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23 Memorable Football Theme Party Ideas

Football is a fun theme for birthdays, end of football season parties, bachelor parties, and football watching parties. Here are some ideas to help kick off your football theme party that will surely impress your guests.

Football Theme Party: Invitations

Football Theme Party: Invitations

1. Photo Invitation

Take a picture of the guest of honor in a football jersey and helmet. Make several copies and glue it to a piece of cardstock. Write “Here is the game plan” and include the party details.

2. Whistle Tag

Write your party information on a brown, football-shaped tag. Tie it around a plastic whistle and mail it to your guests. 

3. Football 

Cut the shape of a football out of a piece of brown construction paper to create your invitations. Use glue to create the stitching on the football and sprinkle it with silver glitter. Let the invites dry before writing your party information on the back. This will also work for any other sports theme party. Some other ideas for invites, or even for your menu, are to create a basketball, baseball, and even helmets in honor of your theme party. 

Football Theme Party: Decorations 

Football Theme Party: Decorations

A football theme party needs plenty of football-theme party supplies to bring out the cheering spirit. It doesn’t stop at room decorations. Your guests and your background contribute to the vibe. Be sure your 5 Ws all include football! 

4. Football Banners 

Hang large football banners on your walls and over your door to welcome your guests. You can hang up the banner of your favorite team!

Read on for more football theme party decorations and supplies, but you can also take a look at any potential deals online.

5. Colors 

Use the colors of your favorite team to determine what color balloons, streamers, tableware and other supplies will be. Guests will feel the love for their team even more.

6. Jerseys

Have your guests wear their favorite football team’s jersey or shirt to your party. People can come together to share their love for their team or heighten the rivalries and competition between competing teams.

7. Play Footballs

Display a bucket of miniature foam footballs to play with in your party space to encourage your guests to get in the football mood. Scatter mini footballs around the room. If your party is outside, display actual footballs.

8. Table Décor

Cover your table with a green tablecloth and use white masking tape to create yard markers. Use white LEGO bricks to create goalposts and place them at either end of your table.

9. Football Game

If you are not hosting a football watch party but still want it to have the same vibe, have it as a background noise. Have a football game play in the background to complete your football party decorations. Keep the volume on low so that it does not interrupt your party.

Football Theme Party Menu Ideas

Football Theme Party Menu Ideas

Just in “queso” you didn’t know, nothing completes a football theme party like food does. Decorations and dress codes contribute to the team spirit, but food is what really riles people up. Usually, this is the time to binge on the cheesiest and most carb filled junk food you can get your hands on. We included some healthy options too! 

10. Nacho Average Bunch 

Load up your favorite corn chips with ground beef, guacamole, shredded lettuce, pickled red onion, corn and everything that your heart desires. Don’t forget the cheese! If you want to go the healthy route, you can switch out the corn chips for zucchini, bell pepper, or cauliflower.

11. Seven-Layer Taco Dip

If you want something simpler and without the baking, serve seven-layer taco dip along with chips for a football theme party appetizer. Layer on fresh diced tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. Play around with whatever is in season and of course, have a bowl of corn chips so your guests can scoop up this delicious dip.

12. Barbecue

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Marinate chicken wings or drumsticks with BBQ sauce. Pop it in the oven then add more sauce on top! Or you can bake the drumsticks without the sauce to make the skin crispy then toss the cooked chicken in sauce.

Speaking of barbecue, you might want to take a look at our tips on how to throw a great BBQ party!

13. Touchdown Foot Longs

Wrap foot longs in crescent dough along with a slice of cheese. Bake them for an easy entrée. You can also get catering from Subway. 

14. Sliders

For your sport themed party, it’s all about finger foods. Sliders are a delicious finger food that is perfect for your football theme party. There is a huge variety of slider recipes to serve from Hawaiian Chicken Sliders to Chili Cheese Dog Sliders. 

15. Pizza Bagels 

Serve miniature pizza bagels for a fun appetizer or large pizza bagels for a yummy entrée. It is super simple to make! First, preheat your oven to 425 degree Fahrenheit. Spread pizza sauce on your bagel, sprinkle pizza cheese and top it off with pepperoni or topping of your choice. Pop it in the oven for 6 minutes or until the cheese is melted and voila! 

16. Popcorn

Serve popcorn in stadium bags. Set out plenty of toppings for your guests to add like butter, cheese, cinnamon and caramel sauce. Providing a variety of popcorn seasoning is also a great option.

Looking for more health conscious alternatives? We’ve got you covered!

17. Drinks 

Don’t worry, “beer” happy! You cannot forget about the drinks. Serve your guests drinks like lemonade, root beer and fruit punch in stadium cups.

18. Team Trail Mix

For a great party snack, mix together several cereals, dried fruit, nuts and colored chocolate pieces. Make sure to choose colors that match the colors of your favorite football team.

19. Fruit Plate

 Beauty is only pig skin deep but it is still important to have something nutritious for your guests. Go to your local grocery store and buy the seasonal fruits. 

Football Theme Party Favor Ideas

Football Theme Party Favor Ideas

As a gesture of thanks and your love for football, give out some cute football theme favors. Don’t worry, your guests won’t think it is out of bounds. 

20. Trophies

Make all of your guests football stars by giving them miniature football trophies. You can even have them personalized with each of your guests’ names.

21. Footballs

Give your guests miniature foam football favors so they can play with some pigskin whenever they’d like.

22. Sports Office Supplies

Your guests will love sports-theme pencils, notepads and folders to use at school or work.

23. Football Candy

Give your guests a cellophane bag full of football-shaped chocolates or gummies or candy in the colors of your favorite football team.


Follow these tips and ideas to make your party a touchdown! A football theme party is always a good time whether you are celebrating the current season or just the simple love for the game. Lace up your cleats, strap on your helmet, and kick off your football party the right way.

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