Garden Baby Shower

30 Attractive Garden Baby Shower Ideas

The cottage core, forest, and garden aesthetic are very much in at the moment. Everyone loves greens, plants, flowers, and nature which means that planning a garden theme baby shower will definitely make that special party a hit. And lucky for you, we have a list of terrific ideas to help you throw an incredible garden baby shower!

From decoration ideas that will surely dress up your event location to menu ideas that most definitely pleasure your guests and tie into your theme – we have it all. Not only do we strive to help you succeed in planning this party with little to no stress, but we also hope to help you and your guests have a memorable time at your event.

Garden Baby Shower Decorations

Garden Baby Shower Decorations
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Decorations help set the tone for your party. It’s the first thing your guests are going to encounter and see when they get to your event. You will want to decorate your location to keep your guests interested and to impress them with your overall planning abilities. Make sure to stay in your garden theme by using a variety of flowers and other plants to decorate and dress up your event location.

1. Flower Photo Backdrop

In this technology era and society, we spend a good portion of our time and life updating our social media accounts and staying in touch with people around us. What better way to show off how fun and creative your baby shower was with a photo in front of a beautiful and elegant flower photo backdrop. This flower backdrop is perfect because it’s connected to the garden theme while adding a totally new and chic element to the party!

Flower Photo Backdrop
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2. Eucalyptus Strands

Dress up your tables with strands of eucalyptus to add more decor to your event and tie the garden theme all together! The beautiful green vines will add a pop of color to your food, present, and activity stations!

3. Flower Print Table Runner

Spice up your tables by adding a table runner under your party supplies, centerpieces, and eucalyptus strands. Adding a flower print table runner will not only help add more design to catch guests’ eyes at the party but it also adds more chic garden-themed items to the party. 

4. Greenery Cake Topper

This greenery baby shower cake topper is cute and simple. It’s straight to the point and will be a great addition to your party decorations.

Greenery Baby Shower Cake Topper
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5. Baby’s Breath Centerpiece

Add another great design element to your tables with baby’s breath centerpieces! Baby’s breath is a beautiful flower and it can help by adding a neutral color besides the green and pink in your garden and flower motif!

Garden Baby Shower Favors

Garden Baby Shower Favors
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Party favors are one thing that people expect when they go to an event. These can range from anything big and creative to something small you know your guests will appreciate. These suggestions are party favors you can give that tie into your garden theme. 

6. Succulents

Succulents have been said to be the easiest plants to take care of and are one of the smallest ones in the market. Let your guests take their leave from your party with a memory of a great time and a small plant they can cherish and remember it by.

Source: Etsy

7. Bamboo

Bamboo, just like the succulents, is something small you can use as a party favor to give to your guests as they part from your event. It also ties well into the garden theme of the party as it’s a plant that they can grow in their own garden.

8. Flower Seeds

Indulge in the garden and flower theme you have going on by using flower seeds as party favors for your guest! Your baby is in bloom and the best way to share a memory is to give your guests seeds that they can plant and have bloom as well.

Flower Seeds
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9. Garden Starter Kit

Give your party guests a box of items that can help them get started on their own garden. Put a bag of soil, seeds, a terracotta pot, and a small shovel in a box. It’ll be the perfect memorabilia of your wonderful baby shower, not only will they be able to grow something but they’ll also cherish that memory of your time together.

10. Soap

These beautifully wrapped soaps are the perfect little favors to give to your guests. They’re cute, punny, and the design is perfectly fitting for the garden theme.

Soap Baby Shower Favor
Source: Etsy

Garden Baby Shower Menu Ideas 

Garden Baby Shower Menu Ideas 
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Food is something that everyone looks forward to when they are in any event. It is easily one of the main things people think of at a party. These options will not only be fitting to your garden theme, but it will also impress your guests and have them start up conversations regarding your interesting choices.

11. Edible Butterflies

When we think of gardens we think of all the beautiful things that come with them, one of those things being butterflies! Like the flowers, butterflies are a great addition to add to your garden motif. Get these edible butterflies and add them on top of your cupcakes and other desserts as you wish for another chic touch to your party! 

Source: Etsy

13. Edible Flowers

Add edible flowers to the punch and lemonade you plan to serve at your event to add a pop of color and a pop of fun to everyone’s time. These edible flowers and the edible butterflies are sure to stir up some talk at your party!

13. Fruit Bowl

When we think of gardens we have flashbacks to fresh and fond memories. Add more of that fresh element to your party by offering your guests an assortment of fruit for them to enjoy in your garden. It’ll be a great addition to your party’s menu!

14. Carrots and Hummus Flower Pots

Recreate this unique and super creative snack for the guests at your party. Not only will these sate your guests’ hunger but it’ll impress their eyes too!

15. Leaf Cookies

Everyone looks forward to the desserts and what better way to tie your garden theme party together than to have cookies shaped like the leaves we see in our own garden! Get leaf-shaped cookie cutters to create the cookies and design them with whatever plant pattern you desire! 

Garden Baby Shower Activities

Garden Baby Shower Activities
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Any event or party needs games, activities, or entertainment to keep the guests from saying the dreadful words that are “I’m bored.” It’s even harder to think of games or activities to do when you’re planning a baby shower. With these suggestions hopefully, you can rest your minds and keep your guests entertained at your baby shower!

16. Stamp a Bib

Set up a Stamp a Bib station at your party with leaf and flower print stamps. It can help keep your guests entertained during the event and it will give you plenty of bibs for your baby!

17. Scratch Off Game

Keep your guests entertained and interested by engaging them in a scratch-off game. Floral theme scratch cards will keep your guests on their feet and will also help tie the game into the theme of the party.

Scratch Off Game
Source: Etsy

18. Diaper Raffle

A diaper raffle not only helps your guests but it also helps you. Encourage your guests to bring a pack of diapers for a chance to get a special prize on the day of the actual baby shower! This gives you an inventory of diapers and your guests get the chance at a special prize. Everyone wins!

19. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

This is a perfect little game for your baby shower with a baby coming along, and these printable templates are cheap and easy to get!

20. Baby Shower Game Bundles

There is an abundance of baby shower game bundles out there. They’re easily printable, fairly cheap, and great as a party booster!

Baby Shower Game Bundle
Source: Etsy

Garden Baby Shower Party Supplies

Garden Baby Shower Party Supplies
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Supplies, like the decorations, are the things that your guests will constantly be looking at. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are not only practical and usable but they’re also pleasing to the eyes.

21. Flower Print Plates

Continue on with the garden flower theme motif by using flower print plates at your party. It’s great for continuity and is aesthetically pleasing for your guests.

22. Flower Print Napkins

Tie your garden theme party supplies together by getting flower print napkins to use with your flower print plates.

23. Monstera Coasters

Get monstera shaped coasters to add another garden element to your party. It steps away from all the flowers in the party supplies but it still stays in the garden family! Monsteras are beautiful plants and these coasters will surely catch your guests’ eyes.

Monstera Coasters
Source: Etsy

24. Eucalyptus Supplies

Tie your decorations and supplies together by getting eucalyptus print paper plates and napkins. These are great because they come in a set and are perfect to have for your garden baby shower.

25. Hey Baby Supplies

These Hey Baby baby shower napkins are cute and absolutely fitting for the garden theme baby shower with the greenery print on it.

Garden Baby Shower Invitations

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The event invitations are the first thing your guests see regarding the party which means the invitations are what sets the stage for how your party is going to go. Wow your guests by sending them invitations they will want to show off to other people.

26. Butterfly Stationery

From butterfly stickers placed on the invitation envelope to butterfly print letter sheets used for the actual invitations. Butterfly stationery will surely intrigue your guests and have them excited to go to the party!

27. Flower Stationery

Use flower stationery like flower print letter sheets for your invitations or flower print envelopes to tie your garden theme baby shower together.

28. Leaf Shape Invitations

Spice the process up by cutting your invitations in the shape of whatever plant or leaf you would like. This will tie your theme party together and will definitely impress your guests.

Leaf Shape Invitations
Source: Etsy

29. Leaf Stationery

Step away from the butterfly and flower print stationery and keep it simple by using leaf stationery for your invitation and envelopes.

30. Greenery Baby Shower Invitations

An option to help you save time from the invitations and put more time and effort into other parts of your party is to get these ready-made greenery printed baby shower invitations. These are great because they’re cheap, can be shipped to you quickly, and you only have to fill the template out!


There are a ton of things you can do for a garden baby shower party to be a hit. Hopefully, with all these suggestions we were able to help you in planning that baby shower!

Written by: Stacie Lowe

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