Fairy Theme Party

22 Magical Fairy Theme Party Ideas

A fairy theme party is a great way to celebrate the birthday of the special, fairy-loving person in your life. Fairy theme parties are a great excuse to add a magical touch to the prizes and invitations you give your guests, too. Here are some fairy party favors and invitations ideas.

Fairy Theme Party Invitations

Fairy Invitations

Invitations set the tone for the party. They’re meant to get people excited to go. Don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to making your own cards. It’s important to remember to include all the necessary information like where the party is, what time, and what to bring. For a fairly theme party, ask your guests to dress like fairies! Here are some more ideas on how to create the perfect fairy theme card. 

1. Fairy Stars

Cut star shapes out of silver or gold paper. Write your party information on them and decorate the blank side with glitter. You can mail them as such, or you can attach them to sparkly dowels or popsicle sticks to create a fairy wand.

2. Color

Make sure your invitations are colorful. Think fairly colors: Blue, purple, pink, and green. 

3. Fairy Invite

Have the guest of honor draw a picture of a fairy and photocopy it. Then, roll up your fairy invites and tie them with a ribbon. You can also send your guests a blank piece of paper along with your invitation and ask them to create their own fairy to bring to your party.

4. Believe in Fairies Invite

Fold a piece of lavender-colored paper in half. Paste a fairy sticker to the front and write the words “I Believe in Fairies!” in metallic ink. Write your party information on the inside. Other ideas to give your guests a reason to believe in fairies are to create your invitations out of plantable paper and eco-ink. Include instructions on planting the invitations so that your guests can enjoy their own magical fairy garden!

5. Glitter

After you’re done making the cards, fill the inside of the card with a little bit of glitter. When your guests open the card, they will get a little sprinkle of magic and fairy dust. This is a nice tough and will surely get your guests excited to attend. 

6. Added Touches

Stamp little fairy feet all along the invitations to make it look like a fairy has been there. Glue some glitter along the footprints to add to the magic.

Fairy Favors

Fairy Favors

7. Organza Bags

Organza bags have a very fairy feel to them. Fill them with fairy prizes like tiaras, wands, glitter, small candies, and fairy stickers. You can also fill them with small, shiny objects to create fairy treasure favors.

8. Sweet Blossoms

Purchase several fake flowers and tape Pixy Stix to the stems. Arrange them in a vase so that your guests can choose one to take home with them to remember your parties. You can also hide them in your garden and send your guests on a fairy hunt to find them.

9. Glitter Bubbles

What is more magical than glitter and bubbles? Hand out little bubble elixirs mixed with glitter so your little guests can blow magical bubbles all throughout the party! 

10. Fairy Dust

Have your guests make their own fairy dust necklace to take home. This is easily done by getting a sand art kit, some glitter, and little containers with a string for necklaces. Mix some colorful sand with the glitter and have the kids make their own fairy dust to take home. 

Fairy Menu

Fairy Menue

11. Fairy Punch

Pink lemonade will serve as delicious fairy drinks for your guests to start your menu off. Pour the lemonade into a punch bowl with star- or flower-shaped ice cubes.

12. Fairy Wings

Serve chicken wings, but call them “fairy wings” to stick with your fairy theme. Be sure to let young kiddos know this is a silly nickname and not the main ingredient!

13. Fairy Wand Cookies

Cut sugar cookies with a star-shaped cookie cutter and lay them on top of a popsicle stick before baking. Once done, frost them to look like fairy wands.

14. Rice Krispie Stars

Make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats and sprinkle them with pastel sprinkles before cutting them into star shapes with a cookie cutter.

15. Fairy Gems

Fill small bowls with jelly beans as snacks for your guests to munch on and arrange them around your party area. 

16. Fairy Wands

Heat up some white chocolate melts and dip pretzel rods into them. Roll the pretzels in pastel sprinkles and let the treats harden.

17. Fairy Cake

To create a delicious fairy cake, first bake a cake in a narrow, deep bowl. Turn it upside down and frost it to look like the bottom of a fairy dress. Decorate it with sugar crystals, pearls, or flowers. Then, place the top half of a Barbie doll onto a wooden skewer or two and stick the skewers into the cake so that the Barbie doll looks as if it is wearing the cake. Attach miniature fairy wings to the Barbie doll and frost the Barbie doll to look like the top half of the dress.

18. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Melt white chocolate and add a couple of drops of red food coloring to turn the chocolate pink. Then, dip strawberries into the chocolate and let them dry.

19. Pixie Stix

This colorful, sugary treat is perfect for a fairy party. One of many ideas is to arrange several flavors in a clear vase.

20. Jewel Salad

Serve a fruit salad made of pieces of fruit cut into star, heart, or diamond shapes and sprinkle it with fairy dust made from shredded coconut. This is a great healthy dish to serve at parties!

21. Fairy Bread

Spread a thin layer of butter on pieces of bread or toast and cover them with pastel sprinkles. Then, cut them with a star-shaped cookie cutter.

22. Fairy Burgers

Make any classic party food fairy-themed by cutting it into shapes that fairies would enjoy, like stars.


I hope these ideas have inspired you to host a fun and magical party. There are endless ideas if you use your imagination. Have a great time at your fairy theme party!

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