41 Beautiful Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Party Ideas

If you’re getting ready to bring a little bundle of joy into the world, then a boy or girl gender reveal is a must-have! We know that planning parties can be stressful, so we’re here to make your life easier. We put together a full list of everything you need to know about planning and hosting a boy or girl gender reveal party, from decorations to games, and especially tasty treats! Keep reading to learn how to make your gender reveal party the best it can be! 

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Decorations

boy or girl gender reveal decorations
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1. Boy or Girl Balloons

Adding balloons to your party is a great way to decorate, and there are so many different options and designs you can choose from. If you want to go simple and classic, try adding blue and pink balloons throughout the whole event. They give off a subtle yet aesthetically pleasing party vibe. Go a step further and get balloons with phrases or shapes. For example, “Boy or Girl,” “It’s a ?,” “It’s a Baby,” baby bottle, baby rattle, question mark.

These balloons are very easy to purchase at your local party stores. If you wanna go even bigger, try getting balloons that spell out words. These balloons are very trendy right now, and you can even get balloons in the shape of a hashtag. For example, #boy or girl, “It’s A Girl,” “It’s A Boy,” “Baby (Your last name),” you can write whatever you want! 

2. Letter Boards

Letter Boards are another very trendy decoration idea, and are so personal! Letter Boards come in so many colors, so you can get one that matches your overall theme. Use your letter board to spell out menu items, games, activities, or even as a reveal. You can write phrases such as, “It’s a ?,” “Boy or Girl,” the baby’s due date, “#boy or girl,”  “Oh baby!” and more. 

3. Bow Ties and Bows 

An easy DIY  decoration to get your guests guessing is “Bow ties or Bows.” On a table, place a sign (perhaps a letter board), that reads, “Bow Ties or Bows.” On the table, there will be dozens of blue bow ties and pink bows made out of either pink and blue construction paper or felt. Each item should have a safety pin attached, so your guests can pin either a bow tie or bow on their outfit, depending on what they think the gender will be. This decoration is so easy to make and it will get the guests talking! 

4. Lashes or Staches

This idea is similar to Bows or Bow ties, and it is a great decoration that gets your guests involved. When your guests arrive, send them to the Lashes or Staches Table. At this table, there will be two mason jars, one labeled “lashes, and the other labeled, “stashes.” Also on the table will be pink and blue coins. Have your guests put their guess in the mason jar, and see which fills up first. This table could also have snacks (perhaps cookies with mustaches or lashes) and other decorations to spice it up.

5. Piñata 

Piñatas are the perfect boy or girl gender reveal decoration because they serve so many purposes. Firstly, they act as great decorations. Choosing your piñata shape and theme should be fun. You can choose a baby bottle, a pink and blue box, a baby rattle, a stork with a baby, a question mark, and more! Second, they are interactive! Decorations are the best when they can also double as an interactive activity. And last, they can be used as part of your reveal. Fill the piñata with blue or pink confetti, blue or pink candy, or even little balloons. What first started as a fun decoration can turn into a grand reveal. 

6. Banners

Adding a banner to your gender reveal party is great because it can be customized! Go classic with banners that read, “Boy or Girl,” “It’s a ?,” “Team Boy,” “Team Girl,” and more. If you want to go personalized you can make or purchase banners that read, “Little Miss (your last name),” “Little Mr. (your last name),” or  “(your last name’s) Gender Reveal Party.” You can go very simple or very complex. A great tip to have your banners match the theme is by keeping them in the blue and pink color scheme. 

7. Rattles/Bottles 

Rattles and bottles are adorable decorations that can also serve as take-home favors. You can fill these up with pink and blue candies and spread them throughout the event. A fun tip is to have people fill up the bottles with whatever color candy they think the gender is going to be. If you think it’s a girl, fill it up with custom pink m&m’s and vise versa!

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Favors

boy or girl gender reveal favors
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8. Blue and Pink Mason Jars with Candy

Mason jars are extremely trendy and are also a great party favor. You can either get large ones or small ones and go a step further and get a jar that is dyed pink or blue! Grab a bunch of pink and blue candies and place them inside for an adorable assorted look! 

9. Personalized Chocolate Bars

Personality always adds a touch of something special to gifts. A simple and easy way to add this element is by printing pink and blue labels for your chocolate bar favors. You can add the guest’s name or even your and your partner’s name. The options are endless!

10. Mini Hand Sanitizer 

Especially in the world, we are living in today, hand sanitizer is a must-have! Why not take this concept and make it adorable. Adding stickers and labels to your mini hand sanitizer makes for the perfect little favor. 

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Menu Ideas

boy or girl gender reveal menu ideas
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Appetizers and Snacks 

11. “Babies” in a Blanket

You’ve heard of pigs in a blanket, but have you heard of babies in a blanket? Take a break from the endless sweet treats and bring this savory snack to the table. Bring out your inner child with these perfect pocket-sized snacks! 

12. Dyed Deviled Eggs 

Why should Easter have all the fun? Step up your gender reveal snacks with dyed deviled eggs. You can dye your eggs pink and blue, and fill the center with the tastiest filling! These little eggs are bound to give your party a unique twist. 

13. Blue and Pink Cotton Candy

Cotton candy has always been an absolute classic, and it is perfect for a boy or girl gender reveal party. You don’t even have to change the colors. Cotton candy is not only a tasty treat, but it can also double as part of your decorations. Come on, how often can you eat the decor?  Picture it,  a cotton candy machine in your very own backyard. Your guests will love it!

14. Pink and Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 A dessert is technically healthy if it’s made of fruit, right? Everyone loves chocolate-covered strawberries and adding them to your gender reveal menu lineup is a must. Dip your strawberries in white chocolate with a blue and pink tint, to make bite-sized heaven. Go a step further and drizzle more chocolate on top or any design you want! 

Drinks & Dessert

15. Donuts

Adding donuts to your gender reveal party gives you a playful treat that can be designed in so many ways. Go simple with blue and pink decorated donuts. Go creative, and get donuts to spell out words such as, “Boy or Girl, or “Oh Baby!” For maximum fun, we suggest doing a bit of both and don’t be afraid to be generous on those sprinkles. Who doesn’t love a donut! 

16. Blue and Pink Cake Pops

With cake pops, you have minimal effort and maximum results. They are so easy and fun to make and decorate. Go simple with chocolate and vanilla, or go unique with strawberry and blueberry. No matter what flavor you decide, the decoration is what people will notice. Decorate your cake pops with vibrant blue and pink icing, sparkles, “boy or girl” text, and more!

17. Blue and Pink Cupcakes

You can never go wrong with cupcakes, and just like cookies your options of designs are endless. A great way to tease your guests on gender is to fill some cupcakes with blue filling and some with pink. They’ll think they know the gender before it’s announced, but little do they know you run the show. 

18. Baby Boy and Baby Girl Cookies

Cookies are the ultimate gender reveal party dessert because your options of designs are endless. Some of our favorite designs are, baby bottles, onesies, “It’s’ a ?”, “What will it Bee,” “He or She,” rattles, pacifiers, and so much more. Cover your cookies in pastel blue and pink icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, you name it, and your guests will have seconds and thirds! 

19. Blue and Pink Lemonade 

Lemonade is a refreshing drink, for all ages. If you have children at your reveal party, pink and blue raspberry lemonade is a great idea. A cute way to display or lemonade is by getting large mason jars to fill with both flavors. If you want to spice up this drink for adults, these flavors are a great base for adding your alcohol of choice. 

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Activities 

boy or girl gender reveal activities
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20. Balloon Pop 

One of our favorite ways to reveal the baby’s gender is with a balloon pop! Towards the end of your event, after everyone’s guesses have been made, it is ultimately time to reveal what everyone has been waiting for, the baby’s gender. A great way to do this is by purchasing a large balloon and filling the inside with either blue or pink confetti. Once you have everyone’s attention, count backward from 10 and pop that balloon! If you want the gender to be a surprise for yourself, a great tip is to have someone else fill the balloon for you. 

21. Boy or Girl Chart (Guessing Game) 

Perhaps the most classic gender reveal game is guessing the gender. This game is a great way to get guests involved immediately.  When your guests arrive, have them fill out which gender they think the baby will be. You can do this on a chalkboard, letter board, or even big pieces of construction paper. This game is a great way to tie in some decorations we mentioned too, (Lashes or Stashes, Bows or Bow Ties). No matter which theme you choose, this game is a gender reveal must. 

22. Guess the due date

Reveal more than just the gender with this interactive game. A great way to get guests guessing about more than just gender is by having them guess your baby’s due date! You can display this game with a large letter board or chalkboard that read’s, “Guess the Due Date.” Have your guests write on small pieces of paper their guess, and right before your gender reveal, reveal the due date. The winner that gets the closest can win a small prize or even first dibs at the dessert table. 

23. Surprise Inside Cake 

The tastiest way to reveal the baby’s gender is through a cake, and executing it is simple. You can either bake the cake yourself or purchase one, but make sure the filling is the color of the baby’s gender. You can fill the cake with pink or blue icing, pink pr blue candy, pink or blue sprinkles, or even bake the flavor of the cake with blue or pink dye. When you’re ready, gather all of the guests, count backward from 10, and cut into that cake to reveal the gender of your little bundle of joy. 

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Party Supplies 

boy or girl gender reveal supplies
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We mentioned a ton of ideas, so here is a quick list of the supplies you will need!

24. Pink and Blue Balloons

25. Boy or Girl Table Cloth

26. Boy or Girl Table Setting

27. Mason Jars

29. Boy or Girl Photo Sticks

31. Blue and Pink Construction Paper 

32. Blue and Pink Confetti 

33. Boy or Girl Banner 

34. Safety pins 

35. Letterboard 

36. Chalk Board

Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Invitations

boy or girl gender reveal invitations
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We know that invitations are the guests’ first impression of the party, so here are some of our favorites. Every single template is customizable to you! We received all of these from Greeting Island invitations.

37. Boy or Girl Wreath 

This theme takes the classic pink and blue color scheme and gives it a fun bohemian twist!

38. Boy or Girl Clouds

If you want a theme almost as cute as your baby, then the boy and girl cloud invitations are perfect for you. Look at the tiny little faces, how cute! 

39. Boy or Girl Balloon

This hot air balloon invitation is a great option for your party, and the color scheme is perfect for your boy or girl theme. 

40. Boy or Girl Baby Bottles

You can’t have a baby without baby bottles! This invitation is an adorable take on the classic baby bottle. 

41. Boy or Girl Bunnies

Honor your baby’s big reveal with these adorable baby bunny invitations. The subtle pastel colors are perfect for your theme! 


No matter which decorations, favors, snacks, games, reveal, or invitations you choose, your boy or girl gender reveal party will be perfect. We hope that our tips gave you some peace of mind, but just remember you got this. Now, go throw an amazing gender reveal party!

Written by Michaela Kayal

Edited by Nitchell Royce Legaspi

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