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Simply register as an affiliate by creating an account now. Click the "Refer & Earn" link in the user menu. Then share your affiliate link via email, text or social media. You can even passively refer others with a banner or link on your website. When your clients/friends submit a quote request, you earn commission when vendors respond to that request. You can also earn a commision by referring an event vendor to our site when they purchase leads or advertising. We make it easy to earn!
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Frequently asked questions

What events can be planned at

Any event whatsoever weddings, bar mitzvahs, gender reveals, team building events, festivals & community events can be planned at our site.

Who can become an affiliate?

We invite everyone to apply to our program. Learn more the types of sites not currently allowed, like coupon sites, here.

How often are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid on all earned commission the first week of the month for the previous month, assuming at least $25 has accrued. Cookies track qualifying sales for 30 days. For lead revenue, we will pay commission on the first of the month following the end of a 30 day commission accruing period. Example: a quote request is submitted July 15th. Commission is earned through August 14th. Therefore, commission will be included in the September 1st payout.

How much commission can I earn?

We currently pay 20% commission in an effort to help our Affiliates during this challenging time. Normally, the commission is 10%.

How does the affiliate program work?

Affiliates can earn commission two ways:

1. By referring people with upcoming events to our site to submit a quote request. When a user submits a request for an event and indicates needing various categories of services (a florist, DJ and caterer, for example), that request produces vendor leads for all requested categories. Up to 5 vendors per category can purchase the lead to connect directly with the requesting user. So if a user needs 7 services, up to 35 total vendors could buy Leads from that single request. Lead prices range from $4.95 for most categories/counties to $12.95 in highly populated areas. Affiliates earn commission on leads purchased for 30 days following the submission of a quot¬e request, at which time the commission is approved and payable. Leads purchased with complimentary credits are not commissionable. 2. By referring event vendors to our site to create or claim business profiles. Vendors can create free profiles but they may also opt to purchase paid profiles, display ads and/or credits for Leads. Affiliates earn commisison on first time orders of those items if purchased within 30 days of using the affiliate link. All affiliate links can be used one time by any given user.
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Easy Event Planning
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