Frog Theme Party

14 Creative Frog Theme Party Ideas

Do you want to have a hoppy party? Explore these creative frog theme party ideas to make your next party unforgettable, or so we’ve been toad. Here are some frog theme party favor ideas, which include amphibian prizes and dirt pudding.

Frog Theme Party Favors

1. Sticky Lollipops

For prizes, you can easily turn any lollipop into one that is frog theme by sticking little frog cutouts onto the end of each stick. Place some plastic eyes on the frog to make it look fun and silly, or buy some frog-shaped lollipops! Another idea is to purchase normal green lollipops. Be creative and tie some green and white ribbon to these. Don’t forget to curl the ribbon with some scissors.

2. Jumping Frogs

Purchase little plastic frog toys or amphibians that jump when you hold down and let go. Your guests will be absolutely ribbit-ed!

3. Sweet Frogs

Give your guests small bags filled with any sort of green candy. Be sure to include some gummy frogs or raisins, which represent flies. You can even add some gummy worms to the mix to represent insects that frogs eat.

4. Beanie Froggie

Thank your guests for coming to your party with bean bag frog toys that they can toss to each other. These serve as great favors because they will not break and are safe for guests of all ages. Include them in your games and activities by having your guests toss them into certain objects, such as buckets or mini basketball hoops.

5. Toad Cookies

Bake cookies that are shaped like frogs or toads. You can use a frog-shaped cookie cutter to make things easier. Add green sprinkles, food coloring, and frosting in order to make them look more realistic. For eyes, add some white or black circular gummies or pipe them on with frosting.

6. Kiss the Frog

Purchase small plastic crowns so your guests can be royalty, but be careful, they might turn into frogs! A great activity for your party is having your guests decorate their crowns so they can show off their art skills and personalities.

7. Deconstructed “Dirt” Pudding

All you need to create this is chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and gummy worms – all packaged separately. When your guests are leaving, provide them with these supplies, all placed inside small pails, and tell them to craft this favor by sprinkling the crushed Oreo “dirt” and gummy worms on top of the chocolate pudding. You can even provide them with toy plastic shovels to use as spoons for this treat your guests will totally dig.

Frog Theme Party Décor

8. Inflatable Balloons

Balloons are excellent supplies to fill up the room with color. Blow up several balloons that are different hues of green. Add some pearly white balloons in order to accent the various shades of green. Create balloon arrangements of different sizes, such as two greens and one white, and hang them from the chairs or other furniture. Use a green ribbon to tie the white balloons and a white ribbon to tie the green balloons. You can even purchase frog balloons online to add to the atmosphere.

9. Wading Lily Pads

Looking for fun tips for an event with frogs? Cut some lily pads out of green construction paper and create a path starting from the entryway to the party room for the guests to follow. This theme décor idea is great for kids because they will love trying to jump from one lily pad to the next. Sometimes lily pads have lotus blooming on them and that can make for an even prettier pathway.

10. Bug Feast

Put out pictures or cutouts of flies, dragonflies, and any other insect that frogs may eat. Create a piece of art on an open wall by sticking several of these insects grouped together so that they seem to be flying skyward. Another idea is to hang amphibian cutouts from the ceiling with string or ribbon and add some colorful plastic bug toys.

11. Ribbons & Streamers

Decorate the ceilings, walls, and doorways with theme ribbons and streamers that are different shades of green. Again, add some white among these in order to add more color to the event. Be creative and twirl or braid the green and white streamer together for an amazing effect. 

12. Habitat Themed Rooms

To pull this off as best as you can habitat themed rooms are the way to go. It can help expand activities and show the guest different kind of frogs they’ve never seen before. If you’re feeling bold enough you can have little costumes for anyone interested in being said frogs that live in the different habitats/rooms.

13. Blue & Green Tablecloths

Cover your tables with alternating green and blue tablecloths for a pond effect. This serves as a subtle but creative décor. 

14. Animal Centerpieces

Purchase a stuffed frog toy for your table centerpieces. A great addition is to attach a couple of balloons for a dramatic effect.


Thinking of unique and memorable party favors doesn’t have to be difficult. Utilize these 14 unique frog theme party ideas for your next party for a life long memory!

Written by Laura Sastre
Edited by Keren Godwin
Reviewed by Blake Rubenstein

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