Little Mermaid Birthday Ideas

30 Inspiring Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

The little mermaid is a classic Disney movie that’s beloved by many. It’s also a wonderful birthday theme to work with. There are so many options you can do with a little mermaid theme. You can go with a mermaid aesthetic and incorporate some characters here and there. There are tons of party decorations on the market too. Feeling inspired? Below is a whole list on little mermaid birthday party ideas. Find inspiration for decorations, party favors, and more!

30 Amazing Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas
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Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Decorations
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1. Mermaid Tail Garland

Everyone knows a mermaid isn’t a mermaid without her tail! This mermaid tail balloon garland is the perfect decoration for a photo op or surrounding a table.

2. Jellyfish Lanterns

Decorate the ceiling with Jellyfish lanterns. They look amazing outside with natural light, or add tea lights inside to make them glow when the lights turn off!

3. Waves

Incorporate waves into your little mermaid birthday party by adding a table skirt for a 3D effect.

4. Royal Banner

Ariel, the Little Mermaid, is not just an ordinary mermaid. She is a princess! To make the birthday kid feel like royalty, string a banner for this royal occasion.

5. Under The Sea

Where does the Little Mermaid live? Under the sea of course! Twist and tape paper streamers to the wall and add fish cutouts in-between the “seaweed” to go for a “deep-sea dive.” You can also decorate with ocean theme decorations. Make sure that when you are buying decorations that they are either dark blue or baby blue (ocean colors).

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas: Party Favors

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Party Favors
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6. Little Mermaid Party Favor Box

Don’t want to use a party favor bag? Try a Little Mermaid party favor box that can still hold all the hidden treasures.

7. Water Bottle Labels

It’s always fun to personalize your party favors! Try wrapping water bottles with a label for the event.

8. Gift Tags

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Party Favors

Add a cute message for the gift tag of your chosen party favor since they are a must for any special event.

9. Mermaid Towel

Not every mermaid has rock to lay upon. Instead, give personalized mermaid towels as an alternative.

10. Gadgets, Gizmos, Whozits, Whatzits, Thingamabobs galore!

Ariel loves to explore and collect things! Fill sand buckets with an assortment of candy, mini ocean-themed toys, stickers, and anything else you can think of!

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas: Menu Options

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Food Ideas
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11. Ariel and Friends Cupcakes 

Wanting to swim towards another option than cake? On top of colorful icing, add an Ariel and friends cupcake topper to some cupcakes! If you realize you do want a cake made, design it in the shape of a mermaid tail to match the theme.

12. Seaweed Dip

Having a seaweed dish is a must for a mermaid theme party. Buy a bowl with a mermaid or seashell on it, and find a dip recipe. Add a chip on top to look like a shark fin!

13. Mermaid Tail Cake Pops 

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Food Ideas

Mermaid tail cake pops are fun to make at home or you can place an order for them. Be creative when choosing flavors!

14. Fish and Chips

Goldfish and Tostitos are the perfect combinations for a little mermaid birthday party! Tostitos Scoops even look like shells!

15. Sea Water

Fill a glass pitcher with blue Kool-Aid and label it “Sea Water” so the mermaids and mermen can have something to drink.

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas: Activities

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Activities
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16. Potato Sack Race

A party is no fun without any games. This potato sack race allows guests to feel like a fish out of the water as they flop their “tails” to get to the other side. Other little mermaid birthday party games include “Sharks And Minnows” and “Go Fish.”

17. Photo Display

Have guests bring their favorite picture showing a memory with the birthday kid, and display them on a wall. Hang decorative fishnet and use wooden clothespins to hold the pictures.

18. Karaoke Party

Besides her tail, Ariel is known for her melodious singing voice. Have a karaoke party for everyone to sing their favorite tunes.

19. DIY Mermaid Crowns

Don’t forget Ariel is a princess, so she needs a crown. Set up a station at the party for kids to explore their creativity and customize their very own mermaid crowns. Use glue, seashell decorations such as starfish and shells, and headbands that can be used to perfectly match the theme.

20. Pool Party

Make the birthday party a pool party to have guests go under the sea!

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas: Party Supplies

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Party Supplies
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21. Plates, Napkins, and Cups

The plates, napkins, and cups are the most important party supplies. Set the table with place settings for each of them and don’t forget the dinglehoppers with some fun extras as well!

22. Dinglehoppers

We agree with Ariel. Everyone needs forks, spoons, and knifes at their birthday party to eat all the good food!

23. Balloons

Who knows, maybe Ariel will float on by to the party! Ariel balloons are some of the most iconic additions when considering Little Mermaid birthday party ideas.

24. Pool Floats

If wanting to do a pool party, mermaid-themed pool floats are a must-have. If not, they make great props when taking photos!

25. Food Tent Cards

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Party Supplies

Use Little Mermaid food tent cards to label each table for some added organization.

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas: Invitations

26. Shell Invitations

Shell invitations are perfect for a Little Mermaid birthday party!

27. Part of Your World

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Party Supplies

Encourage every guest to arrive in their favorite mermaid, princess, prince, or ocean-themed costume on the birthday party invitations.

28. Time to shellebrate!

Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas Invitations

Invite your guests to shellebrate with you with these shining invitations!

29. 3D Invitations

These 3D invitations are super cute as they feature Ariel inside and outside!

30. Let’s Make A Splash!

Include let’s make a splash as a cute greeting for your invitations!


Ariel the Little Mermaid has an inspiring story. Now it’s time to tell your own! We hope after reading this you gathered some little mermaid birthday party ideas and enjoy planning and hosting this event. Enjoy celebrating your child or loved ones birthday with this little mermaid theme. Visit our site for more fantastic ideas!

Written by Razia Habib and Mackenzie Hogan

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