Nautical Baby Shower

33 Nautical Baby Shower Party Ideas

Ahoy! Is it a girl or boy? Looking to navigate your way through a nautical baby shower? We have a creative list of all-things nautical baby shower party ideas that will create maritime fun for all of your party guests. Worried about staying afloat while planning this party? Fear (k)not, this list will provide you with decor, party favors, menu ideas and everything in between.

So sit back and relax a bit as this list will provide you with all the things you need to get you ready to set sail on your party planning journey. 

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

1. Fish Netting Wall Decor 

Your guts will certainly feel like they have stepped onto a boat with a hanging blue fish net on the wall. You can buy netting for fishing and seashell decorations separately and make it a customizable project, or you can buy a set of nautical fish netting decorations together. 

2. Theme Colors

For nautical-themed parties, decorate your venue with the various colors of the sea. This can range from light to dark blues, white, turquoise. Nautical themes also include navy blue and red. I would also include lots of blue and white stripes and anchors as well. 

3. Life Ring Buoy 

To match the color scheme, you can buy a nautical life ring buoy* to hang on the wall or use as a decoration on a table. To make the decoration interactive, you could also leave a pen by the buoy for guests to sign or give words of encouragement. 

4. Fish Bowl Centerpiece 

This DIY nautical decoration is both charming and easy to make. All you need is a fish bowl*, seashells, sand, and a candle. Fill the bowl with sand, add the seashells and candle, and you have a beautiful centerpiece for your tables. 

5. Cork and Bottle Lights 

This nautical decoration idea will easily brighten up any venue for a baby shower. With just a few clear, glass bottles, you can place a set of string lights inside them and put the cork back on the bottle. This will not only brighten up your venue, but also beautifully add to the nautical theme of the party.

wine bottles with wire lights inside

Nautical Baby Shower Favors

6. Life Saver Candy 

A kind way to say thank you to your guests could be with a cute and simple bag of lifesaver candies*. You can buy a bag in bulk, put a few in a plastic bag, and tie it with twine. Guests will love this adorable gesture, and it is easy to make. 

7. Anchor Keychain

There are a variety of nautical keychains on the market. Finding a cute keychain with an anchor is a lovely and easy way of saying thank you to your party guests. You can wrap it in a small bag with a twine bow or tie a twine bow right on the keychain. 

8. Compasses

Compasses are essential to sailors at sea and people throwing nautical baby showers! 

four nautical compasses surrounded by seashells

9. Mini Sponge Cakes

To pay homage to sea sponges on the seafloor, you can bake up (or buy) some mini sponge cakes. You can make them multiple different colors and shapes. 

10. Nautical Stickers

Whether it is an anchor, starfish, wave, whale, or any other image, stickers* are a good, cheap favor to use. This favor will especially be a hit for children. 

Nautical Baby Shower Menu Ideas

11. Ocean-Colored Cupcakes 

An easy dessert your guests will love could include a variety of blue-colored cupcakes with chocolate seashells or gummy fish on them. You could even crush up graham crackers to look like sand and sprinkle it on the cupcake for a realistic ocean effect. 

vanilla cupcake with ocean blue sprinkles and seashell decorations

12. Fish and Chips

While you could serve regular fish and chips, this idea is more of a light snack for guests to munch on. Just buy a bag of cheddar fish crackers* and potato chips* and there you have it, fish and chips for everyone to enjoy.

13. Seashell Pasta 

Pasta is a simple and generally well-liked food item to serve to guests. Making pasta is also incredibly easy, and with seashell shaped pasta*, the nautical theme is easy to accomplish through this meal. Seashell pasta can be made into a pasta salad or kept as a main course with a sauce mixed in. 

14. Pretzel Fishing Poles

This sweet and salty snack will definitely put a smile on your guests’ faces. All you need is big pretzels*, melted chocolate, gummy rope candy, and fish or worm candy. Just dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate, attach the gummy rope and fish, and you have a yummy and easy snack on your hands. 

chocolate caramel covered pretzel rods

15. Sailor Knots 

Garlic bread knots are a nautical-themed side dish that goes great with pasta. If you want to make your own bread from scratch you can, or you can simply buy premade dough and roll it out. All you have to do is tie the dough into knots, and you have a wonderfully delicious and simple dish for the party.   

16. Bell Pepper Octopus 

This nautical appetizer is both cute and delicious. It only requires bell peppers and hummus or any other dip preferred. Cut the top of the bell pepper off and arrange slices as tentacles in the dip. 

17. Anchor’s Away Veggie Platter 

Every party needs a signature veggie platter. All you need is a variety of veggies in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can arrange one type of veggie in the shape of an anchor with other veggies surrounding it. 

18. Seafood 

Seafood of any kind would be an easy and themed addition to the food menu. Seafood platters could include: fish (cooked in any way), crab, lobster, oysters, clams, or shrimp. 

Nautical Baby Shower Games 

19. Guess How Many

This fun and unique game is easy to put together. Just find two large jars, cheddar fish crackers, pens, and paper. You can have guests try to guess how many fish there are in the jar and have the winner get a small prize.

mermaid themed how many game

20. Nautical Baby Bingo 

There are different kinds of themed bingo sheets you can purchase to print out or have shipped to you. You can pick from a variety of colors and characters such as anchors or boats to be on the bingo cards. 

nautical themed baby shower bingo card on white table

21. Pacific Pacifier Hunt 

This interactive game is fun for all of your guests. You can hide a dozen or so pacifiers* around your venue and have guests look for them. If someone finds a pacifier, they can get a small prize such as a bag of life savers or a keychain.

22. Go Fishing

For this game*, you will need a toy fishing pole, two opposite magnets, and a toy fish. Attach one magnet to the end of the fishing pole and the other to the toy fish. Guests will try to “catch” as many toy fish as they can using the fishing pole. 

23. Design Sailor Hats

This is an easy and fun do it yourself activity for all ages. All you need is some paper and instructions on how to fold the paper to make little sailor hats. You can then bring out some markers and crayons to design your hats.

Nautical Baby Shower Party Supplies

24. Blue Napkins with Ocean Theme

A simple but adorable addition to your party supplies is blue paper napkins* with the ocean theme. If you can’t find themed napkins, just buy blue napkins and tie with twine and a life saver. 

25. Ocean Plates

There are many different kinds of paper plates on the market, but going with an ocean or sea-themed plates* ties in nicely with the nautical theme of the party. 

26. Flag Banner 

A nautical banner is a great addition to any sea-themed party. There are a range of routes you can go with a banner such as anchors, stripes, seashells, or words on it. 


27. Captains’ Hats

To truly get into the sailor theme, I would recommend using captains’ hats*. This would especially be a good idea for those serving or in charge at the baby shower. 

28. Treasure Map Tablecloth

You can’t have a nautical themed party without pirates! One way to implement pirates into your event is to have plastic* tablecloths* with a treasure map design. 

Nautical Baby Shower Invitations 

29. Anchors and Stripes 

You can never go wrong with a paper invitation showing an anchor with blue and white stripes around the party information. You could design your own or purchase customizable invites* from a variety of retailers. 

30. Baby Beluga

There is nothing cuter than a baby whale-shaped invitation*. And if you aren’t looking for a whale-shaped invitation, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a baby Beluga whale character on an invitation. 

mother and baby beluga whale with umbrella

31. Sailboat 

A sailboat-themed invitation is a tell-tale sign that the party will be full of nautical adventures. You can do a cut-out invitation of a sailboat or simply design your own with sailboats on the invitation. Either way, it’s an adorable way to announce your sea-themed party. 

It's a boy invitation with sail boat

32. Under The Sea

An underwater scene invite is a bright and color idea. Some include sea animals like baby turtles, fish, sharks, and other ocean life. Others include sea plants like kelp and coral. You can also find some with seashells and shelled creatures like crabs and turtles. 

mother and baby sea turtle in water surrounded by kelp

33. Mermaid Themed

Mermaids* are another on-theme concept for invitations. One take on this concept is to have a silhouette or picture of the baby with a mermaid tail. Another concept is to just have a small glimpse of mermaid to allude to how mysterious they are. This last concept would be especially ideal if your guests don’t know the gender yet. 


Planning a themed party can be difficult; there are many different aspects involved in preparing an event. This list provides you with a variety of easy and fun ways to get your nautical-themed baby shower afloat. Using our tips will shore-ly provide you with a wonderful nautical event. 

Written by: Anna Popp and Allison Knowles