Invitation Card Styles

8 Popular Invitation Card Styles

Choosing the perfect invitation takes more thought than you’d think. Before making any decisions, we have some things for you to think about first. What event will your invitation be for? Is it for a casual picnic at the park or a wedding? These are important things to consider before choosing a specific type of invitation. Below you’ll find options that will be fun and suitable for a wide range of events. 

Invitation Card Styles

1. All Natural

With green weddings becoming more popular, it is no wonder that environmentally friendly invitations make this list. This is for a person who isn’t looking to leave a large carbon footprint. These invitations use recycled paper with soy-based ink for a completely natural look.  These recycled paper options have been previously used and turned back into paper.

Green invitations are suitable for both casual and formal events. Creating zero-waste is the best way to help the environment and create something unique, and special for your event.

2. Cardstock Choices

This option is great for the minimalist in all of us. Cardstock can be used to create this simple look. Cardstock offers a thicker option compared to regular printer paper. It has more color choices to choose from too! You can also go for imported paper, which can be more delicate. Online printing stores can also print decorations and pictures to make the invitation fancier.

Another option is to look at paper printed from around the world. Try rice paper from Japan or papyrus-like paper from Egypt. Choosing foreign cards will have guests in awe at your beautifully simple invitation. These are great for casual events. Sending out invitations to a child’s birthday party or a funhouse party are both perfect examples of how cardstock can be used. 

3. Presentation

From single to tri-fold, invitations come in all sorts of presentation types. The most common invitation is a single panel. Depending on the type of event, you might prefer one style or another.

 A tri-fold invitation has three different parts. They can be an excellent option if you have a lot of details that need to be included. With the extra space, you also have more creative freedom. This can include having a photo that matches the event. If it’s a picnic, including cute images around the invitation will make it more fun. For formal events, having foil-pressed designs, like lines, stars, or other shapes, will go a long way and make it look fancier. Many online companies and print stores will be able to provide this service. 

4. Flair

Add a unique design to any invitation by layering cardstock with tissue paper. This was originally used to prevent ink smearing but has become a design craze in the card industry.

 Tissue paper can also be used to decorate the card itself. Choose different colors and cut them into small squares. Glue them in a fun pattern on the front of the card for a pop of color. You can also create tissue paper flowers by layering small tissue paper flower cutouts on top of each other. Be sure to slightly fold each layer inward to create a 3D look. 

These styles create a more textured look to any paper or card. This can be for both a casual or formal event depending on how to style it. 

5. Booklet

For the person whose planning an elaborate event, this style was made for you. For weddings, instead of sending out multiple invitations, consolidate them all into one booklet. This way your guests will have all the information in one place and not have to worry about storing individual RSVPs. This can also be a great memento after the event. 

6. Linoleum Block Printing

If you’re artistically inclined, getting into Linoleum block art is a great way to perfect your invitations. The concept behind block printing is carving out a fun design out of a linoleum based block. Then you roll out paint or ink onto the carved surface and stamp it onto your invitation. This creates elegant designs that have a really beautiful style to them. It’s even better if you make it yourself. You can always hire someone to make these for you as well. 

7. Postcard 

Postcard invitations are unique. They are one sheet like postcards. They usually have a design on the front and information on the back of them. The design could be a picture or print of your event or it could be ambiguous like flowers. Postcard invitations are fun and minimalistic. 

8. Plastic

Although terrible for the environment, some people print their cards on plastic sheets. This is great if you don’t have a lot of guests. These sheets serve as a memento for the party and are meant for guests to keep or hang up. They can be clear or matted. The words and information can be printed onto the plastic or engraved. This is a classy choice and is usually used for very important events or milestones. 


Invitations set the tone for the whole event. They are made to get people excited about your party. Remember to consider the type of event you’re having and how it relates to which card you want. I hope this has inspired you to create something really special for your event. 

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