Jungle Theme Gender Reveal Party

26 Cute Jungle Theme Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you are planning a gender reveal party, you’ll need a theme that doesn’t give the baby’s gender away before it even begins. A perfect gender-neutral theme for your party is a jungle theme! We’ve compiled a list of ideas for your jungle themed gender reveal party for you and your guests to enjoy. 

COVID-19 Tips for Your Party

Due to COVID-19, there may be some regulations you need to follow while party planning. Social distancing may make your guests feel more comfortable, especially when it comes to eating or playing games. Try to seat as few guests as possible per table, keeping those who came as a group together. Separate the tables at least six feet apart to follow the CDC guidelines. Supplying disposable masks at your party, especially if it’s indoors, would be greatly appreciated by your guests. Asking your guests to stay home if they feel unwell and to bring their own masks is also advised. Inform your guests where they can use the bathroom and wash their hands. You can also place hand sanitizers at your guests’ tables.

Jungle Theme Gender Reveal Party: Home Venues

One benefit of hosting your party at your own home is that you know you can thoroughly clean the space before and after the party. Be sure to follow all of the cleaning regulations for the current state of affairs. Notify your guests that the venue space has been cleaned, so they know they can socialize, eat, and drink comfortably. 

1. Backyard

Because the weather is often most reliable in the summer and fall, those are the perfect months to have your gender reveal outside. You can have the gender reveal party in the backyard of your home, or the home of a friend or family member. If the weather conditions are not very promising, contact local rental companies for large outdoor tents or purchase party tents to set up. An outdoor location is not only great for social distancing and fresh air, but it also works better for some gender reveal activities too.  

2. Inside 

If you don’t want to host an outdoor event, or don’t have the space, indoor home venues are still a great option. If hosting the gender reveal party at your own home isn’t ideal, don’t hesitate to reach out to family members or friends to see if they would be willing to allow you to use their space.

Jungle Theme Gender Reveal Party: Invitations

3. Jungle leaf

To make these invitations, purchase green construction paper and cut the paper in the shape of a large palm leaf. Write your party details on one side of the leaf. On the other side of the leaf, use a glue stick and dust that side with green glitter for a dazzling touch.

4. Animal art

Another invitation you can make at home starts with a piece of yellow construction paper that has been folded in half. On the front of the paper, create giraffe spots by sketching large, irregular circles with a brown pencil or crayon. Make one of the circles large enough so that you can write “Join Us…” in it. On the inside of the invite, finish the sentence by writing “…for a gender reveal party in the jungle!” Include other party details inside the invite too. Feel free to be creative and switch up what animal print you use for these invites. 

5. Customizable invitations

If making your own invitations is too time consuming or simply not something you wish to do, you can order customizable jungle invitations. There are a variety of creative jungle themed invitations, so you’ll definitely find one you like.

Jungle Themed Decor

6. Jungle animals

A jungle themed party needs jungle animals! To remedy this, get  large animal cut-outs, jungle themed stuffed animals, or jungle themed inflatable animals to place around the party venue. 

7. Jungle plants

Create a jungle by setting up large potted plants and palms around the party area. Contact your local florist to see these and other plant options. 

8. Jungle banner

Another decoration you can use to enhance the theme is jungle banners. Getting customizable baby jungle banners may be the best option. This way, you can go with a gender neutral inscription such as “Oh Baby!” or “Boy or Girl?”

9. Jungle canopy

Make a faux jungle canopy of branches and leaves by using streamers. Overlap green streamers, tan streamers, and yellow streamers across the ceiling to create the canopy. In addition to the ceiling, cover the walls with long, dangling strands of the green streamers to create vines. 

10. Surrounded by green

To turn your venue into a jungle, use dark green paper to cover portions of the walls. Once the walls are covered, paint trees and flowers that you would find in the jungle on them. Don’t forget to include some sayings like, “We can’t wait to meet you Baby *Insert your last name*!”

11. Animal tableware

Cover any tables with jungle theme tablecloths, lime green plastic tablecloths, or jungle baby shower plastic tablecloths. For other jungle theme tableware, look for jungle baby shower party supplies such as jungle baby shower tableware and solid color tableware. Don’t let the words “baby shower” confuse you. Many of the jungle themed baby shower decor items will work perfect for a gender reveal party. Be sure to avoid any items that solely have “boy” or “girl” written on them, unless you wish to mix and match. For instance, you could allow the guests to pick a plate that says “boy” or “girl” depending on what they believe it will be. To add an extra touch to your tables, add jungle theme centerpieces.  

12. Jungle balloons

No party is complete without balloons. Baby shower jungle balloons are your best option for finding cute jungle themed balloons for your party.

Jungle Themed Gender Reveal Activities

13. Cast your Vote

A simple, fun activity for your guests to participate in is guessing what the gender of the baby will be. Place a gender reveal voting ballot at each guest’s seat. Once the guests mark their votes, have them put the ballots in a cardboard box with a slit in it. Decorate the box with green construction paper and kids’ jungle stickers. To do this activity while keeping guests socially distanced, place a box on every table. One person should collect the ballot boxes at each table and tally the votes before the gender is revealed.

14. Tally your Votes

Another voting idea is to write a boy column and a girl column on a blackboard. To stick with your jungle theme, draw animal footprints, leaves, and branches on the blackboard with chalk. One by one, each guest walks up to the board and puts a tally underneath what gender they think the baby is. With this option, you will have a running tally and can visually see the votes before the big reveal. 

15. Guess how Many

The guessing never ends at gender reveal parties. Purchase an oversized baby bottle and fill it with blue M&M’s and pink M&M’s to keep it gender neutral. You can also fill the bottle with green M&M’s and yellow M&M’s to match the colors of your jungle theme. Count out the exact number of M&M’s you put in the baby bottle, and keep this number secret. One by one, have your guests walk up to the table with the bottle on it and write down their guess of how many M&M’s are in the bottle. Be sure you collect all answers because the closest guess wins the bottle! You can also do this with Skittles or other small candies of your choice. 

Jungle Themed Party Food 

For party food and beverage safety, the best idea is to have multiple servers passing the food and drink out to specific tables. These servers should wear a face mask and gloves and should place the requested food by each guest on their plate. That way, there is no one touching the food and no risk of cross-contamination. 

16. Refreshments

Beverages are a party necessity. You never want your guests to feel thirsty or dehydrated, especially if the party is taking place outdoors. Although it does not come straight from the jungle, jungle juice is a delicious blend of various juices or fruit punches. It can be a wonderful option for your jungle themed party. If you’d like to make the beverages alcoholic, you can add a splash of rum to the mix of juices. Not everyone will like jungle juice though, so provide water with lemon, lime, and orange garnishes for those guests.

17. Cheese and Crackers

Use animal shaped cookie cutters to cut out pieces of cheese and deli meat for a festive panache. Serve them with a variety of crackers. This is a very simple snack that your guests will certainly love.  

18. Jungle Snacks

Supply a variety of foods that look like they could have come right from the jungle (in a clean and delicious way). These can include a vegetable platter, animal crackers, dried fruit, animal fruit snacks, gummy worms, and a variety of nuts. A variety of cut-up tropical fruit, such as coconut, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, and mango are also great options to serve.

19. Banana chips

Banana chips are a sweet and crunchy snack your guests will love. You can either buy some at your local grocery store, or make them yourself. Slice bananas, brush them with honey, and place them on a cookie sheet. Bake the slices at 150 degrees for two hours while keeping the oven door slightly open. Turn the chips over, and leave them baking for another two hours. They are ready to be served once they have cooled!

20. Savage sandwiches

Make a zebra sandwich by alternating using two slices of bread, one of them white bread and the other dark bread. Stuff the sandwiches with any deli meat, vegetables, and condiments you desire. 

21. Jungle cake

For dessert, order a customized jungle themed cake from your local bakery. You could also bake whatever kind of cake you like. Decorate the top to look like a jungle. Some ideas for achieving the jungle look, include using green frosting to ice the top, blue frosting to make a couple watering holes, and chocolate sauce to create mud puddles. Finish the cake off by adding some plastic jungle animals on top. 

Jungle Themed Party Favors

22. Animal treats

Give your guests an assortment of to-go treats in goodie bags. Put animal shaped lollipops and cookies that are decorated with jungle accents in clear goodie bags with ribbon. Contact your local bakeries for these customized cookies and other baked goods. Attach tags to each goodie bag, and write a personal note for each guest on the tag. 

23. Personalized cups

Send your guests home with some personalized plastic cups! Customize these cups by putting messages on them, like the date of the party, “Baby *insert last name*”, “Gender Reveal Party”, “Boy or Girl?” or any other message you wish. Stick with your jungle theme by ordering cups that are green and are decorated with jungle animals. Fill these cups with bakery treats or other wrapped sweets.

Jungle Themed Gender Reveals

The following section is a list of jungle theme ideas for when it is time to actually reveal the gender of your baby. If the reveal is a surprise for the expectant parents, have someone they trust be in charge of the reveal itself. Tell them what gender reveal idea you want to do, and then allow them to actually plan the reveal. That way, they can order or plan anything that includes the baby’s gender, without the parents’ knowledge. 

24. Balloons

Fill one of your jungle themed balloons with blue confetti if the baby is a boy or pink confetti if the baby is a girl. This is very easy to do because you only need to pour the confetti in the balloon before you fill it with air. Make sure the balloon is opaque and not transparent so that no one can see the colored confetti inside the balloon. You can also order gender reveal balloons, but it may be harder to get these to fit your jungle theme. Pop the balloon away from your guests in order to keep social distancing and to allow everyone to see you popping it.

25. Cut the cake

Have the person who you trusted with the baby’s gender order the cake for your gender reveal party. Tell your trusted person exactly how you want the cake decorated and what flavors you want it to be. Have them tell your local bakery your requests along with what gender the baby will be. Ask them to dye the inside of the cake accordingly.

If the baby is a boy, the inside of the cake can be dyed blue. If the baby is a girl, the inside of the cake can be dyed pink. Put the cake on its own table or on a dessert table that no one has touched yet. Make sure the table is at least six feet away from the closest table so that everyone can watch you cutting the cake for the gender reveal.

26. Pinata fun

Pick out a jungle pinata, then have your trusted person fill it with blue confetti or pink confetti. If you’re looking to get a sweet treat out the pinata, fill it with blue wrapped candy or pink wrapped candy. Have guests come up one at a time and give the pinata a wack. Pass out disposable gloves for each guest to put on when hitting the pinata with the pinata bat. 


A gender reveal party is an exciting first step for preparing to welcome your new baby into the world. We’re here to assist in all your planning needs and wants for this special event, even during this time of COVID-19. For more ideas and tips for planning a gender reveal party or any other event, check out our other blogs!

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