16 Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in US

We understand how expensive and stressful planning your dream wedding can become. Your honeymoon as newlyweds is supposed to be your chance for a well-earned reprieve. It is meant for you two to unwind and connect with each other as a married couple before you are pushed back into the real world. But settling on a location for your honeymoon can also be anxiety-inducing as you realize how all the numbers pile up. No worries – with an open mind, sufficient research, and our smart tips and tricks, we can promise you the magical honeymoon you had always imagined that too on a budget! Have a honeymoon in some of the best places to visit in continental USA. Take a look at these 16 cheap honeymoon destinations in the US for a start.

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in US by Coast

Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in US by Coast

East Coast Honeymoon Destinations

1.  Key West, FL.

There’s a reason Hemingway called Key West home – you can’t help but be inspired by the stretches of the pure sand and the serenity of the Atlantic. An alternative to the typical Miami vacation spot, Key West is a quaint town that offers an old town feel ideal for leisurely shopping, dining, and sightseeing. This is a great destination for those who have one honeymoon objective: relaxation!

2. The Poconos, PA.

Looking for a romantic mountain destination? There’s a reason why, for years, couples have headed to the Pocono Mountains for a romantic getaway. The Poconos Mountains are an especially magical destination for nature-enthusiast couples. With a wide variety of activities such as biking, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and skiing, any newlywed couple would be happy at this outdoor paradise. Enjoy these exciting activities while being serenaded by the magical views around the 150 lakes and seven state parks located at the Pocono’s. Establishing The Pocono’s like a honeymoon destination, several all-inclusive resorts now provide couples the ultimate place to stay with heart-shaped, or even champagne-shaped, tubs.

3. New York, NY.

Don’t consider New York a romantic honeymoon spot? Just one visit to this city that never sleeps in the winter when Rockefeller Center is alive with ice skaters when snow covers Central Park, and when shops are dolled up for the holidays, will completely change your perspective. While some know New York for its pricey vacations, planning ahead can save you big bucks on airfare and lodging. Plus, keep in mind that some of the best New York City has to offer come free – people watching from the patio of café, sightseeing and of course, picnics in Central Park.

4. Hilton Head, SC.

Quiet beaches and amazing seafood are just some of the reasons Hilton Head is a vacation wonderland for many. A quaint island, Hilton Head, provides a romantic, relaxing, and intimate location for a honeymoon you won’t forget. Budget-friendly, pick from a number of bed and breakfasts or do your homework and find a weekly beachfront vacation rental for your stay. There’s a variety of affordable all inclusive honeymoon packages here! There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from and a variety of activities, including biking paths all around the island. Consider a day trip to nearby Savannah, where you can explore plantations or take a golf lesson at one of the dozens of golf courses in the area.

5. Washington, DC.

Surprised to see the nation’s capital on the list? The history of DC alone is enough to make this a place with plenty to do, and since many of the attractions in this town cost little or nothing to see, DC is an inexpensive destination that can be – yes, romantic! It’s easy to find relatively inexpensive lodging, and once you’re there, you can fill days with strolling around Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian Institute the National Zoo, and add a little shopping at the Eastern Market. With so many of the nation’s most influential people calling DC home, you can bet there’s plenty of excellent dining and always something exciting to see.

6. New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans, Louisiana, is an exciting and colorful city with a lot to offer, even though it is one of the more inexpensive honeymoon destinations. You can enjoy the various festivals held in this city or savor the unique flavors of Cajun cuisine. You can take part in the exciting nightlife or admire the historic architecture while taking a nice, relaxing stroll. You will never be at a lack for things to do.

West Coast Honeymoon Destinations

West Coast Honeymoon Destinations

7. Lake Tahoe, NV.

Set in the picturesque valleys of the Sierra Nevada Range, Lake Tahoe is amongst the most stunning lakes in the country. Teeming with natural beauty ranging from beaches and high-topped mountains to nightlife like casinos and world-class dining, there will never be a shortage of affordable activities for honeymooners to engage in! And if you and your lovely spouse are looking for the coziest spots for a winter honeymoon, Lake Tahoe and its ski-mountains, toasty cabins and the romantic landscape is where it’s at!

8. Taos, NM.

A cultural paradise, Taos exemplifies the title of “Land of Enchantment.” As newlyweds, you can marvel at the magnificent artworks created by the Taos masters or choose to go kayaking, fishing, or water-boarding on the river that runs through the city. Treasure your significant-other over a romantic candlelight dinner at one of the 60 independently owned New Mexican cuisine restaurants for the perfect small town finish to your beautiful vacation.

9. Mendocino, CA.

If you’re big town folk looking for the perfect coastal village destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this aesthetic hamlet four hours north of San Francisco is the perfect location for you. With sensational beaches, captivating Victorian homes, and rolling emerald hills, you can expect the most beautiful romantic escape for you two. Wine-tasting at the world-renowned Pinot Noir wineries of the region, coupled with exploring the extraordinary botanical garden that has paths leading down to the coastline, will fill up your honeymoon days with pure relaxing magic.

Beware though that booking rooms here might be expensive during the summer, but if you can decisively visit during the off-season than you can get some great deals to ensure a cheap honeymoon.

10. Portland, OR.

If you’re a young couple that’s looking forward to exploring a fun city during your honeymoon, the home of the “Keep Portland Weird” sign is just the place for you! A cultural hub for everything funky, at Portland, you will find yourself immersed in microbreweries, hip coffeehouses, and farmers’ markets. All while having a romantic picnic in Washington Park and taking a dip in the natural swimming holes around the city. With budget-friendly accommodation options and incredible cheap public transport, we can assure you of the city-honeymoon of your dreams!

Other Honeymoon Destinations

11. Cincinnati, OH

Wine and dine your way around this city on the river. Cincinnati is known for its delicious food and drinks, notably Findlay Market which hosts a plethora of vendors perfect for any foodie couples. This Midwest destination has everything a city could offer you from culture to architecture. There’s plenty to do like going to a sporting event, stopping by the theatre to catch a show, or taking a romantic ride on the SkyStar Wheel. No matter what you and your partner’s interests are, Cincinnati is a great choice and you’ll be sure to have fun!

12. Jackson Hole, WY.

For an unforgettable honeymoon, travel to Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains and other breathtaking natural scenery this location is a unique and worthy option. Choose a resort and spa from a number of affordable and beautiful options and relax and spend some quality time with your new partner. Or, head out to a national park for an adventure. Grand Teton National Park is a couple hours away or take a 50 mile road trip to Yellowstone!

13. Oahu, HI.

Hawaii is a common honeymoon destination for many couples and Oahu has so many options in terms of activities, resorts, hotels, and honeymoon packages that you’re sure to find an affordable option. Popular for Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, this island boasts a bustling downtown as well as more peaceful options for a relaxing honeymoon surrounded the island’s tropical scenery and stunning beaches.

Affordable U.S. Road Trip Honeymoons

Affordable U.S. Road Trip Honeymoons

Depending on where you’re located in the country (or where you get married), there’s plenty of spots and destinations including national parks and Instagram-worthy views that you could see on the road. And, depending on which coast you’re located on, this American road trip could be an immersive cross-country trip or a short and sweet one. Road trips are budget-friendly and romantic getaways for any adventurous couple that’ll provide you with plenty of alone time! Here are some of the top recommended road trip honeymoons.

14. Pacific Northwest Road Trip

The Pacific Northwest boasts beautiful coastal views, with a gorgeous mountain and ocean views. A trip along the Pacific Northwest also allows for some stops into some cool cities in both Oregon and Washington providing you with the best of both worlds. You could even see Crater Lake National Park and stop in Portland on the same trip.

15. Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park

These two national parks are only around a 1.5 hour drive from each making this duo a convenient and appealing choice for a road trip. Located in Utah, Bryce Canyon hosts grand natural amphitheaters and plenty of unique rock structure locations perfect for sunrise and sunset watching. Also in Utah, Zion National Park is home to a stunning mountain landscape. Their close proximity makes Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park two great destinations for a pre-planned road trip.

16. Pacific Coast Highway

California’s Pacific Coast Highway could be a short and sweet trip but you could also take your time traveling this scenic stretch of road. The Pacific Coast Highway is known for its iconic coastal scenery including the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur which is another stop you could make. Stops on this road trip could range from quaint Carmel-by-the-Sea in Northern California all the way to sunny Santa Barbara in Southern California. 

17. US Route 1 in Maine

Though this highway actually covers the road between Florida and Maine, road tripping the Maine section of this highway is a perfect honeymoon idea. This road trip captures the classic New England coastal feeling of Maine with romantic beaches and photo-worthy whale watching. Stop by in autumn months like September for beautiful weather and scenery. You could even stop by Maine’s oldest lighthouse, the historical Portland Head Light!

For more honeymoon ideas, check here.

Tips for Honeymoon Destinations

Tips for Honeymoon Destinations

Book Outside of the Box

Resorts usually lower their prices during the off-season because there are so few visitors due to the poor weather. If you book your trip toward the end of the off-season, when the weather starts to warm up, you can benefit from the lower rates while still enjoying beautiful weather. There will also be less of a crowd, making it easier for your honeymoon to be just about you and your spouse. Some of the best honeymoons are the ones are the out of the box ones!

Off the Local Coast 

Island destinations are popular for honeymoons. Enjoy the island feel without the island price by choosing one that is close to home. Islands off the coast of the United States, like the ones off Alabama or Florida, are usually much more reasonably priced than their Caribbean counterparts.

Go with the Masses

Make sure your honeymoon destination includes access to cheap, public transportation to save money and travel time. Mass transit is a lifesaver when it comes to watching your wallet and your watch, as it is generally inexpensive and often is the quickest way to travel across town.

Don’t Settle for Less

The US dollar is worth less than the local currency in many countries, which means that your money goes a lot faster. The good news is, the US dollar is also worth more than the local currency in many countries. Choose countries with a weak local currency to stretch your dollar.

Rough It

Camping is a very romantic and inexpensive option for your honeymoon. Go honeymooning at a campsite on the beaches of Hawaii, the mountains of Colorado, or anywhere in between to satisfy your honeymoon dreams, and your wallet.


You can find lots of excellent deals in budget travel newsletters, but it is unlikely a deal will coincide with the exact place you have chosen for your honeymoon. Try choosing your honeymoon location based on the deals you find. You may find the perfect place and save a lot of money. 


Often cruise ships offer reasonably priced packages to fit any budget. You get to visit many different countries, and food and entertainment are included! There are many different options for cruise ship destinations, from Alaska to the Caribbean, and many of them depart from the United States, so the travel cost is not excessive.


Save money by enjoying your honeymoon in your area. You can stay in your own home or a luxury hotel in a nearby town. Use the travel money you save to indulge in room service or a relaxing couple’s massage in the hotel’s spa. This is a great way not only to save money but also to focus on each other, rather than on exploring a new place.


Your honeymoon will likely be the most memorable trip of your life and you want to make it a special one. While you may not have the budget to fly to a tropical island or stay at an all-inclusive resort. Lucky for you, this list of honeymoon destinations in US will save your wallet and still allow you to have the time of your life!

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