How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech – 13 Great Tips

Are you here because you are struggling to write a speech for possibly your best friend? Sister? Or maybe even your mom? This time isn’t just stressful for the bride but the maid of honor too. Everything seems like it has to be perfect. Why? It’s because we care so much about the day going smoothly and sometimes we forget about an important part of the maid of honor’s day and that is the Maid of Honor Speech. In this article, there are some tips and ideas to help you write the most creative, funny, and heartfelt speech that will for sure leave your bride very content with their choice of their maid of honor.

Tips and Ideas on How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

Tips and Ideas

1. First and Foremost

I am sure most of you already know this but make sure to introduce yourself at the beginning. You’d be surprised how many Maid of Honor’s and Best Men forget to introduce themselves. Not everyone is going to know who you are, in fact, most everyone will not know who you are. So a short introduction is important.

Introduce yourself and your relationship with the bride. An extra thought to maybe add to this is to thank some people during this time like parents, wedding planners and anyone who you feel should be thanked. This is also the time you most likely have everyone’s attention so adding a joke to get the ball rolling is not a bad idea but be sure the joke will land.

2. Talk about the Bride and Groom

When explaining your relation to the Bride and Groom, go into a little detail on each of them. Talk about their personalities, how you know them, and anything you think worth mentioning. Also talk about how they met, what they do for fun, and how they work together. This is something the audience is interested in and you, as the maid of honor, most likely have first-hand experience with these things. A couple of embarrassing comments (within reason) are welcomed here. Don’t forget how these things you have talked about makes them perfect for each other.

3. Tell a Story

This is where you can tell a story either on just the bride or both the bride and groom. Depending on your story, try to make it a funny or heartfelt story, it’s up to you. You just want to make sure you are telling a story of substance so the crowd does not get lost easily. Also, make sure it somehow ties to the rest of what you are going to say. This may be the most fun part for you because you have a personal connection to the story.

4. Offer Guidance

This can be a tricky idea to add to your speech depending on your relationship with the bride and groom. If you feel you are in the position to offer guidance to them then do just that. It doesn’t have to be a huge opinion on their relationship or love in general, something as simple as “Love each other” or “Be there for one another” can go a long way.

5. The Shorter the Better

This can be a hard thing to do, especially if you are someone who likes to talk. When writing your speech, the smart thing to do is to keep it short and concise. If you know you are one to ramble on, something you may want to consider is maybe having a notecard or slip of paper that has your talking points to keep you on track. Everyone has been to a wedding where the Maid of Honor or Best Man speech goes too long and people get bored. Stick to what you have written down and trust it to work.

6. Toast to Finish

A good way to wrap up the speech and get things moving again is by raising a toast to the bride and groom. This is where you can wrap everything up while tying it back to your speech. Maybe your story had a connection to where you can wrap it up in a creative yet heartfelt way. It may seem like a little part that does not have much importance but this can really bring everything together and leave people saying “She did a really good job!”.

7. Get an Opinion

Unless you have predetermined you will not share the speech with anyone, we suggest you share your written speech. Ask a close friend or family member to just look it over and suggest some things for you. It also may help you in possible run-off sentences or grammatical errors. You never know, they could give you an idea for a joke or story that could help your speech. It’s always good to get a second opinion.

8. Practice

We cannot stress this enough, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! This speech is like preparing for a presentation at work or anytime you are doing public speaking. The more you practice the better off you will be. It will make you more confident in what you are saying, understand when to pause and talk, and will most likely lead to a successful speech. You don’t need to memorize but the better prepared you are the better the speech will go.

9. Be you

Remember, this is your speech. You do not need to go above and beyond for the speech. If you are more introverted and laid back you don’t need to be a funny comedian. If you are an outgoing, funny person there is no need to make sure you write a heartfelt message. Let everyone see who you are and embrace it. Trust us, the bride will be more than happy if you write something that is you and not something you are trying to be.

How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech: The Do Nots!

There are a few things you probably shouldn’t do in this speech. Some may not be that big of a deal if done but others may be detrimental to your speech. Take note and make sure to keep these away


10. Watch How Much You Drink

Most weddings are long days of picture taking and sitting around and once that wedding ends and you walk out the wedding party usually goes on a party bus or does some sort of activity that involves drinking. Everyone is going to be excited and ready to party, you have to remember that you have a speech to take care of so just make sure you don’t drink too many vodka sodas or white claws. Slurring your words or swaying back and forth is not a good sign of sobriety so control yourself before the speech. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time to party once your speech is over.

11. No Past Relationships

In your speech, it is probably not a good idea to mention any past relationships or exes the bride or groom had. You probably already knew this but just to make sure, it’s not a good idea. It brings awkwardness to the room and it is just not worth mentioning no matter how funny the joke may be. So don’t mention a hookup she had in college with the football player or the boy who dumped her over text. Keep the focus on the couple at hand and you should be ok.

12. Stay Away from the ramble

This goes back to the point of keeping the speech nice and short. Mentioning it again is worth it. Write your speech and stick to it. This will keep you from going off script and it will also keep the audience engaged. Introduce yourself, talk about the bride and groom, tell a story, offer guidance, raise a toast and that is it.

13. Everyone Should Know What You Are Saying

By this we mean, no inside jokes or random topics that don’t mean much to anyone besides you. Having an inside joke with your bride is nice but maybe not something worth mentioning in the speech because everyone else listening will be left confused and probably less interested in the rest of your speech.


The last thing we will leave you with is that this isn’t the most important thing in the world. It may seem like it at the time but once it is over you will wonder why you got so nervous. It will be a few minutes of talking in front of people you don’t necessarily know and then it’s over. If you take a few things from this and use them correctly, you should be able to know how to write a maid of honor speech that will be a crowd favorite. Good Luck!

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