How to Choose a Nail Salon

How to Choose a Nail Salon - 9 Important Things to Consider

There are many ways you can get your nails done, and because of that, many nail salons have their own style, priorities, and overall can be different in many ways. To help find the right nail salon for you, we have 9 tips on How to Choose a Nail Salon that can meet the expectations you have.

9 Tips on How to Choose a Nail Salon

With nail salons opening up across the country, it is finally time for you to go in and get your nails done at a nail salon near you! Because these salons are opening up for the first time in months, they will be swamped. Therefore, it is good to know what services and what you want to be done for your nails when you go in or book an appointment. Keep in mind that prices will vary based on nail salons. Easy Event Planning has gathered useful information and tips about nail polish services. Below is everything you need to prepare for what you want when you get to the salon!

1. Colors

Having color in mind will save you some time when you get to the nail salon. The salon will give you an option of colors they have that will work for the service that you pick for your nails. They generally have many options no matter what service you choose, so it is okay to have a specific color in mind!

2. Regular Manicures

Treat yourself and help strengthen your nails by getting regular manicures. Usually, manicures come with lovely hand treatments, like massages and the application of lotion. Each time you go, maybe try different colors and nail art to find what you like best. 

3. Artificial Nail Types

Two popular types of artificial nails are acrylic nails and gel nails (tips). The main difference is that acrylics form into a hard and non-flexible material that goes over your real nails. They are usually harder to remove and may damage the nails. Gel nails, also known as gel tips, are formed out of a softer and flexible material that also goes over your real nails. These are easier to remove and less damaging than acrylic nails. 

4. When To Get Fingernails Painted 

It is a good idea to set your nail appointment for later in the day. This way, you can finish all heavy lifting and tedious work early in the day and not worry about ruining your new nails.

5. French with Nail Art

For a classic look that looks fantastic with any outfit, get a French manicure. This may be the best option for a formal event because it is a chic look for your nails and matches anything. The finishing product looks like a gloss over your natural nail color, and the tips of your nails are painted white. You can spice up this traditional look with nail art, diamond accents, and even miniature pearls, all placed on the region of your natural nail. 

6. Don’t Forget Your Toes

You can look fabulous from hand to toe by getting your toes done, too. Treat yourself by getting a relaxing pedicure along with your manicure. 

7. Lotion

With all the work being done to your nails and hands, sometimes your hands can get dry. A great way to keep them moisturized is to carry around a miniature bottle of lotion. Please put it in your purse or car so that you can liberally apply a cream to your hands soft after you get your nails done.

8. Have Touch Up Polish

Your manicures will not last forever and may chip later on after getting your nails done. Make sure you buy a bottle of touch up painting polish to fix any chipped paint. If you want to avoid noticeable chipping, choose lighter color tones.

9. Nail Shapes

You can request any nail shape you want when getting a manicure. You should choose the oval shape if you prefer having short fingernails and having narrower nail beds. The square shape is perfect if you are looking to have a French manicure and is an excellent option for those with bigger nail beds. You can choose sharp or rounded tips with this square look. The square-oval shape is the perfect combination of the square and oval shapes.

To achieve this style, your nails will have to be squared off first. Then, the person doing your nails will file the corners to get the rounded shape of this style. The round shape looks exactly how they sound: round. They are suitable for anyone that would like shorter nails.

The almond/point shape is similar to oval-shaped nails but are longer and come to more rounded points than oval-shaped nails. It is a glam look that many celebrities with acrylics show off.


Sometimes you just need a day to treat yourself and relax. Getting your nails done is an excellent way for some “you” time. If you need more tips for other ways to look fabulous for yourself or a special event, check out more of Easy Event Planning’s blogs! 

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