French Theme Baby Shower

32 Beautiful French Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Throwing a baby shower is one of the most exciting occasions for a mom-to-be. It is a moment where friends, families, and loved ones come together in celebration of the expected newborn. If you’re looking to throw the most beautiful, classy, chic, and timeless theme for your event. Why not do a french theme baby shower? Here are 31 ideas that will bring Paris into your own event.

French Theme Baby Shower Decorations

french theme baby shower decorations
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1. “Bonjour Bebe”

This makes for a fun DIY project using burlap banners and card stocks. Pressed on time? No worries! You can find a great variety of Bonjour Bebe Banners here.

3. Elegant Roses

Les roses sont rouges, les violettes sont bleues. Roses add a delicate touch to your French theme baby shower. They come in myriads of colors to fit any color scheme.

4. Rustic Wood Chalk Frame

These are super customizable and can be used in many applications such as writing a personal welcome message for your guests or listing out table menus. 

5. Scented Candles

Scented candles will entice your guests the moment they walk in. Welcome them to Paris with the sweet scent of french vanilla, calming lavender, or the scent of roasted coffee beans.

6. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fun way for guests to share this special occasion on social media. Use backdrops that emulate the french theme and plenty of playful props.

7. Eiffel Tower

Bring a piece of Paris to your baby shower with a 10-inch replica of the infamous Eiffel Tower. This will make a beautiful centerpiece to your already extravagant decor. Chef’s kiss**

French Theme Baby Shower Favors

french theme baby shower favors
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8. Pop It When She Pops!

These mini champagne bottles with a personalized message make for a fun party favor. They can enjoy a toast on the day your baby arrives. Here are a variety of Pop It When She Pops custom labels.

9. French Macarons

With its sweet-based confection, stunning colors and flavors like lemon, raspberry, red velvet, vanilla, etc. It’s no wonder these irresistible treats have become a staple in any celebration.

10. Paris Hat Favor Boxes

This Paris hat favors boxes are the perfect size for small sweet treats. They are also beautifully designed with the theme in mind.

11. Scented Candles

Your guests may have fallen in love with the beautiful scent and aroma at your party. This is a great way for them to take home the experience. 

French Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas

french theme baby shower food ideas
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12. Mom-osa Bar

If you ask me, Mimosa’s are perfect any time of the day! Your mom-osa bar can be self-serve. Guest will just follow the instructions “Pour the bubbly, add some juice (orange, mango, and/or pineapple), and top with fruit.

13. Charcuterie Board

Over the past year, charcuterie boards have become increasingly popular. Not only do they add layers of flavor and texture. The attention to detail with the intricate placement can elevate a simple party tray into an elegant display.

14. Chocolate Eclairs

Treat your guest with this crispy, buttery, vanilla cream filled Chocolate Eclairs. They’re very similar to doughnuts and your guests will love them! 

15. Croissants

Nothing screams a french theme baby shower like these flaky, buttery, simply irresistible Croissants!


These are small sponge cakes with a shell-like shape. They have a nice texture with a crisp outer layer yet soft and buttery on the inside. They are the perfect bite-size treat.

17. Salad Nicoise

This is a french bistro staple, it combines tuna, olives, cucumber, anchovies and other vegetables for a fresh crisp spring salad.

18. French Onion Soup

The ultimate comfort food. Caramelized onions cooked slowly in addition to beef stock that will fill your kitchen with its sweet aroma. Simply top it off with fresh croutons and some cheese. Your guests will be left swooning. 

19. French Macaroni and Cheese

Velvety smooth, rich, and an explosion of cheese goodness. Simply irresistible and delicious. 

French Theme Baby Shower Games | Activities

french theme baby shower games
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20. Guess When The Baby Will Be Born

This is a fun activity your guests can do upon arrival. You can choose from a variety of Due Date Calendars as well as Vintage Postage Stamps for this activity. With their name or initial, all they have to do is place the sticker (one per person) on the due date calendar they think the baby will be born. Whoever guesses the correct date or closest wins a prize! 

21. Guess The Baby Food

Prepare the baby food of your choice in mystery jars and label them 1-5 (or however many you like). Then, on a piece of paper, have them write down their guesses and reveal the winner with the most correct answers. This Paris baby shower game bundle comes with printouts and other games as well.

22. Baby In Paris

Excuse my french! On a piece of paper, your guests will have to match the french word to the English word of common baby products. 

French Theme Baby Shower Games
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23. “Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls”

Grab the mimosas for this fun little twist on paint night using baby onesies as canvas. All you need is some paint, brushes, tarp to prevent any messes, and let the creativity flow.

French Theme Baby Shower Supplies

french theme baby shower supplies
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24. Galvanized Utensil Holder

These Galvanized Utensil Holders are stylish, functional, and have multipurpose use. You can use them to keep stationery supplies for games/activities or to keep utensils.

25. Serving Trays and Platter

Choose simple, yet Elegant Servings Trays and Platters that will highlight your food and desserts.

26. Juice Carafe

These beautiful and decorative Juice Carafes can be filled with your choice of juice or wine. Perfect for assembling your mimosa bar.

27. Rustic Flower Bucket

These Rustic Flower Buckets add an elegant touch to your decor along with the stunning flowers. You can find some that have customized messages.

French Theme Baby Shower Supplies
Source: Etsy

French Theme Baby Shower Invitations

french theme baby shower invitation
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28. French Theme Baby Shower Invitation

These French Theme Baby Shower Invitations come in many varieties and gender-neutral options. They are elegant, and many that are customizable. You can also find some that are available for digital download so you can send them straight away!

29. French Market Baby Shower Invitation

Another simple and elegant french theme baby shower invitation. Customizable upon request with printable files.

French Theme Baby Shower Invitiations
Source: Etsy

30. Bonjour Bébé

Bonjour bebe french theme shower invitation. Pink roses and greenery for the expected baby girl. Can be downloaded for digital or printed on order.

French Theme Baby Shower Invitiations
Source: Etsy

31. Eiffel Tower Baby Shower Invite

Simple french theme baby shower invitation. Gender-neutral and can be ordered for digital or printed.

French Theme Baby Shower Invitiations
Source: Etsy

32. French Theme Baby Shower For Expected Baby Boy

Beautiful blue roses and Eiffel Tower. Perfect for expected baby boy.

French Theme Baby Shower Invitiations
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Planning for a baby shower can be super stressful as there are plenty of details and steps that come into preparation. We hope that these ideas for throwing a french theme baby shower can help ease that stress and get you excited for that extravagant moment that you, your partner, and your guest will remember for a lifetime.

Written by Nitchell Royce Legaspi

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