Event Food Preserving Tips

6 Helpful Event Food Preserving Tips

One of the most important parts of any event is the food! Whether you’re preparing a full course of dishes for a wedding, hiring a caterer, or making one dish for a potluck, food is a valuable part of any party. There’s only one problem: preserving it so that it’s perfect for the event. This is why we put together Event Food Preserving Tips.

However, if you preserve your food well, it will still retain its same flavor and deliciousness when your guests get a taste of it! Here are some of our tips that you can use when preserving food for an event. 

Event Food Preserving Tips

1. Discuss Details with Your Caterer(s)

If you’re planning on hiring a caterer to prepare and serve food for your event, make sure to discuss all of the necessary details that you need to cover. When choosing a menu, talk about when the food will be prepared, any necessary precautions that need to be taken when handling the food, what equipment that may be needed on site to keep the food preserved and ready to serve, etc. 

2. Hot Food – Preparing Beforehand

If you’re planning on transporting hot food to serve at an event, we recommend storing the food in containers that’ll help retain heat. Insulated containers made up of materials such as stainless steel can help make the preservation and transportation process easier since they protect your food from outside temperature intrusions and make your food easier to bring with you. 

3. Hot Food – At The Event

When preparing to serve food at your event, it depends whether you need to bring your own equipment. For instance, if you’re going to a friend’s house for a potluck, they may already have a microwave, stove, or oven that you can use to reheat your food for everyone. However, if you don’t have that guarantee, preparing your own heating equipment either from your own home or bought elsewhere can help keep your food preserved at your event. You could use small candles to place underneath your serving containers or set small heaters around your food to keep it warm.

4. Cold Food – Preparing Beforehand

If you’re planning to bring cold food like ice cream to an event, coolers are your best bet! There are many on the market that vary in size, design, accessibility, and ease in transporting. Either way, using a cooler gives you the ability to preserve your cold food and keep it in good condition before an event. Also, storing your food in ice is a good idea because you have a guaranteed cold environment for your food to be in.

5. Cold Food – At The Event

When preserving cold food at an event, it’s important to keep it chilled at all times. Like mentioned earlier, keeping your food in coolers and serving it whenever needed will help keep it in pristine condition at your event. Even if you may have a fridge to place your food in at the event, it’s still good to have your cooler on hand just in case. Using ice or dry ice (which should be handled safely and with caution) can also help to keep your food in good condition at your event.

6. Accounting For Weather and Event Setting

Regardless of whether you’re planning on serving hot or cold food, it’s important to keep in mind where your event is going to be held. If your event is going to be at someone’s house, then you may have equipment on site that you can use to either reheat, recool, and/or serve your food in. If you’re going to be at a different venue where you may not have those resources on site, make sure to account for all of the necessary equipment you may need to make sure your food is in good condition.

If you’re going to be serving food at an event outside, make sure to check the weather that day. The weather may affect how you’ll need to set up your food, what extra precautions you’ll need to take, and any other things you’ll need to do when preserving your food both before and during the event.


No matter where your event is or what food you plan to prepare for it, we hope that these tips help you out in preserving food for your event!

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