Girls Bday Party Places

10 Creative Girls Bday Party Places

By: Cherish Woodworth

Planning a birthday party for your favorite girl? Is it a surprise birthday party? Or maybe not? Does she like the color pink and lots of sparkles? Or maybe she is more into animals? Follow this guide to find the perfect girls bday party places! 

Ideas for Girls Bday Party Places

Ideas for Girls Bday Party Places

1. Zoo Birthday Party

Looking to do something different this year? Does your little girl love animals? Why not take them to the zoo? Kids can enjoy face painting, treat making, lemonade drinking while watching all of their favorite animals in their habitat. To top it all off, you could make each kid a shirt to wear the day of the party which would serve as a way to keep all of the kids together and is also a really cute, affordable, and unique party favor.

2. Bowling Alley Birthday Party

Who doesn’t like pizza and bowling? Host your daughters’ birthday party at a bowling alley! This is a cool idea for any age and is the perfect place to host a party, especially if there will be a lot of guests attending. Pizza and cake will be provided to guests and the arcade will be open to guests who would like to participate in those games. 

3. Pool Party

Is your little girl a fish in the water? Does she spend hours a day in your pool during the summertime? Or maybe she enjoys swimming at the grandmas’ pool? A pool party is a perfect way to host a summer birthday party. Guests just need to bring themselves, a swimsuit and a towel. Hot dogs, burgers, and chips will be available followed by a pool theme birthday cake. Not to mention, parents are welcome to stay and enjoy some time in the sun with their kids. It’s the perfect way to spend a perfect summer day! 

4. Bounce House

Do you remember the joy of bounce houses as a kid? When your friends would have them on their birthdays or you got to enjoy them at carnivals and amusement parks? Why not bring the bounce house to your birthday party? Rent a princess castle bounce house, a fire truck bounce house, or even a mermaid theme bounce house, or invite all of her friends to a bounce house establishment for a surprise birthday party.

There, she and her friends can enjoy different arcade games, a plethora of bounce houses to choose from, and even fun snacks to enjoy during the party. Top it off with some pizza, a birthday cake, and some balloons and you have the perfect birthday party for any girl!

5. Restaurant Birthday Party

Host a birthday party at your daughters’ favorite restaurant! You can decorate the table with balloons, confetti, goodies for your guests, and top it off with a cake. Each guest will receive a party hat and a necklace to wear throughout the duration of the party. This serves as a chill, unique, and fun party for all ages.

6. Movie Theatre

Who doesn’t love the movie theatre? Popcorn, candy, and a movie that your child has been dying to see? Why not invite her and her friends to a movie theatre birthday party?! Enjoy the newest movie on the market while enjoying your favorite snack and buttery popcorn. This is a birthday party that your daughter and her friends will remember for a lifetime!

7. Build-A-Bear

What kid wouldn’t love to create their very own furry friend? A friend they can take with them everywhere and design to be exactly the way they want it! Invite a few of your daughter’s friends to build-a-bear, or a similar establishment, and let them build to their heart’s content. Follow that fun activity with lunch at your local pizzeria or taco bar!

8. Ice Rink

If you live near an ice rink or even a rollerblading arena, take your daughter and her friends to go ice skating or rollerblading. This activity takes an hour and is absolutely fun. Most of these establishments have convenient food options or the option to bring your own food. Turn it into a rollerblading pizza party with a yummy birthday cake for dessert.

9. Museum

Take your kiddo to an interactive museum for their birthday! Invite some of her friends and make it an educational birthday party. While having fun with her friends, she can learn about dinosaurs or science. Follow this up with some food and cake and it’s the perfect birthday party for all ages!

10. Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Why not create it at home? Host a spa day at home with your daughter and her friends. Ask your guests to wear their favorite cozy robe and slippers! Include face masks, manicures/pedicures, and cucumber eye masks. Send your guests home feeling refined and refreshed with a goodie bag that includes their own face mask, nail polish, and a nail care kit!


Your little girl deserves a special day, so find a special place to celebrate another year of her life. She and her friends are sure to have fun with any of these places that you could have the bday party at. So hopefully this list of girls bday party places is enough to get you thinking and find the place that is just right to celebrate her.

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