Event Platform bring hopes to event businesses – and healthcare heroes

Las Vegas, NV – 5/14/20 – The COVID-19 virus is killing the hopes and dreams of millions of entrepreneurs, especially those in the event industry.  And now sadly some healthcare heroes are losing their lives not just to the virus but to suicide. Kathleen Kilmer, founder of EasyEventPlanning.com, cares deeply about both at-risk groups.  

Part of this is because two of her sisters are nurses on the front lines. Kilmer is formerly an event decorator herself. She created EasyEventPlanning.com to empower small event businesses to succeed–now they face unprecedented obstacles just to survive.  That led her to develop a way for Americans everywhere to show gratitude to healthcare heroes and just maybe save a small business at the same time.

It’s called HonorAndThank.com and it’s the first platform to allow anyone to post a text, video or image message of encouragement and gratitude to healthcare heroes for not only their local facilities but also for facilities across the entire United States. Anyone can follow a facility and be notified when new messages are received. It is a way for first responders to receive on-demand support at any  moment they need it most. 

“Our healthcare heroes are experiencing a toxic combination of depression, anxiety and hopelessness that has led to suicide in some” Kilmer said. “A 2-minute clap in 1 out of 19,000 US cities is clearly not enough.  We desperately need these people to keep showing up to work.  Depression leads to call-outs which leads to fewer staff on hand to save lives.  That means any one of us could lose a loved one needlessly in this pandemic.”

Now when someone thanks a healthcare hero at the site, they can choose to also send a gift through a local struggling event business.  That gift could be a meal, flowers, cookies, etc.

She also created a Facebook group “Event & Wedding Vendors: Stronger Together” to bring event businesses around the country together for networking, brainstorming, information and hope. 

“We can all learn from vendors in the states that are first to allow large gatherings,” Kilmer said. “Maybe someone can share a strategy for generating money from virtual events or a tip on some grant money that becomes available for small businesses. I don’t know what the future holds but there has never been a more important time in modern history for Americans to come together and help each other.”   

How she got the idea to start EasyEventPlanning.com to begin with
How her own event business has been impacted
The third at-risk group that is benefiting from these initiatives
The purpose of the GoFundMe campaign  

You can schedule an interview right on her calendar – https://meetings.hubspot.com/kkilmer or contact her at  kkilmer@easyeventplanning.com or 877-337-5261 x13.

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