Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Best Fall Birthday Party Ideas for 2020

Fall weather means a mix of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin patches, and of course Halloween to top it all off. The best part about fall is that it’s the perfect season to throw a theme party or just get together with friends and family in general. Thus, having a birthday in the fall is the most ideal time to have an unforgettable bash. Here are some awesome fall birthday party ideas you can try this year!

Top Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Throw A Pumpkin Patch Party

Head to the pumpkin patch with all of your friends for a day filled with autumn vibes. Everyone always wants to go to the pumpkin patch at least once in the fall, so bring everyone together for your day and everyone will have a great time. 

Go All Out With A Barn Party

If you want to have a formal affair for your fall birthday, then a barn is the perfect location for the event and time of the year! You could deck the place out with fall foliage and lots and lots of food, drinks, and fun country music to line dance too if your heart so desires!

Host An Autumnal Cheese Tasting

If you are someone who enjoys some wine and cheese with friends, this is the perfect lowkey annual get-together for y’all. There are hundreds of cheeses that you can put together in charcuterie, and each year everyone can decide which is their favorite; so every year the selection gets better and better.

Try An Oktoberfest Theme

Even though going to Germany may not be in the budget this year, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring Germany to you for your birthday! You could host it at your house and buy supplies or go to a German restaurant and have endless beers on tap all party long. If you’re having the party at home, then just stock up on lager, chips, and baked pretzels for a tasty and boozy fest.

Visit A Corn Maze

Going to a corn maze is a fun fall birthday idea for any age. Kids love corn mazes because they can run wild and play games in the maze, but adults love the idea just as much because it’s a different type of date idea. 

Have A Football Party

You can invite all your friends over and their kids for a Sunday afternoon football game. Just make sure to have lots of snacks, wings, pizza, beer, pop, and of course games like cornhole

Fall Hot Chocolate Bar

As it starts to cool down outside, hot chocolate of any sort is always a crowd favorite. If you have a fall birthday, why not invest in a fondue fountain, where you could have a chocolate bar for years to come on your special day. There are so many things that you can pair with chocolate, the possibilities are endless.

Caramel Apple Party

This party idea can work for kids or adults; you can have friends over to make and top their very own caramel apples. It is not a very hard treat to make, just make sure that you have a plethora of toppings for everyone to choose from. The one thing to keep in mind for this kind of party is that people don’t always want to eat their tasty treat right away, so you could always set up a caramel nacho bar for people to enjoy all of their favorite caramel apple toppings in the meantime. 

Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Party

This is only a once-a-year party theme, but it is definitely worth doing one time a year because it is all kinds of fun! Everyone can bring their own sized pumpkin to carve and decorate together. It is essential to have lots and lots of newspapers for this kind of party because it can definitely get pretty messy! You should always add everything pumpkin to this party; that includes mini pumpkin pizzas, pumpkin crunch cake, and spinach artichoke dip in a pumpkin.

Fall Minute To Win It Night

Invite everyone over for a party filled with fall party games! Minute to Win It games is great as they don’t take many materials to put together and often you can use supplies that are already in your house. While playing the games, offer some “fall” snacks like mini pumpkin cinnamon rolls and chocolate acorns. It’s a necessity to incorporate prizes as well; you could come up with prizes like apple baskets with fall-themed items like fall candies, fall socks, and mini decorative pumpkins!

Chili Cook-Off

Everybody loves to make their own and try other chili recipes, so let’s make a party out of it! Have all your friends bring their best chili and have judges pick the winner and give them a prize. Then after the contest, enjoy all the different flavors of chili, mixed with chips, cornbread, and hot dogs in buns.


Having a fall birthday means you can work with so many fall theme ideas. As you can see from this article, there are so many fun fall birthday party ideas you can work with. Use these pumpkins and corn mazes to make your birthday awesome this year!

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