Luau Party Checklist- The Best Unconventional

Are you thinking about planning a Luau? You need our Luau Party Checklist! Whether you’re missing your summer vacation to Hawaii or just love the Hawaiian culture and want to replicate their celebrations, a Luau party can be fun and festive for any occasion. The possibilities are endless for this fun themed event. Get together with your friends and family and enjoy delicious food, dancing, and celebration that can last all night long.

If you use our Luau event checklist, we’ll provide you with all the things you need to plan and execute a successful party. From color coded tasks that let you know which deadlines are approaching, to links to the best vendors in your area, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s why our Luau Party Checklist is better than all the other ones out there

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Easy Access 

Our Luau Party checklist uses a familiar format. Simply log into your Google account and you can easily download our checklist into a google sheet. There’s no need to create a separate account to access. If you’re thinking about planning with friends and family, you can easily send them the google link or add their own Gmail accounts to the sheet and you will all be able to participate and edit at the same time. 

Simple and Effective

Our checklist color codes deadlines to make sure you are kept up to date with the tasks that are approaching. When you’ve completed a task, simply click the box on the task and it will turn green for completion. When a task deadline is approaching, the date will turn yellow to warn you. If a deadline has passed without completion, it will turn red. Our easy color-coding tools will help you to prioritize tasks and keep you focused on the tasks at hand.

Tasks Specific for your Event

 We don’t want to waste your time and clutter your checklist with tasks that aren’t applicable to your event. Our Luau party checklist is written and designed for your event specifically. We’ve guaranteed less time wasted and less stress trying to filter through the checklist. 

Scaled Timeline

No matter whether you’re starting your planning a few months or a few weeks before the event, our checklist will make sure you are ready for your special event. Not everyone needs the same amount of time to prepare, so we’ve included a feature for you to input your starting date and event date, and the checklist tasks and dates will automatically scale to fit your personal timeline. 

Quick Links Provided

The checklist is only the reference point for the planning process. Because we know that there’s so much more to the process, we’ve attached links to resources that will help you out even further.

  • Links to websites and apps are provided for tasks to help you save time and effort. We’ll provide websites that will help you and your guests plan out the best day that works for everyone to host the event, and more!
  • Finding reputable vendors in your area can be a challenge– that’s why we’ve linked only the best caterers, photographers, suppliers and more in your location to help you out with this event. 
  • When you’ve had a successful Luau, feel free to check out our quick links to related events and start planning your next event! From a sports banquet to the 4th of July, we’ll help you out!


With our checklist, your Luau is bound to be perfect. No need to stress out over the planning process, we will help you make this fun and smooth-sailing. When you’ve finished, celebrate and relax with a great party and friends and food to match.

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