful party favors. Be sure to hand out favors that match the party’s theme, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

15. Candy

Candy is a great way to make your guests happy. Purchase heart-shaped candies or chocolates to go along with the celebration of love. Depending on where you purchase the sweets, you can write a personalized message on the wrapper. If you have more time, you can print out personalized messages and tape them to the candies instead. 

16. Candles

You can’t go wrong with candle party favors. The many options of colors and sizes are endless. If you choose a neutral colored candle, tie a ribbon (in the color of your theme) around it to add some personality. Add a thank you tag or personal message as the finishing touch.

17. Seed Packets

Let guests take home a part of the party with a seed packet. Choose seeds that match the flowers on display at the party to make it more personable. They can grow these flowers in their backyard. Attaching a wedding save-the-date or a quirky note from the Bride and Groom to the seed packet is a great reminder for the guests to plan for a wedding.

18. Cookies

Customized frosted cookies in the shape of a couple in the middle of a proposal or an engagement ring are a tasty favor sure to hit the spot. To stray away from the cookie-cutter designs, feel free to freehand with your icing.

19. Beverages

Eating and drinking are on the list of top things people love to do at parties. Give guests tailored bottles of water or champagne glasses. Tie with a colorful ribbon matching your theme or include a message. Also, an excellent idea for a saves the date/party favor combo.

20. Music

Create a music mix of your favorite songs as a couple. Labels are an efficient way to distribute save the date information or an eccentric message from the couple about your engagement. This is a fun way to have guests peek into your life as a couple.

Engagement Party Ideas: Party Games 

If you are looking to have an interactive engagement party, look no further! Here, you’ll find fun game ideas that’ll have your guests laughing and racing to the finish line. Whether you’re looking to stump your guests with trivia games or testing their knowledge of the couple, there is sure to be a game here for you.

21. Sing a Tune 

Brush the dust off your old karaoke set, or see if one of your friends has one you can borrow. Create playlists of only love songs and ballads for your friends and family to sing. This is the perfect entertainment idea for a crowd that enjoys music.

22. That’ll Cost You 

Ask each guest to bring a small, inexpensive present for your party. Set a dollar limit for them to spend and tell them to buy something funny, but that goes with the wedding or engagement theme. For every guest that brings a present, let them participate in a white elephant gift exchange. This is always a great way to generate fun and laughter.

23. Facts About The Couple 

Put your guests to the test! Ask them about significant moments in the couple’s lives both before and after they met one another. See if your guests know where the couple had their first date, the year they started dating, where they went to college, their first purchase together, etc. Whoever proves their knowledge of the couple will win the prize.

24. Who Are You?

Once your guests have been put to the test, it’s time to see if the newly engaged couple really knows one another. Play your own version of the “Newlywed Game” and challenge your married guests, or those in a relationship, to go against the couple.

25. That’s a Lie! 

If your guests know each other pretty well, have everyone play an engagement party version of two truths and a lie. Ask your guests to say two true statements and one false statement about any relationship stories, wedding details, or dating disasters of their own. The other guests will then guess which answers were the truth and which was a lie.

26. Classic Board Games 

If you don’t want to create your own games or want something easy, try playing classic board games. Get a group of people together on a team to compete for prizes. This is a great idea for couple partying. The best part about this idea is that you can have games for different age groups. Be sure to let guests choose which game they want to play.

27. Movie Lines 

For a fun game that most can play, quiz your guests on famous movie lines, songs, or titles. If you are tech-savvy, put together various movie clips to show to your guests. Then have them write their answers on a piece of paper. Once the video is done, have them tally up their answers to see who won.

28. Fun Questions 

Create a list of some fun questions that your guests can use as conversation starters. For example, “What’s the most embarrassing story you have about the Bride/Groom?”

29. Cards For Conversation 

While you may think conversation cards are a thing of the past, you can easily create much more entertaining ones. If you have many couples coming to the engagement party that doesn’t know each other well, this is a great idea to get conversations started. Tailor the questions to revolve around the couple or the occasion, such as “When do you meet the Bride/Groom?” or “What was your proposal like?”

30. Dry Run 

Have the engaged couple practice some of the activities they can look forward to in the coming months by challenging them to see who can do it faster in action. These games should replicate the whirlwind and stress of wedding planning. Pin the couple against one other in a head-to-head competition of who can cut a cake the fastest. (This doubles as a yummy treat for those that watch!) Or, ask them to dress themselves in a wedding dress or tuxedo in the fastest amount of time.

Hopefully, you are now well on your way to planning a wonderful engagement party. If any of these ideas stood out to you, and you would like to find a local vendor, check out easyeventplanning.com. There you will be able to fulfill all your local party needs. 

Written by Anjelica Lapi, Brittany Schmidt, Kaitlyn Malcolm, Jessica Clark, Laura Sastre, and Anna Wertman

Herb Centerpiece

When the spice gardens in the backyard flood with more than is required in any kitchen, why not utilize the additional yield in a fragrant highlight? Blend shapes and surfaces, and add tone with consumable blossoms and spice blooms. This course of action, which incorporates mint, fiery chives, lavender, and rosemary, sits in a high-sided vessel.

Flower-Filled Cocktail

Cheers to the season! Carry the nursery to your glass when you coast consumable bloom blooms in these reddening gin-and-grapefruit mixed drinks. Lillet Rose, a sustained wine mix of Sauvignon Blanc and Muscatel, has the fragrance of blossoms and ready berries—ideal for a springtime aperitif.

Citrus Garden Wreath

Ornamental foods grown from the ground are the same old thing, however together they make outdoor improvements ideal for loosened up summer engaging. Art cut blossoms and citrus with inadequate greenery on a characteristic twig base, and let it swing openly from a length of sisal rope.

Flowerpot Food Covers

The window boxes outside aren’t just for blossoms. With their tough invulnerable material, they’re likewise cunningly used to shield plunges and different dishes from party-smashing bugs. Make a handle by cutting a 18-inch length of 1/4-inch string and hitching the finishes together. String the circled end through the channel opening in the vase.

Flower Vase Napkin Fold

At every visitor’s place setting, leave a cup of newly picked blossoms enclosed by a fabric napkin. They can utilize the napkin during the formal dinner, at that point bring home their blossoms toward the finish of the night.

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