Fall Theme Party

25 Fun Fall Theme Party Ideas

The fall gets all of us excited to welcome the beautiful season of changing leaves, pumpkin spice, and cozy, knitted sweaters. Throwing an autumn-theme party is the perfect way to ring in the new season or even reminisce about the season’s warmth and color on the cusp of a dreary winter. Our list provides you with a complete guide to decorating your autumn-theme event!

Fall Theme Party: General Décor


Your autumn party should be inspired by both the warm tones and cool air of the season. Here are a few great general autumn party décor ideas to brighten up your venue!

1. Festive Lights

Lighting is an excellent way to warm up any theme décor. Make sure your party can continue past sundown with decorative lights strung through the trees. Fairy lights and/or lanterns add a homey touch. 

2. Fall Leaves Candles

Choose your favorite fall leaf and paint it with a few layers of colored wax. Then, press the waxed side onto a large candle to leave a beautiful, Fall-inspired impression. You can use these candles as part of your centerpiece or simply as lovely décor throughout your parties.

3. Keep Them Warm

Do you have the logistical elements of autumn covered? Make sure you have plenty of blankets to keep your guests warm– as the days get shorter, they get colder! Choose autumn blankets with a rustic feel to them, like blankets patterned with a tartan design.

4. Cornucopia Decor

Create your own cornucopia centerpiece by covering a wicker cornucopia frame with burlap. Then, cover the burlap with thick ropes of raffia. Fill it with the abundance of the harvest season, like colorful apples and squashes on a bed of wheat.

5. Cornhusk Candles

In order to dress up theme tea-light candle holders for your autumn party, simply wrap them in dried cornhusks and secure them with a length of raffia. Place your tea-lights as decorations all around your party area.

6. Sparkling Leaves

Paint brightly colored leaves with a coat of glue and dip them in glitter for a touch of sparkle. Get crafty at parties with this fall-theme DIY. Choose warm colors for your glitter that fit with the season, like gold. You can also outline autumn leaves in glitter for a more subtle sparkle.

7. Harvest Seating

COVID-19 makes parties outside the most logical place to host. Place large hay bales in strategic locations for your guests to use as extra seating in your yard or patio. This is not only practical, but it also adds a delightful harvest touch to your party.

Table Décor for a Fall Theme Party

The food table is the focal point for most parties. Dress it up with these fun, autumn-theme party table décor ideas.

8. Makeshift Drink Cooler

Take advantage of the old items lying around your house to imbue your party with a rustic charm. For instance, an old toolbox would make the perfect drink cooler/holder! Make it more festive by surrounding it with seasonal berries and pumpkins.

9. A Basketful of Cider

Use a basket to house a cider bowl. Surround the bowl with colorful gourds and squashes, and use miniature baskets to house the serving ware.

10. Gourd-geous Tableware

Use hollowed-out, dried gourds to hold everything from candles to condiments! Place a candle holder or a sugar bowl inside hollowed-out gourds to dress up your table– you can even fill them with seasonal fruits and nuts for a festive centerpiece or with chips for a decorative serving bowl. The possibilities are endless!

11. Tin Cups

Tin cups are very fitting for any autumn party. They call to mind the outdoors and the beauty of the fall season and are perfect for holding autumn staples like apple cider.

12. Wine Cooler Decor

Turn a simple bucket into an autumn-worthy wine cooler by wrapping it with a vine and decorating it with Fall leaves. 

13. Mirror Image Centerpiece

Place mirrors underneath your centerpiece to enhance its beauty. This works particularly well if your centerpiece includes candles, as the mirrors will magnify the light of the candle flames. You can use several small mirrors to achieve this effect or one large framed mirror to incorporate another decorative element and to give your centerpiece boundaries.

14. Harvest Basket

Bring the charm of the harvest season indoors by filling a rustic basket with harvest-season fruits. Choose a colorful collection of apples and pears to fill your basket with.

Fall Party Theme Flower Arrangements


Make your table sparkle extra for your autumn-theme party! Here are a few bouquets and centerpiece tips.

15. Fall Colors

Next time you are out shopping for groceries for your party, look around at the colorful collection of fruits, vegetables, and flowers that is on display. This makes for great inspiration for your autumn centerpiece. Choose the colors that best depict the colors of fall and arrange them in a bowl, basket or simply scatter them down the middle of your table.

16. Blanched Pine Cones

When it comes to throwing fall flower parties, be creative! Collect the pinecones that are cluttering your yard and turn them into a beautiful floral centerpiece. Use a mixture of water and bleach to blanch them to a lighter hue. This gives the pinecones an attractive color that would look lovely in a colorful basket. This is also an excellent way to prep the pinecones before decorating them with Autumn-inspired paints or glitter.

17. Sparkling Corn Centerpiece

Purchase several dried corn cobs and add some pizzazz by painting them with glue that dries clear and then sprinkling them with Autumn-colored glitter, like gold, copper, or bronze. Arrange them in an attractive bowl. This adds the perfect touch for seasonal parties. 

18. Inspired by Color

More fun autumn theme floral tips: choose your favorite fall color, such as orange, and purchase a selection of fruits and veggies in that color for your bouquets. You can also choose all three traditional fall colors for your party and create three different color-theme centerpieces.

19. Harvest Pickings

Fill a basket with a selection of colorful apples and delicious nuts to celebrate the harvest season. This works best with a rustic-looking basket, one that you might have used if you had just been apple and nut picking.

20. Autumn Beauty

Use an arrangement of autumn flowers as your party floral centerpiece. Choose flowers that depict the colors of fall, such as bright oranges, dazzling yellows, and deep reds. These form beautiful bouquets. 

Pumpkin Decorations


Turn your party into an autumn-theme harvest party with plenty of unique pumpkin decoration tips. Here are a few creative ideas to turn pumpkins into amazing party decorations.

21. Pumpkin Centerpieces

Turn a simple pumpkin into a beautiful centerpiece by adding vines made out of wire and leaves made out of decorative paper. Simply attach as many leaves as you wish to your wire “vines” and wrap the vines around the stems of your pumpkins. Arrange several pumpkins on a single vine and line them down the center of your table. It will look like you are growing a pumpkin patch right on your table!

22. Pumpkin Bowl

Use a hollowed-out pumpkin to serve your party foods. Simply cut a pumpkin in half, hollow it out and cover the inside with a festive autumn napkin or handkerchief. Then fill it with your favorite party goodies!

23. Pumpkin Vases

Use a pumpkin as a vase for a flower centerpiece. Simply cut off the top, hollow it out and fill it with water and your flowers of choice. A white pumpkin is a perfect vase for a colorful assortment of flowers, while an orange pumpkin calls for a more seasonal color assortment. You can also decorate your pumpkins with paints or ribbons to make them a little more unique.

24. Pumpkin- Shaped Candles

Purchase or make pumpkin-shaped candles to decorate your home with. Use them as part of your centerpiece or as a seasonal accent to your décor. You can also use actual miniature pumpkins! Simply cut out a circle from the top of the pumpkin that fits the size of a votive candle, hollow out the pumpkin, flip over the section that you have cut out of the pumpkin and place it back inside the pumpkin. This will help hold up the candle. Then, place your candle in the pumpkin. Pumpkin candles are the perfect autumn party decorations.

25. A Great Pumpkin Welcome

Paint “Welcome” onto the side of a large pumpkin. Then, place it beside your front door or along your entryway and pile several other pumpkins with it to greet your guests. 


Did this list of fun and creative decoration supplies for fall events help you find the perfect ideas for your party? If so, we have so much more to offer you! Head on over to our homepage and discover our extensive list of services, all updated to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions! Now that you’ve seen our exciting list of ideas for Autumn-Theme party games, you should be on your way to creating fabulous décor and activities for your event! Happy planning!

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