30 Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your young teenage boy? Well no need to worry anymore because here are 30 best gifts for 14 year old boys! There are both expensive and moderate priced ideas included in this list. Some ideas are more electronic and technology focused while others are more simple and easy. There are a variety of gifts for all types of boys such as ones that love to play sports or ones that love to play video games. You can use any or all of these ideas for inspiration for your teens next birthday. You are sure to find the perfect gift to make it a birthday your son won’t forget!

30 Top Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys
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1. PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X

Want to have a new experience with the new limitless power of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X? You can order your PlayStation or Xbox in advance so it arrives before the birthday boys big day. Your child will fall head over heels for these new modern gaming systems that have plenty of teen friendly games that he will appreciate for years to come. This gift is more on the expensive side, running 400-500 dollars depending on the module requested. Although expensive, it is definitely a long-term and exciting item to gift your son.

2. Jerseys

Have a child who has a passion for sports? Do they idolize an NBA player or just love everything and anything to do with sports? Well, here is a simple and sweet gift idea for you! You can help the birthday boy support their favorite team or player by giving them a jersey. A Jersey can be easily worn to school or sporting events and be used for long time wear. It’s a special item that allows them to express their passion for sports and the things they love most.

3. Laptop/Phone cases

We all know that boys can be clumsy at times – from falling over their feet or dropping their phone. If your birthday boy is one of these people then you can help your child by giving them a Laptop or phone case. A laptop or phone case can offer that extra bit of cushion to make sure their belongings are protected and return home safe and sound. There are plenty of creative designs for phone and laptop cases to choose from. And you can easily purchase one from your local store or online. You can make this gift more personalized by purchasing a case that fits your child’s personality the most!

4. Portable Phone Chargers

Does your son have a hard time remembering to charge his phone? No problem! Get him a portable phone charger so that he is able to charge his phone wherever and whenever he needs or wants. He can use his portable charge while at school, at the library, while hanging out with friends, or when he’s simply sitting in the house. Portable chargers have many great uses and can be used for long-term. You never know, your teenage son may be needing a portable charger in his life right now!

5. Lego Sets

No matter the age, your child is never too old to build with Legos! Legos are a great way to increase creativity within your child and provide a creative outlet to express themselves in their early teenage years. You can build many things from legos such as castles, spaceships, or mazes. He could even be creative and uses Legos for school projects or use them to build his own 3d model. The possibilities are endless.

6. Clothes and Fashion

Chances are your child is maturing before your eyes and with that his fashion sense will mature as well. Help him express his new found maturity by helping him pick out clothes that show a young man with new ideas. Some mature clothing items are khaki pants and button up shirts. Or perhaps his style is changing and he prefers more name brand clothing like Nike or Adidas sportswear. Whatever it may be, allow him to choose what he feels most comfortable and happy wearing. A new set of clothes is a great way to help transition into his teenage years and give him confidence.

7. Telescope

Is your young son curious about the world and universe? Help give him a sense of wonder about the universe with a telescope! With a telescope, your child can explore different parts of the universe and learn new things about astronomy. It can be exciting to view the sky during the nighttime. You can find and purchase a telescope that isn’t overly complicated to use and is reasonably priced. If you’d like, you can also purchase an informational book about stargazing, planets, or telescopes to help him use his new gift and learn how to properly stargaze.

8. Virtual Reality Headset

Help your child get the newest gaming experience with a virtual reality headset! Virtual reality are created for many devices and are compatible with many games. These headsets, however, can be a bit expensive. The PlayStation virtual reality headset is on the more expensive side but companies like Samsung and other phone services create virtual reality headsets for their devices, which make them on the cheaper side. If your son really enjoys gaming he will most likely appreciate a gift like this and cherish it for many years to come.

9. Musical Instruments

Does your child have an itch of wanting to express themselves musically? No problem! There are many instruments online like guitar and drum sets that are affordable and can be a new avenue for your child’s creativity and happiness. Or perhaps he’s already a musician and is needing a fresh instrument or repair. Whatever it may be, an instrument is a beautiful gift and hobby to support your child with.

10. Watches

Sick of having your teen ask you what the time is all of the time? How about giving him a brand new watch this year! There are a vast amount of different styled watches you can buy online or at the store. Many watches are very affordable and durable so you can guarantee the watch is protected from all the scratches and scuffs that can occur in daily life.

Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

11. Hover Drones

Hover drones are the new hit gadgets over the past couple years and are only getting better. Your teen is going to love this gift because it is easy to use for beginners and has a range of features that will keep them busy for hours on end. Hover drone prices range dramatically depending on the make and model. Your son is sure to have a lot of fun exploring outside with a cool new hover drone.

12. Portable Speakers

Does your teen love music? How about giving them a portable speaker! A set of portable speakers can help your teen show off his taste in music to his friends or peers. He can use them during school breaks, when hanging out with friends, or when he’s in his room. Portable speakers make listening to music 10x easier as well. Just like the hover drones, portable speakers can range in price depending on the make and brand.

13. Headphones

Does your teen already have portable speakers or wants to keep their music more personal and quiet? Or are they dying for a new set of headphones? Whatever it may be, headphones are a simple choice and a great alternative to portable speakers! There are many different styles and types of headphones that can fit your teens needs. You can even purchase headphones specifically for gaming or a comfortable set for your child to wear during zoom calls. Whatever the reason, this is a simple and practical gift for your child.

14. LED Strip Lights

Is your teen ready to make their own room design choices? Offer them some creative liberty by giving them a package of LED strip lights . LED lights come in practically all colors and designs and are very affordable. Many teens love to decorate their rooms with led strip lights so this is sure to be a popular choice for young teens.

15. Polaroid Instant Film Camera

Inspire the visual and creative side of your teen with a polaroid instant film camera. These cameras develop your photos immediately and will be a good tool for your teen to capture memories with friends and family for years to come. They are perfect if your child already loves photography or can be a perfect way to spark that interest in your child.

16. Bluetooth Wireless Beanie

A Bluetooth beanie has a built in speaker to eliminate the need for headphones. Just charge the speaker, put on the hat, and rock out! This is a more electronic based gift but is a wonderful idea because you can combine fashion and music in one.

Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

17. Roku Streaming Device

If your teen loves watching films and television then perhaps you can consider giving them a Roku. Roku provides all the latest movie and tv streaming apps that your teen will love for an easy and affordable price. It can be easily set up to connect your smart tv at home. Then, your child can watch Netflix or Hulu right from their own Tv.

18. Gift Cards

Not sure exactly what to get your teen? Should you go all out this birthday with a nice trip or expensive gift? Well, you can ease some of the pressure with a simple gift card! You can buy gift cards from your teens favorite store or restaurant so you can be sure they get exactly what they’re looking for. A gift card can also accompany a set of smaller gifts or a birthday card as well!

19. Spikeball Game set

Get your teen a simple and fun game that they will truly enjoy. The spikeball game set comes with a spike net and a ball set that is easy to set up and is easily stored away. They can play the game set with friends or family and can easily play it outside. This can be a nice gift for the son that likes to be active and play sports.

20. Therabody Theragun

Is your teen an athlete? The Therabody Theragun is a massage tool that can be used after practice or games to help relieve stress in muscles and helps keep them refreshed for the next day. This tool is more on the expensive side with its base model starting at 300$. But it can be used for the long-term and is a great tool to help massage your sons muscles after practice. Or it can be a nice stress relief tool after a long week!

21. Sneakers

Does your teen love shoes or are they needing a new fresh pair? There are multiple shoe companies that provide great shoe designs at affordable prices. Companies like Nike, Converse, Adidas, and Under Armour are some of the best sneaker companies. Sneakers are also great if you are wanting to buy your son some new clothes. You can buy your son a new pair of shoes and some new tops and pants, all in one!

22. Bicycle

Having a hard time getting your son outside? A bike is a great solution to help motivate your kids to go outside and get active and it is a great tool to help them understand the concept of taking care of a transportation tool.

23. Vinyl Record Player

If your teen enjoys the more simple things in life, give him something to show the sign of the times. A vinyl record player is a simple and fun gift that can help expand your teens knowledge of the historic vinyl player and hopefully find a new appreciation for how music is created and was created in the past.

24. Glow in The Dark Basketball and Rim

If your teen is looking for a reason to go outside during the night but is still too young to go unsupervised, then you can give him a glow in the dark basketball and rim! This is a cool and fun item that is simple and affordable. He can easily go outside after dinner and play some basketball with his friends or family. It’s a nice way to let him go out but not go too far since he’s still a young teen.

25. Do Hard Things Book

This book was created to challenge teenagers to rebel against having a bad attitude, giving themselves low expectations, and against cultural lies that they may believe is holding them back. This book is created for teens to think for themselves and to help create individuality in them. This is one of the unique and simple gifts for 14 year old boys to have.

26. Yeti Mug

Yeti Mugs are aesthetically pleasing and are a great tool to keep your beverages cool. Yeti Mugs are affordable, durable, and help easily prevent spillage! There are many benefits to having a mug like this and is a cool gift idea for your child.

Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

27. Hammocks

Hammocks are an easy gift for your teen to set up and lounge in! There are multiple makes and designs for hammocks that can fit any teens style. And you can easily purchase a hammock online or at your local store. Your teen can make great use of a hammock during the long summer days. He can easily read outside or simply go on his phone while laying down on the hammock.

28. Cologne

Help your teen feel confident by getting him some nice cologne. Get him smelling and looking great for all the encounters your teen may face. He will smell nice for school and for special dinners. A nice cologne can also help him mature into his teenage years.

29. Smart Phones

Your teen may finally be old enough to have his own phone. So your next question is, what phone do you get? There are many different phone makes and models for any and all the specifics you could be looking for from Apples iPhone to Samsung’s Galaxy phones! Every teen is sure to have a smartphone so if he doesn’t have one already then now is the perfect time to start!

30. 2 Player Basketball Game

These foldable basketball game sets are great for teens who don’t have a place to play or are stuck inside for the winter. It will be a great activity for your teen and their friends to play together. This is an especially great gift for the son that loves to play sports.


These were all of the 30 birthday ideas and gifts for 14 year old boys mentioned in this article. Hopefully these ideas have inspired and you have plenty of gift ideas in your mind to give your teen the best birthday yet. Good luck to you and good luck to finding the perfect gift for your teen!

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