Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas

37 Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas to Con-grad-ulate the Little Grads

Kindergarten graduation is an exciting time in a child’s life. They will be feeling proud to finish their first official year of school, so it is a perfect time to celebrate! The most important thing for your youngster will be the fun activities, decorations, and favors provided at the party. Below is a list of kindergarten graduation ideas. Try out some of these kindergarten graduation party ideas to throw your child the best party in town.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas: Decorations

1. Graduation Signs

Celebrate and congratulate the little grads’ achievements with colorful signs* for all your guests to see when they show up at your party. You can hang them indoors along the wall, outside your door, or even out in the yard.

2. Graduation Confetti

Spread colorful graduation cap confetti across the tables to delight your guests. You can also get confetti with the names of the grads for a personal touch.

3. Graduation-Themed Backdrops

Take photos worthy of the amazing day with graduation photo backdrops*. They are spacious enough to fit all the grad’s friends, family members, and pets so everyone can be part of the celebration.

4. Graduation Balloons

What’s even better than regular balloons? Graduation balloons*! From caps and diplomas to cute little graduates, you can hang these balloons on furniture, tie them down in bunches beside the beverage and snacks table, and give some to grads to bring home after the party.

5. Graduation Sashes

To mark each guest’s chair, you can use graduation sashes* with their names on them and drape the sashes over the chairs.

6. School Supplies Centerpiece 

Put together your child’s old school supplies in a shape of a cake for a beautiful centerpiece. Add boxes of crayons* in a circle for the bottom layer, glue sticks* for the second layer, and bottles of glue* for the top. Add a cute balloon* for the topper that says “Oh the Places You’ll Go” for the kids to enjoy.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas: Favors

7. Rubber Duckies

Ducks are popular toys for children, both in the bathtub and on land. Graduation ducks* are an adorable gift for the little grads. You could make it fun by letting everyone pick a duck from a kiddie pool. Put a star on the bottom of a few of the ducks and those kids get prizes!

8. Stuffed Animals with Graduation Caps

Cute stuffed animals* wearing graduation caps may just become the children’s new favorite cuddly companions! From bears to owls, everyone can choose their favorite animal to bring back home with them.

9. Bookmarks for School

Bookmarks* are a must for the new grads as they go into 1st grade and beyond. They’ll keep the kids motivated to learn and add some fun to reading.

10. Grad Message Pens

Give guests a pen that not only makes for a good writing utensil but also cheers on its user. The encouraging messages change with each click and are sure to bring smiles to everyone at the party.

Three click pens — yellow, blue and red — with messages.
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11. Graduation Cap Party Favors Bags

Put all the favors into cellophane bags patterned with graduation caps to make the goodies easy to take home. Everyone can get bags in their favorite colors.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas: Food Ideas

12. Graduation Cap Cupcake Toppers

To make cupcakes special for your graduation party, you can order cupcakes with graduation cap toppers which can be personalized to include the faces of the new grads. If you want to bake them yourself as a more budget-friendly method, you can make edible caps by placing an upside-down Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on the frosted cupcake, top with a chocolate-covered graham cracker and use a skinny piece of licorice to create the tassel. Now’s the time to be creative!

2 mini cupcakes with white frosting, on with blue text topper and one with graduation cap topper.

13. Diploma Party Favors 

Having each child take home a personalized diploma is a special treat for each parent and will impress all your guests with the thought put behind your party planning skills. 

Colorful Kindergarten Diploma with a border of many school-associated pictures. Says, "congratulations!" with a spot to write the child's name below. Message below that rewards the child for completing Kindergarten.
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14. Graduation Crayons 

Crayons are an endless need for parents since that is all a child wants to do. Making these cute crayons in the shape of graduation hats is easier than you think and the cutest thing you will ever see. Simply melt your crayons* down on the stove so they become liquid wax and pour them into a graduation ice mold to give to all of your guests. 

15. School Supplies Set

Help out your guests and get their kids prepared for the next school year with new school supplies. This can include two pencils*, a box of crayons*, and two erasers* tucked inside a pencil pouch*.

16. Fruit Rollup Diploma

Buy some Fruit Roll-Ups* and unwrap them. Tie a ribbon around the chewy treat to give the impression of a diploma. You could even attach each child’s name using the ribbon and construction paper. Then, call each child to receive his or her diploma. 

17. Lollipop Bouquet

Lollipops* make a sweet bouquet that you can give out to your guests. Use construction paper and glue to create small graduation caps and apply them to each lollipop. Bundle the pops together with a ribbon to give to each child. Be sure to use a variety of flavors in the lollipop bouquet.

18. Chocolate Coin Medals

As a prize for games or just for everyone to grab, you can either buy chocolate coin medals or assemble your own by gluing ribbon string to a chocolate coin*. Let the grads know they’re #1!

3 chocolate coin medals with #1 on them, wrapped in gold tinfoil. Middle medal has the top foil removed, exposing the chocolate.
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19. Graduation Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters* are versatile, perfect for holding small candies as well as for baking. You can get classic graduation caps and tassel cutters, along with the badge, shooting star, and trophy cutters.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas: Games/Activities

20. How Well Do You Know the Grad?

What better way to celebrate the grads than by quizzing guests on how much they know about each of them? You can start with easy questions like favorite color or food, then move on to questions that are tougher to guess, like a favorite TV show or dream vacation destination. You can use templates* or make up your own questions. It’ll be a great way for guests and kids to bond with each other on this special day.

21. Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade

Turn the friendly game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” into a Kindergarten grad-themed party game by changing the words to “Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First grade.” 

22. Guessing Jar

Fill a large jar* with pennies or small candies such as jelly beans, making sure to count them as you go. Then, have all of the children submit a guess for how many items are in the jar. The child with the closest guess gets to keep the jar and its contents.

23. Picture Frame Decorating

Set up a decorating table with plenty of graduation stickers* and markers for this activity. Give each of the kids a DIY picture frame to decorate and take plenty of pictures at the party for them to put into their frames. You can even take a group photo of all the children in their graduation caps and print copies of the photo at the party for the kids to put immediately into their frames.

Wood picture frame in the shape of a graduation cap and tassel.
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24. Time Capsule

Ask each grad to bring a favorite thing from their Kindergarten years, such as a favorite painting that they did or a favorite photo of them in their Kindergarten class. Then, put all the items together in a time capsule* to be opened on their high school graduation.

25. T-Shirts Painting

Give all of the grads a plain white T-shirt. Set up shallow bowls of fabric paints* and have the kids use the paints to create handprints on each other’s shirts. Then, have them sign their name underneath their handprint with a sharpie and if they like, they can also write short messages to the owner of each shirt.

Bucket with bottles of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black fabric paint.
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26. Piñata

Kids love piñata games. Find a graduation-themed piñata like a graduation hat piñata. Fill it with delicious candies or small trinkets and hang it up on a tree. Give each of the kids a turn at breaking open the piñata with blindfolds and piñata sticks*.

27. Coloring Poster

Young kids don’t love anything more than coloring. So why not incorporate it for everyone to enjoy? Try a graduation coloring poster where you can invite all kids to color together something memorable for you to keep as a memory of such a fun party. 

Coloring poster labeled "Mrs. Johnson's Class" with many school-associated pictures. Some are colored in including the school house and school bus.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas: Party Supplies

28. Graduation Tablecloth

Bring life to the table with a rainbow graduation cap tablecloth*. It’ll make the snacks and beverages table a great spot for photos.

29. Swirly Straws

Purchase fun straws* with loops and swirls and crazy cups to use with the straws. Attach packets of Kool-Aid to the straws using a colored ribbon. Ecstatic kids won’t be able to wait to drink their favorite drink through their new favorite straws. 

30. Graduation Plates

Make the party food picture-perfect with plates celebrating the grads. The kids won’t waste a second digging into their slices of cake when they’re sitting on these cheery plates.

Paper plate with 'Congrats GRAD!' and rainbow confetti with graduation cap and diploma.

31. Customized Graduation Mugs

Make each grad feel special by giving them mugs with little versions of themselves in graduation attire and their names. They can be used for years and will serve as a wonderful memory of their kindergarten graduation.

9 white mugs stacked in towers of 3 with a girl or boy in graduation attire on each mug along with a name.

32. Graduation Napkins

With all the sweet treats being passed around, the kids will need something nice to wipe their mouths and clean their spills with. Graduation napkins with congratulatory words and a pop of color are great for the job.

Napkin with 'GRAD' in rainbow colors, graduation cap, and diploma.

Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas: Invitations

33. Graduation Cap Invitation

Invite friends and family to your party with a delightful and colorful cap-shaped card. They’ll be looking forward to the day after receiving their invitation. Just write your event details on the back and send them off.

34. Crayons and Grad Photo Invitation

Brighten up the faces of your to-be guests with invitations featuring a photo of the little grad and rainbow crayons. You can use a group photo of multiple grads in place of an individual photo.

Invitation card to a kindergarten graduation party with photo of grad on the right and event details on the left. It also has rainbow crayons on the bottom. A crayon-patterned card lies beneath the invitation.

35. Class Graduation Owl Invitation

If you’re a teacher hosting a graduation party for your class, a cute owl-themed invitation is sure to get friends and family of your students excited to come.

Class graduation invitation with owls in bus and red school building. Event details in center.

36. Graduation Pool Party Invitation

If you will throw a pool party graduation on a hot summer day, a colorful pool-themed invitation is a splash-tastic way to get the word out to friends and family. You can customize the details. Spread the cheer even before the celebration begins!

Pool party kindergarten graduation invitation. Event information is in rainbow-colored, blue, red, black, and turquoise text. Decorated with a beach ball for an 'O' with a graduation cap, a palm tree and leaves, sun, pencil, and a stack of books.

37. Graduation Thank You Cards

Thank your guests for coming to the celebration with little graduation-themed thank you cards. The lovely designs will keep your party in guests’ minds for a long time.

Two graduation party thank you cards, one pink and one golden. Each has a graduation cap and diploma with a thank you message and the year as a border.


We can help you celebrate your kindergarten grads the best you can! Kindergarten graduation is a memorable and exciting time as the kids look back on their achievements, move onto first grade, and continue to grow.

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Written by: Jessica Clark, Jessica Bundy, Caitlin Connell, Elisa Sung; Contributor: Becky Smith