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7 Personal Welcome Baskets – Gift Ideas

Do you want to give your guests a gift basket that welcomes them and screams personality? We have come up with some ideas about ways to customize your ordinary personal welcome baskets into something meaningful and distinctive for your guests.  Check out this list of specialized welcome baskets below!

Top Personal Welcome Baskets

Top Personal Welcome Baskets

1. Photo

Incorporate pictures of friends and family is a good way to spark nostalgia in their hearts. Including baby pictures or group pictures is a great touch and a good conversation starter.

2. Representative of You

For a wedding, giving a basket filled with items that are meaningful and specialized to the couple and their relationship can be a really great idea. If your first date was at a baseball game, including peanuts and Cracker Jacks in the basket with a little tag explaining what date that was and who you saw playing. If you’ve grown up along the shore, you may want to include some salt-water taffy to represent your roots.

3. Record a Video

Ditch the traditional ideas for baskets if you think your guests won’t use any of the items in it and instead, record a funny video welcoming your guests. Burn the disc and leave it in each room or at the check-in desk at the hotel. Make sure the room has a DVD player though! This will give everyone a fun throwback feeling before the time of phones and online streaming.

If you do want to opt for a more up-to-date option, print out a piece of paper with a youtube link on it. When guests arrive at their room, they’ll be able to type in the link into their smartphone or computer and access your youtube channel. Be sure to set the settings to “anyone with a link can view” to make it more private and not searchable outside of your group.

4. Souvenirs

If your event is taking place in a tourist destination and your guests will want to buy some trinkets to take home with them, supply them with some of the basics ahead of time to save them some money. Include postcards, t-shirts, key chains, and more.

This is a great way to welcome them to the destination and make them excited about the event ahead. Additionally, the hotel should be able to provide pamphlets about spots around town and sites to see, so be sure to ask ahead and have them provide some for your guests.

5. Personalized Gifts

If you don’t want to supply a generic gift for all guests, personalize something for each individual. This gives you rooms to appeal to what their specific interests are.

Note this is only truly viable with smaller gatherings of close friends and family, attempting this for larger gatherings will be highly difficult and increase the chances for an embarrassing mistake. Some examples are writing a personalized letter in a gift basket, framing a photo of you and your guest, or creating a piece of art they’d enjoy. 

6. T-shirt for Event

If you are hosting a corporate event or even a family reunion and have a specific attire you want your guests to come dressed in, that shirt can serve as their welcome gift. Treating them to the shirt ensures that everyone has the proper attire and can double as their takeaway from the event.

This can be fun for events that include competing on teams as you can create shirts with numbers and last names on them. For extra fun, use everyone’s nicknames and write those on the back to make it more exciting. 

7. Thank You Note

For all gifts, include a handwritten, personal note thanking each of your guests for taking time from their busy lives to come to your event. Let them know how much you appreciate them coming and supporting you. Do make sure each note is personalized rather than using any sort of template. Everyone appreciates a personal note and will make everyone excited for the event to begin. 


Personal welcome baskets are the best way to make an outstanding impression on your guests. They’ll be excited and ready for your event upon being greeted with a personalized and fabulous basket. Be sure to consider where your event is being held, how many guests are attending, and what they might find useful.

Did you find this arrangement of personal welcome basket ideas helpful? has other tips and checklists that can help you plan any event. Check out our tips and ideas page for more inspiration!

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