Minions Birthday Party Invitations

Perfect Customizable Minions Birthday Party Invitations

Minions are a very popular theme for little kids’ birthday parties. With the popularity of the Despicable Me movies and even the spin-off Minions movie, a lot of kids love having a minion theme party. To be able to throw a minions party for your kid though, you need to send out the invitations to all of your kids’ friends. What is really nice though, you have a few different options for how you can invite your minions with these Minions birthday party invitations.

Minions Birthday Party Invitations


These invitation ideas can be found online for you to download and print off yourself. Some you can possibly find for free and others you would have to pay for. The ones where you have to customize your own information and type it in, you will have to pay for, but the fill in the blank invitations are much easier to print off than the free version that some blogs and websites offer. Some of the invitations even offer it so it doesn’t have to fill in the blanks and it is just a design for you to write in your information.


These invitations are ones that you can buy from Amazon or Etsy. When you don’t have to print them off yourself you don’t have to worry about them printing correctly. They also are on better cardstock or get even more creative with some video invitations. That way you can also be environmentally conscious. There are several other very creative invitations that people have come up with on Etsy so that you can throw your child the perfect Minions birthday party.


These minions birthday party invitations can be found on several different websites. With minions being a very popular theme with younger kids, this is a very easy type of invitation to find what you want. Hopefully, you find the perfect one for your party.

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