Pampering Party

Cute Pampering Party Ideas

So your kid has a birthday coming up, and they’re ready to get all dolled up.  Or maybe you’ve been working long hours at the office, and you’re just in the mood to hold a relaxing girl’s night.  Well, we have the solution for you: a pampering party! Invite your friends over and make them feel beautiful with these salon-inspired party ideas.

Keeping Your Pampering Party Safe

Keeping Your Pampering Party Safe

You may be wondering what about social distancing?  For a pampering party, this may seem impossible, but we promise you it isn’t.  Here are our suggestions for adapting your pampering party so it’s safe for everyone:

Host it outside! 

You’re far less likely to breathe in someone else’s germs when you’re out in the open air.

Wear masks whenever possible. 

This is difficult when eating, wearing the other type of face mask, or getting your makeup done. We get that—just stay farther away from your friends while you’re doing those things. Wearing masks slows the spread of germs by a lot, so we’d highly recommend wearing them. The CDC does, too.

Stay 6 feet apart

You know the drill. This is easier when you’re in a larger space, like a backyard. If everyone has their own chairs or blankets, this becomes a lot easier and feels more natural.

Provide individual items and snacks. 

That way, no one puts their hands on anyone else’s food or party favors.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with some suggestions for an unforgettable spa party experience!

Pampering Party: Activities

Relaxing Activities to Do

Face masks 

No, not the kind that protects you from coronavirus (though those masks are definitely a good idea). Let your guests relax by providing them with their own moisturizing face mask! They’re often available as individual packages in drugstores and department stores. Ask your guests to bring chairs from home, or provide each guest with their own individual chair for their own relaxation needs.


Hire a masseuse for an especially relaxing experience. Wearing a mask and gloves could allow the masseuse to treat multiple party guests. Designate a space in your house as the “massage room,” and ask the masseuse to change the blankets or sheets after each guest to avoid shared surfaces. I’m sure your guests will thank you later.


Get your hair done, girl! Enlist the help of your hair-savvy friends, or hire someone professional to give your guests some awesome hairdos. If the hairdresser wears a mask/gloves and your guests wear masks, then everyone can stay safe while getting dolled up.


Buy your guests little eyeshadow duos, brushes, and mirrors as party favors, and give guests a chance to use their new palettes to give themselves a new look! If your guests are too young to apply the makeup themselves, then you can hire someone to do it, or have a makeup-savvy friend help you. Remember not to share brushes or shadows!

Nail salon

Enlist the help of your artsy friend and give your guests beautiful, salon-style nails. Provide bowls of warm water for soaking hands and feet, hot towels, and individual lotions to make your hands and feet soft and clean. Make sure to provide lots of snazzy color options, especially those that match the party’s color scheme.

Yummy Snacks for Your Pampering Party

Yummy Snacks for Your Pampering Party

Guacamole “face mask:”  

Arrange your guacamole dip in the shape of a face—it looks like an avocado face mask! Add cucumbers to the eyes to complete the look. Give each guest their own chips to dip in the guac and make sure there’s no double-dipping.

Themed candy

Got a color scheme? Buy candy that matches it!  Candies like taffy and hard candies come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you’ll never be low on options. When in doubt, M&Ms come in many different colors, and you can often pick and choose online or in a candy store. Stick candy in little plastic bowls or glasses for guests to take home. You can even

Mousse cups

There’s something so delightful about little tiny plastic spoons in little tiny plastic cups full of pudding or mousse. Depending on the flavor of pudding or mousse, you can get this snack to match your color scheme as well. Your guests will appreciate the individually-prepared dessert option that is both classy and sassy.


Nothing makes people feel more fresh and healthy than a smoothie! They’re a perfect addition to any spa-themed party, and they’re easy to make, too. Prepare each guest’s drink using gloves to ensure safe consumption.

Sparkling cider

The family-friendly champagne alternative. You can’t go wrong with Martinelli’s, baby.

Fun Decorations to Bring Your Pampering Party to Life

Pick your colors, girl

What do you usually see in a spa or salon? Aim for light colors with dark accents to help guests relax. If your child insists on bright pink and purple, then so be it – just make sure all the decorations match your color scheme.


Always the most important part of a party’s decoration, as it can completely shift the mood of a gathering from tense to relaxed. Aim for warm and whimsical lighting to complement the pampering vibe you’ve created. Some ideas include string lights, fairy lights in a mason jar, outdoor lanterns, and warm-light outdoor lamps.

Tablecloths and centerpieces 

The table is where guests will spend the majority of their time, so you’d better give it your best effort! Themed flowers, streamers, and mason jars are your best friend for centerpiece ideas. Pick a tablecloth to match, and you’re all set.

Tissue puff balls

You know those things you see on Pinterest? They’re great for hanging on a patio, awning, or indoors. Super cute, super simple.

Cute Favors For Your Guests


As we suggested before, small eyeshadow duos and an accompanying brush can be both a favor and an accessory during the party! It will be exciting for guests to receive something they can use both during the festivities and for months to come.  Provide guests with a makeup bag to take their goodies home with them.

Sleep masks

These are inexpensive to purchase and make great favors for guests to relax at home.  They even come in a variety of colors!

Nail supplies

Who doesn’t love nail polish?  Small, cute, and inexpensive, they’re a great addition to your guests’ take-home makeup bags.

Body spray

Travel-sized body sprays are available for cheap at most bath and body stores, and knock off versions of these scents are often available at your local drugstore.  Young party guests may love a new scent to take home and wear to school.

Small mirrors

Who can put on makeup without them? They’re an essential part of any makeover experience.


These fun, colorful hair ties have made a comeback in recent years (as they should!), and they are a fun addition to any party pack. Think of them as the cute little bow that perfectly completes the gift.

And with that, voila! You have a comprehensive list to get you started on planning your pampering party, social distancing and all. Be smart, be safe, and have the time of your life—all while relaxing in your own backyard.


Few things bring good friends together like a pampering night. With COVID-19 making things more difficult, we at Easy Event Planning offer some ideas for keeping your guests healthier while still enjoying the fun and relaxation that can come with a pampering Party. We’ll help you get your glam on!

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