20 Exciting Mountain Theme Party Ideas

Still, worry about the coronavirus even though the country is gradually reopening? We get that, but there are still some activities that promise both safety and pleasure! This summer’s most popular activity might be mountain climbing, and we have creative ideas, professional services, and extensive resources for you to organize an unforgettable mountain theme party!

To plan the perfect mountain party, you need the perfect hiking theme venue. When you look for a location, there are a few easy choices that will fit all your needs. Choosing the right mountain party activities is another essential part of the planning process. To guide you through this stage in your planning, check out the rock climbing and skiing party ideas listed below.

Mountain Theme Party Locations and Activities

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1. Ski Lodge Venues

Choosing to host your party at a ski lodge already gives you a place to hold all of your events and provides one major activity for your guests.

2. Hiking Spot

For a warmer climate, choose a spot at the base of the mountain near a hiking spot. This will be a gorgeous view and give a lot of space for whatever else you have planned.

3. Hiking

Find the perfect hiking spot and take your guests on a hike through the mountains. This will give everyone a little exercise without being too exerting to anyone. Not to mention, the view will be beautiful. 

4. Bonfire Activities

Grill up some food and have everyone sit around a bonfire. You can pull out the old guitar, tell ghost stories, or enjoy each other’s company. It will be a relaxing activity for everyone. 

5. Water-Skiing

Summer is the best time for some water sports. Try to find a water source to go water skiing. It is a close second to actual skiing and just as fun for your guests.

6. Wooden Ski Race

Create your own skis out of cardboard boxes by gluing old shoeboxes on the center of the cardboard strips to act as food holders. Attach a heavy-duty rope to the front of the cardboard skis and have your guests drag each other across the yard in a race. 

7. Home

Just because you can’t physically go anywhere doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to have a mountain theme party. You can create your own mountain party at home with some good food, friends, activities, and decorations.

Mountain Theme Party Decorations

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When you already have a wonderfully scenic area for a party, decorations can be kept simple and used to complement the surrounding area. Dress up space and make it more party-appropriate with hiking event supplies. Below are some mountain theme party decorations to get you started.

1. Nature Pathway

Create a pathway using pine needles, flowers, or hay to give it an earthy feel. This nature décor can be used to direct guests to the party area or as a decorative pathway.

2. Pine Cone Centerpiece

Place pinecones, pine needles, wildflowers, and other pieces from nature in either a glass vase or a basket to create centerpiece decor. This will dress up the area without taking away from the surrounding environment.

3. Earth-Tone Tablecloths

The best colors to accent the scenery would be earth tones, such as brown, dark green, dark blue, or dark red. Look for these colors when you are searching for tablecloths and another décor.

4. Ferns

If you are looking for something outside of flower arrangements, ferns would be a different way to incorporate plants into your decorations. They would be great centerpieces or can be placed decoratively. 

5. Wildflower Centerpieces

When you think about flower arrangements, go more towards wildflowers, especially flowers that grow in the area you are hosting. It will help blend the party into the rest of the area.

6. Woven Baskets

Use supplies like baskets for centerpiece holders and as a way of serving food. They will look very natural and tribal in the outdoors. It would be a great alternative to plastic or glass serving dishes.

7. Tea Lights Candles

The perfect lighting for this hiking event party would be tiny tea light candles. They will give a little bit of light without overshadowing the stars in the sky. 

8. BGR: Brown, Green, And Red

Pretty much anything brown green and red represents some part of nature or gives off an outdoorsy vibe, so make sure that your party is loaded with these colors.

9. Plaid

Add a little twist to your party and let your guests know that they should at least wear something plaid to your party, whether it’s a plaid shirt, plaid pants, plaid hats, or even plaid socks. Literally anything plaid.

10. Logs

You can’t have a mountain party without ending the night sitting on some logs and gazing at the stars, that’s just not possible.

11. Wild Animals

Hear us out, when we say this we mean plastic animals all over your venue, bears, elks, hares. But if you want to add your own twist to the party and give your guests something to remember, then getting a wild animal or two the choice is yours.

Party Food

1.Rice Krispy Treats

Whether you decide to make these treats at home or buy them from a store, Rice Krispy Treats are definitely a hit at every party. You can even have your own fun with these treats and put them on top of each other to create one big Rice Krispy mountain, or you can take each one of those little Rice Krispy treats and turn them into mini-mountains.

2. Trail Mix

Trails are a big thing when it comes to mountains, hiking, camping, and biking, so it would be kind of an insult if you didn’t have any trail mix at your mountain party.

3. Cake

It’s not a party without cake, whether it’s a basic cake with some mountain cake toppers. Or whether it’s something more extravagant to wow your guests like a campfire cake, or a mountainscape marvel cake.

4. Dorritos

Honestly, these chips are perfect for this kind of party. Their triangular shapes are exactly like mini mountains.

5. Cupcakes

You can stack these cupcakes and form them into one big mountain, or you can put little evergreen tree toppers on top of each cupcake.

6. Cheeseboard

This may not sound like mountain food but hear us out, you can do a simple yet elegant cheeseboard, with your favorite cheeses, crackers, and nuts forming them into a shape of a pinecone and serve them to your guests. You could even add some greens for garnish.

7. Fruits And Vegetables

Being on a mountain, hiking, or even camping is all about being outdoors. Therefore, you need to provide your guests with some sort of outdoorsy food, and what can be more outdoorsy than fruits and vegetables, things that are literally grown outdoors.


No we don’t mean literal twigs. What we mean by twigs are pretzels, breadsticks, or chocolate wafer rolls.

Party Favors

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Give your guests something to take home that will remind them of their time in the mountains. You can think of practical mountain party favors they will use the next time they are hiking or skiing, or you can get creative and choose a more unorthodox gift. When it comes time to think of party favors, use the hiking-theme gifts and skiing idea giveaways listed below. 

1. Ski Gear Gifts

Hand out mountain climbing goggles, hats, scarves, or other winter skiing supplies for their next trip in the mountains.

2. Hiking Backpack

Give everyone a backpack filled with hiking necessities. You can include a customized water bottle, energy chunks, sunscreen, and anything else you wish to add.

3. Thank You Note “Ski-passes”

Create your own ski pass by laminating a thank you note and attaching it to a lanyard to mimic a ski pass. 

4. Personalized Coffee Cup

Get coffee cups engraved with a little message that will commemorate the party. Every time your guests drink their morning coffee, they will remember your fantastic party.

5. Candle Giveaways

Either make homemade candles or buy tea light candles with nature scents. These will give off the calm mountain air’s aroma and the mesmerizing campfire in your guests’ homes.

6. Wild Plant Ideas

Place either plant seeds or a full-grown plant in a pot for your guests to take home and plan in their own garden. Give them a little bit of the mountain to take back with them.

7. Mountain Theme Wood Carvings

Engrave customized wood carvings with a special message for guests to remember the party by. This will be a great decorative piece they can have and a unique party favor.


A mountain theme party is a great way for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city! Considering some special occasions related to the pandemic, make sure to check the venue’s website to see if the spot reopens. Or you can search on our website–easy event planning–to match with appropriate vendors!

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