Paper Theme Party

Paper Theme Party - 23 Best DIY Ideas

Cover your party with paper in every aspect of the event with a paper theme party — from the decorations to the menu, to the party favors! This is one of the many benefits of using such a flexible element as a party theme; paper can be used in hundreds of fun ways. Below are some ideas for a paper theme party such as decorations, menu ideas, party favors, games, and even confetti favors to get you started. Get creative and have some fun with paper at your party!

23 Ideas for Your DIY Paper Theme Party

23 Ideas for Your DIY Paper Theme Party

Paper Theme Party Decorations

1. Newspaper Headlines 

To label areas of the party or to make signs that will hang around the room, cut giant letters from the newspaper to form theme-fitting phrases.

2. Newspaper Tablecloths 

Purchase or combine pages of newspaper together to form recyclable tablecloths.

3. Paper Chain Streamers 

Link strips of paper together to make paper chains that can hang as streamers. You could also purchase paper pom poms. These could also be turned into chain curtains that drop down from the doorways.

4. Origami Pieces 

Decorate the party room with little origami statues– this will really dress up the area and impress your guests!

5. Paper Flower Arrangements 

Create tissue paper or crepe paper flowers, and place them in a vase to create floral arrangements for the party.

6. Tissue Paper Lanterns 

Purchase colorful paper lanterns to hang around the room.

7. Newspaper Wall Covering 

Collage the walls with pages from the newspaper. Covering the whole room in paper will really make the room pop!

Paper Theme Party Menu

Paper Theme Party Doily Food

8. Chinese Take-Out Boxes 

Serve food out of Chinese take-out containers or use them as the packaging for gift bags/party favors!

9. Lunch Bags 

Fill brown paper bags with different snacks (ie popcorn, pretzels, or candy) for guests to eat while they mingle. These can also be used as instant gift bags.

10. Doily Appetizers 

Serve bite-size snacks on paper doilies for a decorative way to hand out appetizers.

 11. Paper Serving Boats 

Besides the obvious choice to use paper plates and bowls, you can use paper hot dog boats to serve food as well. 

Paper Theme Party Favors

Paper Theme Party Origami Favors

 12. Origami ‘How To’ Book 

Send your guests home with their own origami guide to help them get creative with paper. There’s plenty of great beginner books that you can refer to.

13. Origami

Take the paper crafting into your own hands and make some personalized origami for your guests to take home!

14. Fun Notebooks 

Gather up some notebooks with interesting designs or theme relevant messages on them for guests to take home. 

15. Stationary

Buy stationary stationary that fits your party theme or customize blank stationary to show your guests your appreciation and to remind them of your paper theme party.

Paper Party Activities and Games

Paper Theme Party Activities

 16. Origami Lessons 

Print directions so that you can teach your guests, or get a professional to come and teach an origami how-to seminar. Your guests will walk out with a new skill set and a handful of mini paper swans.

 17. Modge Podge Station 

Provide all the necessary supplies for guests to modge podge boxes, notebooks, frames, and other items. Look for a variety of paper designs, magazines, and scrapbooking supplies. Parties that have fun activities will always be remembered!

18. Paper Fashion Show

Have your guests dress up in homemade paper outfits at the party, and host a competition a la Paper Project Runway!

19. Personalized Paper Dolls 

Turn strips of paper into individualized paper dolls for the attending guests. You can use them as place setters at the party and then let the guests take them home afterward.

 20. Photo Booth Wall

Leave a Polaroid camera out, and encourage guests to take a photo to post to a designated wall. Or hire a photo booth for the occasion! Your guests can leave a message next to their photos. This will be a good way to remember the paper costumes, hats, and all the fun of the party!

21. Paper Hats 

Set up a station for each guest to make their own hat to wear around the party. You can hold a competition to see who makes the best hat at your theme party. 

 22. Scavenger Hunt 

Create a scavenger hunt through the paper using different colors of cardstock. Make up the clues so they center around the paper, as well. It will really help to keep the party on the theme.

23. Paper Plane Contest

Have all your guests make different paper airplanes and see who’s flies the farthest! It’ll remind everyone of their playground days.


Now you know a paper theme party can be one of the most creative parties you have yet to do. From menus to activities, this theme is sure to cause amusement and overall enjoyment for all your guests. We hope this list helps you with what you were looking for. We look forward to seeing what your imagination can create!

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