Easy Memorial Day Party Checklist

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Memorial Day party checklist to help you plan your party? Memorial Day is spent remembering those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country. This day should be spent with family and friends, and what better way to celebrate than hosting an event for everyone to come together. Kick-off the beginning of summer with barbecues, fireworks, and backyard games. 

We know planning an event can seem like a nightmare, but we want you to have the best event ever – that’s why Easy Event Planning created a Memorial Day party checklist that will make your life so much easier. Follow along with our step-by-step tasks that are specifically catered to you and your event. There’s no doubt that your event will be a success. We can help you save money with a perfect budget for your party planning.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Memorial Day Party Checklist

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Memorial Day Party Checklist

1. Easy To Read with Visuals

Our Memorial Day party checklist is foolproof. It is easy to read and color-coded for easy understanding. When you’ve completed a task, simply check the box on the task and it will turn green. This way it will be easy to see which tasks remain and which to prioritize. When specific tasks are approaching their deadline, the date will turn yellow to give you a warning. If you’ve accidentally passed a deadline, the task date will turn red to make sure you can prioritize getting that one done.

2. Event-Specific

Look no further for a checklist catered specifically for your event. No more general event checklists that have unnecessary steps and procedures that don’t apply to your Memorial Day event. We have the steps you need for making this event perfect, and this checklist will not waste any of your time! 

3. Automatic Timeline 

Don’t you hate when a checklist already makes you fall behind on planning your event? We understand that everyone has a different timeline for planning, so that’s why we’ve enabled you to choose your own start and end date. The tasks will be automatically scaled to fit your deadline. Whether you want to start 3 months out or 3 weeks out, our checklist will make sure your event is a success. 

4. Easy to Access and Share

There’s no need to create a separate account with us to access the checklist. All you need to have is a Gmail account and you will be able to download our google sheet. Want to have friends or family help you to plan your event? Since our checklist is a google sheet, you can add multiple Gmail accounts to the checklist or send them the link to edit it all together in real-time! This allows for easy access anywhere you plan your Memorial Day party details!

5. Quick Links Provided

We know that following a checklist is only the backbone of a successful party, so we’ve made the next few steps easier for you by providing you with quick links in each task to help you succeed.

  • Links to resources such as vendors, photographers, and supplies in your specific area will help you save tons of time. 
  • Websites and apps that will help you save time will be provided with each task. For example, we have links to websites that will help you and your friends decide on the best date that works for everyone to hold the event. 
  • We understand that figuring out a budget can be very daunting, so we’ve made sure that is also provided for you.
  • If you’re already thinking of planning your next event, we’ve got links to similar checklists to make sure that you’re covered year-round for every event.


Memorial Day deserves to be spent celebrating and relaxing with friends and family, and our Memorial Day party checklist is guaranteed to make your event happen. Save yourself the stress that may seem inevitable in the planning process, and let us help you out. Get your grill, cornhole, and fireworks ready because this event is going to be awesome!

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Written by Mikela Berger

Edited by Jessica Lee and Avery Patterson

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