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25 Fun Hockey Party Ideas

It’s hockey season, and you might be thinking of throwing a hockey-themed party to celebrate. It’s the perfect way to watch the game with friends, cheer on your favorite team, and rejoice the slow return of national sports since the hit of the pandemic. You’ll surely score a goal with these great ideas!

Hockey Party Décor

1. Color Scheme for Your Favorite Team

Use the colors of your hockey team in your decorations–it’ll be an easy scheme to follow. If you prefer to be team-neutral in your design, you can go for a simple white, blue, and black theme (NHL colors.)

2. Printable Banners or Flags

Using a large banner, you will be able to show your love for your team–or just hockey in general! You might also want to include flags and other items that’ll showcase your team spirit.

3. Famous or Favorite Hockey Player Cutouts

With these clever, life-size cutouts, you can invite your favorite player to the party! Guests will love taking pictures with the players that they’ve always dreamed of meeting.

4. Hockey Vinyl Wall Clings

Wall-mounted décor will make you feel right at the hockey rink. You can find any assortment of wall clings online. Hockey nets, pucks, sticks, and skates are all recommended decals.

5. The Stanley Cup

It’s the NHL’s most coveted award, but you can find plastic replicas online. If you want to get creative, you can even make your own version of the trophy (if you’re a baker, this might come in cake form!) The priceless award can act as a great centerpiece for the celebration.

6. Streamers

These are perfect for all parties. Hang them from the walls and ceiling to create a cool, decorative feel. Use the colors of your favorite team (or the NHL) to stay consistent with your theme.

7. Balloons

Whether you are having a kid or adult party, everyone loves balloons. Add theme-color balloons to your venue! They’re also easy to find and acquire online!

8. Ice Rink Decor

Use a white tarp or table cloth and blue and red tape to create your own ice rink! 

9. Hockey Jerseys

Feel like you’re in the Hockey Hall of Fame by hanging up your favorite players jerseys or even your own on the walls! 

Hockey Party Menu

What says “game night” like an assortment of classic, American appetizers? Guests can nibble on these while glued to the screen.

10. A Platter of Nachos

These are the perfect party snack because they can be made for any amount of people. And come on–who doesn’t like nachos? When it gets colder, they’re great for warming up. Plus, they’re easily customizable–you might even want to set up a nacho buffet bar!

11. Pizza

You can’t go wrong with pizza. Offer cheese & pepperoni, and other toppings if you know that your guests will like them. 

12. Buffalo Chicken Wings

A variety of sauces and hotness levels will help add diversity to the menu; it’ll keep the spice lovers happy, too– especially when the game gets intense!

13. Breadsticks or Pretzels 

If you make your own breadsticks or pretzels, you can easily shape the dough into hockey sticks!

14. Brownies

Brownies are a dessert favorite for every party. Cut them into circles and frost them like hockey pucks; you can do this with cookies, too!

15. Chocolate Hockey Puck Cake

 On top of a decadent cake, you can ice a team logo or a hockey puck design! Rule of thumb for the hockey theme: Circular food= begging to be decorated like a hockey puck!

16. Ice Cream

Ice cream is as chilly as the hockey rink– it’ll bring you right there in this era of social distancing! Ice cream cakes are another way to mash ideas 13 + 14.

Don’t forget healthier alternatives! See our recommendations for healthier choices to serve.

Hockey Party Favors

If your party’s for kids or a dedicated group of adults, you may want to hand out some fun favors. It’s up to you to assess whether your party is more of a game-night gathering or a legitimate event. In case of the latter, you may want to give small presents as a thank-you-for-coming gift!

17. Hockey Mugs

For those cold games at the rink or to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, these mugs will be nice touches to your guests’ parting gifts. These can include anything with a team logo or an image of hockey sticks.

18. Bead Necklaces

Some sparkle to add to your guests’ hockey fan outfits the next time they go to a game!

19. Megaphone

These conical noisemakers add to the excitement! They’re a loud favor that allows everyone to show their passion for the game!

20. Hockey Whistle

Let your guests feel like they are a part of the action with a referee whistle.

21. Team Stickers

Give the stickers to the children at the party and they will love playing with them.

22. Hockey Temporary Tattoos

Good for little kids who want to show off team pride.

23. Hockey Playing Cards

Similar to collectible baseball cards, you can start a new collection with these. Maybe someone will be continuing a preexisting collection! Here’s an example of what you could get.

24. Face Paint

Following your color scheme, paint your face in the war paint of your favorite team. 

25. Inflatable Hockey Sticks 

A fun favor idea and great toy for children who want to play just like the champs!


Use these ideas to get everyone in the hockey game spirit.We hope you use these ideas to host a Hockey Party soon!

Written by Vincenza Parella/Chris Legere

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