Oscar Theme Party

16 Entertaining Oscar Theme Party Ideas

16 Entertaining Oscar Theme Party Ideas

Let’s all go to the movies! The Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, honors the creation of movies. Today, why not try to recreate your version of this entertainment? Movies are so deeply rooted in history and there are thousands of movies to watch with a group of people. Here are a few ideas to consider when decorating for an Oscar theme party. Lights, camera, action!

Oscar Theme Party Decorations

Oscar Theme Party Decorations

1. Color Schemes

Use a color scheme of black and white to enhance the feeling that guests are in a timeless classic. Play songs from different genres to give it a retro vibe. Gold is the official color of the Oscars, so you can’t forget to go all out on the gold accents. When planning your Oscar theme party, another choice is to try colors that are used at a movie theater. Red is usually seen on the side of the room as if you were surrounded by a red carpet. Having red balloons, red tables, or even red utensils would help the atmosphere feel more like a theater.

2. Posters

If the party is taking place indoors, posters are a really good investment for this party. Mixing up genres of movies would give a unique look to the room so that everything is not the same. If you are lucky, you could check in with your local movie theatre and see if they are giving away posters. After the party is over, you could hand them out to your guests as a thank you gesture for coming to this wonderful party. 

3. Collecting Booth

Have a nice little collecting booth present right when your guests walk in. At this booth, rather than collecting tickets from them, you can collect any belongings they do not want to carry or lose. Having a station to hold their jackets or bags would be a convenient idea for your guests. 

Oscar Theme Party Tasty Treats

Oscar Theme Party Tasty Treats

4. Champagne 

Time to make a toast! If guests are 21 and over, pop open a bottle of bubbly. Champagne and the Oscars are a timeless pairing, so it is a must at any viewing party.

5. Pizza Party

At the 2014 Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres famously ordered pizza. Make your party a pizza party!

6. Popcorn Stand

Popcorn is an essential for the movies. Set up a station for snacks to be served to your guests. Label it your popcorn stand so they really feel like they are in a theatre. You can range from popcorn, candy or even hot dogs and hamburgers. 

Oscar Theme Party Venues

Oscar Theme Party Venues

7. Indoor Seating

This is a good opportunity to set up a seating arrangement that mimics the inside of a movie theatre or award show. Add plenty of comfortable seating options such as couches and comfy chairs, or even beanbags for a cheap and comfortable seat idea.

8. Outdoor Seating

Renting or purchasing your own projection screen is a great way to bring the Oscar theme party outside if you wanted to. Since the projection screen would be so large, this would be the perfect prop for a social distancing movie night. Have guests bring their own lawn chair for outdoor seating. This allows people to view the show at a comfortable distance.

Oscar Theme Party Gifts for the Guests

Oscar Theme Party Gifts for the Guests

9. Invitations

Get creative with your invitations so your guests can get more excited for Oscars night. Find an image of an empty movie ticket and include the details of your Oscar theme party night. Bring the theme to their homes by mailing these wonderful movie tickets and let the hype begin. 

10. Party Favors

Taking a part of the party home with you helps keep memories of a wonderful night. Purchase small popcorn boxes with a thank you note along with goodies for a nice goodbye gift for your guests. 

11. Host

What is an award ceremony without a host? Be a great host that would bring life to the entertainment by leading the sequence of events of the night.

12. Oscars Ballot

Have guests fill out the Oscars ballot for the year and see who can accurately predict the Oscars winners.

Oscar Theme Party Photography

Oscar Theme Party Photography

13. Movie Props

Get creative with your props. Use director chairs for seating, film reels as decoration, or a large red curtain to make your guests feel more engaged with the theme.  

14. Paparazzi 

Have a designated time for a photo shoot session with all the various decorations around the venue.

15. Red Carpet

Make your guests feel like they are walking into Hollywood with a red carpet at the entrance. Red is a very good color since it symbolizes passion, love and excitement. Having this color in numerous areas will uplift the mood for sure. Don’t forget to have some lights, and maybe even a velvet rope for the full experience.

16. Awards Ceremony 

Come up with a list of categories and have your very own awards ceremony at the end of the night. Give everyone their own small gold Oscar statue.


Movies are wonderful entertainment, and are fun with family or friends. Host an Oscar theme party filled with tasteful treats, bright decorations, and fun activities to bring the magic to your own space. Pop the popcorn, sit back and relax, and enjoy the show!

Written by Shannyn Apolaro and Nathan Rogers
Edited by Mackenzie Hogan 

Original Banner Photo: https://unsplash.com/photos/Lq6rcifGjOU

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