Invitation Card Styles

8 Popular Invitation Card Styles

Picking the perfect invitation is the best way to get guests excited about your upcoming event. Whether it be for a birthday party, graduation, wedding, or anything in-between, a good invitation can kickstart your event and ensure that it’s one your guests will remember. Before designing your invitation, you should consider a few things: what event will your invitation be for? What type of atmosphere do you want to set? What types of designs and materials appeal to you? Below you’ll find invitation card styles that will give you the inspiration to start working on your own.

Invitation Card Styles

Invitation Card Styles

1. All-Natural

With “green weddings” becoming more popular, it is no wonder that environmentally friendly invitations are as well. An all-natural invitation is perfect if you are looking to minimize your carbon footprint while maintaining a simple, elegant style. These invitations use recycled paper with soy-based ink and are suitable for both casual and formal events.

2. Cardstock

Cardstock is a great option for the minimalist in all of us, giving a simple but striking look to your invitation. Cardstock is a thicker material than regular printer paper, ensuring more durability. It has more color options to choose from, too! Cardstock invitations are great for casual events, like a child’s birthday party. Online printing stores can also print decorations and pictures on cardstock to elevate the design.

Another option is to look at paper printed from around the world. Try rice paper from Japan or papyrus-like paper from Egypt. Choosing foreign cards gives a sense of uniqueness to your event, which will be sure to impress your guests.

3. Tri-Fold

While most invitations are single-paneled, a tri-fold invitation is made up of three different parts. These can be an excellent option if your invitation needs to include a lot of information. With the extra space, you also have more creative freedom — giving you room to incorporate photos or designs. Try foil-pressed designs, like lines, stars, or other shapes, to make your invitations more eye-catching.

4. Tissue Paper

Add a unique twist to any invitation by layering cardstock with tissue paper. This technique was originally used to prevent ink smearing, but it has become a design craze in the card industry.

Tissue paper can also be used to decorate the card itself. Choose different colors and cut them into small squares, or glue them in a fun pattern on the front of the card to add a pop of color. Another option is to create tissue paper flowers by layering small flower cutouts on top of one other. Be sure to slightly fold each layer inward to create a 3D look. 

5. Other Materials

Rather than using a standard sheet of paper or cardstock for your invitation, try mixing and matching different materials in order to give a more textured look. Popular options include leather, linen, acrylic, suede, and velvet materials. Different materials can help to tie in the theme of an event and set a specific tone. A leather invitation, for instance, could be used for a bohemian-inspired event, whereas an acrylic invitation could help to add a sleek, modern twist to your event.

6. Linoleum Block Printing

If you’re artistically inclined, getting into linoleum block art is a great way to perfect your invitations. The concept behind block printing is to carve a fun design out of a linoleum-based block. After carving, roll out paint or ink onto the carved surface and stamp it onto your invitation. These invitations can be ordered from a printing company, or you try your hand at making them yourself.

7. Postcard 

Postcard invitations are unique. They are printed on sheets like postcards, usually incorporating a design on the front and relaying information on the back. The front could include a general artistic design (like flowers, for instance), or it could be personalized with your own photos. The postcard style offers a fun, lighthearted twist to traditional invitations.

8. Vellum Overlay

If you love a simple, minimalistic style, vellum overlay invitations are a great option for you. Vellum is a smooth, semi-translucent material that can be layered over cardstock to add a multi-dimensional feel to your invitations. These are perfect for weddings and other formal events.


Invitations set the tone for your whole event. They should excite your guests and help prepare them for what’s to come. Remember to consider the type of event you’re planning, your own personal style, and what information you want to convey when designing your invitation. Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to create something special for your event. 

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