Ghostly Theme Party

22 Amazing Ghostly Theme Party Ideas

The right décor can turn your ghostly theme party into a night of frightening fun! Check out these spooky theme party decorations! 

Ghostly Theme Party Decorations

Ghostly Theme Party Decorations

1. Ghost Bowls

Flip large bowls upside down and cover them with a plastic grocery bag. Then, paper-mâché strips of paper grocery bags over the plastic bag supplies. Let them dry, then cover them with glue and white tissue paper. Paint ghost faces onto your bowls so they look haunted and fill them with delicious ghostly candies!

2. Paper Lanterns

Bring the supernatural to light! Purchase several white paper lanterns and paint on scary ghost faces with black paint. Hang them around your party area as decorations.

3. Ghost Chair Covers

Create chair covers out of white felt, then cut ghost eyes and mouths out of black felt. Use fabric glue to attach the black felt ghost features to make a face! Slip the finished ghostly covers over the backs of chairs. This makes fun theme seating for your event!

4. Cheesecloth Ghosts

Build a mold for your supernatural ghosts with a paper towel tube. Thread the wire through the sides of the tube near the top and bend them until they resemble outstretched arms. Place a rolled-up aluminum foil ball on top of the tube for a head. Soak strips of cheesecloth in liquid starch and hang them over your ghostly mold until they are dried. Then, lift your ghosts off their mold and place them around your party area.

5. Ghostly Gathering

Paint several gourds white and add painted black faces- hang them from the ceiling or from trees!

6. Floating Ghosts

These are fun & haunted event supplies! Papier-mâché white tissue paper around blown-up balloons, pasting the tissue paper around the top half of the balloons and then letting the rest of the paper drape down freely. Once the tissue paper has dried, pop the balloons and remove them.

Then, carve ghostly eyes and mouths out of the papier-mâché and cover the inside of the ghosts with more white tissue paper. Create a couple of holes in the tops of your ghosts to thread wire through. Attach a battery-powered light to one end of the wire and use the other to hang your ghost decorations.

7. Spooky Ghost Wreath

Purchase a haunted wreath made of twigs and spray paint it white. Create ghostly shapes out of clay that has been rolled thin, bake them, and glue them to the wreath.

Ghostly Theme Party Favors

Ghostly Theme Party Favors


Purchase or make ghostly bookmarks to give to your guests as favors–A ghostly companion can haunt them when they read thrillers!

9. Candies

There are many ghost-shaped candies available for purchase. Give a variety of shapes to your guests in ghost-theme goody bags. Or you can fill ghost-shaped tins with small candies like M&Ms or jelly beans. Since any ghost party will likely fall sometime in October, favorite trick-or-treating candies (Kit Kats, Twizzlers, Twix, Hershey’s, etc.) are super simple 

10. Ghostly Goody Bag

Purchase several long, thin goody bags and fill them with miniature marshmallows. Draw on scary ghost faces with a black sharpie and tie your ghostly goody bags closed with black string–these are both sweet and haunting!

11. Cookies

Cut sugar cookies using ghost-shaped cookie cutters and frost them white. Add chocolate frosting or candy faces. Wrap several up in a cellophane goody bag to give out as favors.

12. Soap

Make or purchase ghost-shaped soap. Wrap it up in a bit of clear cellophane to showcase this paranormal pal!

13. Ghost Lollipops

Cover lollipops with pieces of white tissue paper and tie the tissue at the base of the lollipop with yarn. Use a sharpie to draw on a ghost face. Tie several together and give your party guests a bouquet of ghostly lollipops.

14. Ghost Poppers

Gather several toilet paper rolls, wrap them in white or other scary wrapping paper, twist one end of the paper, and tie it closed. Fill the roll with ghostly goodies and twist and tie the other end.

15. Cupcakes

Create ghost cupcakes with a tall swirl of piped white frosting on the yellow cake or by draping white fondant on the top. Use chocolate icing to ice on some different expressions!

16. Magnets

Give your party guests magnets with a ghost design on it!

17. Pencils

Give your guests pencil favors decorated with scary, ghost-theme designs for a practical & fun gift!

Ghostly Theme Party Games 

Ghostly Theme Party Games

18. Ghost Stories

Gather several ghost stories from the Internet (for a younger group, make sure the stories are not too scary). Gather everyone in a circle, turn off the lights, and begin! You can also ask all of your guests to bring a story to share.

19. Piñata

Fill a ghost-shaped piñata with candy, keychains, and magnets. Hang it from a tree branch and give each guest a chance to take a crack at it!

20. Guess the Ghost

Who doesn’t love guessing games? All you will need for this theme activity is a large white sheet. Choose someone to be the Ghostbuster and have them leave the room. Then, choose someone to be the ghost and have them hide under the sheet. Have everyone else change positions and have the Ghostbuster come back inside.

The Ghostbuster must try to guess who the ghost is. To make it more difficult, once a ghost has been chosen, send three other players out of the room. Now when the Ghostbuster comes back in they have four people to choose from. If they cannot guess, they are allowed to ask one question about the ghost.

21. Ghost Bingo

Create BINGO cards with the letters GHOST. Use candy corn to mark the spaces and have the players yell out “Boo!” when they get BINGO!

22. Ghost Waiter

For this activity, set up a relay race obstacle course. Divide the players into teams and give each team a blown-up balloon and a paper plate. Have the first player in each team balance the balloon on the paper plate in one hand while they complete the course and return to their team. The first team to have all of its players complete the course wins!


Enjoy these Halloween-ready party ideas–it’ll be adored by both horror fanatics and scaredy-cats! Whether you opt to incorporate ghost elements in your party or go all-out with this unique ghostly theme party, we hope that you will have a great time! If you liked these ideas for a ghostly theme party then you will love our other tips and guides at

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