Little Mermaid Birthday Ideas

15 Amazing Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a child who loves the Little Mermaid? Or maybe you are trying to find the best birthday ideas to go with this theme? Well, worry no more because below you will find some cute little mermaid birthday party ideas.

Top 15 Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Top 15 Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

 1. DIY Mermaid Crown 

You should start off by having a DIY Mermaid Crown station at the party. This will be a station where kids can come and create their own crowns. Normally, all craft stores have seashell decorations such as starfish, shells, and much more.

 2. Mermaid Tail Cupcakes 

If for some reason you do not want to have a cake and would like to go for cupcakes, you should create mermaid tail cakes. You should start off by having your local bakery create a batch-or as many as you need. Then have them add some colorful icing and a cute mermaid tail topper in each one of them!

 3. Mermaid Tail Cake Pops 

You can certainly make some mermaid tail cake pops at home. Start by buying some popsicle sticks and mermaid tail decorations. You can bake the cake in any flavor you want to. After this is finished, place some small pieces of the cake on the popsicle sticks and freeze them for 6-9 hours.

 4. Table And Chair Decorations

What’s the right birthday party if the decorations don’t fit the theme? You should buy decorations that come in either pink or blue. Blue is the ideal mermaid color and pink just adds a bit more sizzle!

5. Party Invitations

If you want to get creative for the party invitations you can simply make some on your own. From your local crafts store pick up some stationery and some stickers, specifically those with seashells, stars, etc. After you have bought everything get creative and design the invitations.

6. Make The Place Look Royal

The Little Mermaid is not just an ordinary princess, she is a royal one (this is what kids think of her as). This is why it’s important that your decorations have a royal feel to them. You could use candlesticks, long pearl necklaces, and even glitter. All of these things have a royal feel to them and will make the guests feel very special.

7. Little Mermaid Food

If you are holding this party in the evening time, then you should definitely go with a mermaid theme dinner. The kids could have shell pasta with meat or vegetable sauce. The adults could have seafood like salmon or anything else you would like to add.

8. Little Mermaid Birthday Costumes

You should definitely have every guest come in their favorite princess costume. It doesn’t have to be the Little Mermaid, it could be any princess they desire. If you want to go all out-include some pearl necklaces as gifts for each guest to receive as they are heading out of the party.

9. Little Mermaid Decorations

Trying to find decorations should be an easy step in the planning stage. Normally, you can find ocean theme decorations at any crafts store. Make sure that when you are buying decorations that they are either dark blue or baby blue (ocean colors).

10. Fun Mermaid Birthday Party Games 

A party is no fun without any games. Some mermaid theme games you could include are “Sharks And Minnows” and “Go Fish.” In the “Sharks and Minnows,” you would have all of the kids divide up into two teams and chase after each other. In the “Go Fish” you would need some deck cards and play as you normally would.

11. Additional Mermaid Birthday Party Supplies

If you have the time you can buy some additional mermaid theme supplies. You could have mermaid plates, cups, and pool fish floats. This is your opportunity to get creative and put a smile on everyone’s face.

12. Cute Mermaid Party Favors

Including party favors is a must for any special event. You could have some mermaid towels customized. Start off by buying some blue towels and placing some mermaid stickers onto them. Sand buckets could also be another cute idea where you fill buckets up with some candy, mini toys, and stickers.

13. Jellyfish Lanterns From Finding Time To Fly

You can have a cute station for kids to get creative and make their own Jellyfish lanterns. The supplies you will need for this are some plastic tablecloths, streamer paper, and anything else you would like to add.

14. Mermaid Lantern Jars

Mermaid Lantern jars are by far one of the most unique ideas you can have at a birthday party. All you need for this is some jars and mermaid stamps. You can find both of these things at your local supermarket for an affordable price! The last step is to have kids at the party stamp on the jars however they would like to.

15. Seaweed Dip From Craft Is Not Optional 

Having a seaweed dish is a must for a mermaid theme party. All you will need to do is buy a bowl (preferably with a mermaid or seashell on it) and find a dip recipe. Everyone has a special preference when it comes to dips so you want to find a recipe that most people will enjoy.


The Little Mermaid is very famous among little girls and that is why little mermaid birthday party ideas are so popular. These were just a few ways on how you could plan this type of event. I hope after reading this you have a better understanding of how you want to throw your party!

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