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Petal Theme Party: 35 Creative Ideas

A petal theme party is the perfect floral theme for the spring or summer season. A great idea is to choose a color, such as orange or pink, and centralize your theme around it by decorating with petals and other items of that color. These theme party ideas are also fantastic for a bridal shower, baby shower, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day! We’ve put a list of some fantastic ideas that we think will help you get started on planning your petal theme party! 

Petal Theme Party Decorations

Petal Theme Party Decorations

1. Beautiful Flowers 

Decorate the party area with beautiful flower arrangements. If you are following a color scheme, match the flowers to these colors. Use elegant vases to hold these and tie a ribbon to each vase to complete your flower party supply. 

2. Sugared Rose Petals 

A glistening sprinkle of sugar, egg whites, and water are all you need to make these stunning edible petals (just double-check they are non-toxic). The rest is up to you! Top them on cakes, cookies, or these Rose-and-Ginger Cupcakes. The intoxicatingly sweet scent, the soft colors, and (of course) the ambiance of romance.

3. Sweet Aromas 

Set the mood by lighting floral-scented candles. These will create a tranquil ambiance and swirl some sweet smells around the room. Be sure to pick scents that are related to flowers such as lavender, lilac, and rose. These scents are sure to make your guests blossom with excitement! 

4. Floral Leis

Decorate the room with floral leis. Make streamers out of these by tying several of them together and dangling them from the ceiling or walls. You can also supply your guests with them to wear during the party! 

5. Petal Bowls 

Use shallow bowls or vases as petal decorations! All you have to do is fill them with water and pour some colorful petals in so that they float above the surface. For your blossom supplies, you can either use real petals or purchase some that are made out of plastic or fabric.

6. Vintage Petal Cones

Decorate your home by perching the cones in hatboxes or fashion-themed cardboard boxes and cylinders. Fill paper cones with petals and add fragrance and whimsy to your home. Making them out of pages from 1950s fashion magazines brings a touch of vintage glamour to your home. Look for vintage perfume or toiletry advertisements with colorful hues and women in fashionable hats and outfits. Glue the banner to the center of a cone and fill them with petals. 

7. Pickled Rose Petals

Don’t be fooled: pickling your petals boosts their floral fragrance and brings out their sweet taste. It’s anything but impractical! From there, sprinkle them onto salads and healthy snacks like our Beets and Yogurt with Pickled Rose Petals.

Petal Theme Party Favors

Petal Party Favors

8. Florist Specials

Provide your guests with a personalized gift card to their favorite florist. This favor will be a huge hit among your guests because they will love to pick out some beautiful flowers for their home!

9. Sweet Scents 

Give your guests some scented candles that they can light in their own homes! Purchase scents that smell like flowers, such as lavender, lilac, and rose. You can also give your guests a preview of these wonderful scents by using similar ones at your party. You can also use the candle prizes for a game! 

10. Name That Flower 

In order to familiarize your guests with the different kinds of flowers in the world, give them a flower book that will provide information about each one! Make sure this book gives a brief description of each flower as well as where they can be found. Perhaps you may want to purchase books that only name flowers in a certain country or state such as your own. 

11. Fresh Flower Arrangements 

While you will most likely decorate the party area with some fresh bouquets, you can also give bouquets to your guests to take home. Add ribbon to each arrangement in order to keep the flowers together, as well as provide extra décor! 

12. Lollipop Flowers 

Make lollipop flowers by threading heart-shaped pieces of cardstock or tissue paper onto lollipop sticks to look like petals. Display them in a flowerpot and have your guests take one as they leave.

13. Flower Pots 

Fill small flower pots with a mix of small candies for your guests to take home. Try some for decoration that will end up looking unique like this product!

14. Cookies 

Make or purchase several flower-shaped cookies and place a few in cellophane bags for your guests.

15. Indoor Garden 

Give your guests the tools they need for their own indoor garden by giving them a small flower pot as well as seeds for indoor flowers.

Petal Theme Party Games

Petal Theme Party Games

16. Aim For My Heart 

This game is great for children’s parties. Cut a heart out of red or pink construction paper and place it on the ground. Have the children take turns standing on a step stool while they try to drop rose petals onto the heart below.

You can either use real flower petals for this or just purchase some that are made out of fabric. Every time a child is able to drop a petal onto the heart, they receive a point! The child that has the most points at the end of the game wins!

17. Lovely Bouquets 

This game is a way of teaching your guests how to arrange a beautiful bouquet. Just have several flowers ready and let your guests begin arranging! Give a prize to the guest who can create the best arrangement! 

18. Singing Or Writing Competition 

Singing competition i.e. songs with any flower name in the lyrics or write the lyrics of songs in one minute for eg. rajnigandha phul tumhare, Sasural genda phool etc.

19. Flower chain 

All the players should stand in a queue  Give one garland to the first player.  Let the music start and everybody will start passing that garland. As the music stops, the player who is holding the garland is Out of the game and game continues till one player is left.

20. Nature Stroll 

Take your guests on a walk through some flower fields. Point out all the lovely flowers you find and try to name them all. Bring booklets along so you and your friends can write down all the plants you see and where they are located. 

21. What’s My Name? 

Prepare cards with pictures of various kinds of flowers. Ask your guests to take turns trying to name each flower on the cards! The person who correctly names the most flowers wins! Make these activities extra exciting by dividing your guests into teams!

22. Watering Can Relay 

Divide the players into teams and give each team several full watering cans. Set several large buckets across from the teams, one for each player. Each player should run their watering can to their bucket and fill it up before returning to their team. Use confetti instead of water to play this game inside. Get creative with what flowering cans you decide to go with!

23. Dana likes Daffodils 

Set up all of the players in a circle for these activities. Have the first player begin by stating his or her name and a flower that begins with the same letter as their name. The second player does the same but also repeats the first player’s statement.

For instance, the first player could say, “My name is Dana and I like daffodils,” and the second player would say “My name is Christina and I like chrysanthemums and she is Dana who likes daffodils.” Keep going until everyone runs out of ideas!

24. Paint

Give each of your guests a plain flower pot or watering can and plenty of paints to decorate them with at your parties.

Petal Theme Party Food

Petal Party Food

25. Pineapple Flowers 

Cut pineapple slices in the shape of flowers. This can easily be done by peeling the pineapple first. Once this is done, cut it into thin slices. These slices will already have the appearance of a flower and its petals! Next, cut the remaining piece of the pineapple into circles so you can place them in the center of the slices. Serve these masterpieces on a platter for your guests to admire and devour!

26. Rose Petal Jelly

Grape jelly, move over. This jelly made from rose petals is sweet and floral, making it a romantic touch to otherwise boring buttered bread.

27. Cheesy Snacks 

Prepare a platter of cheese for your guests to enjoy. Include several different types of cheeses, as well as various kinds of crackers and foods for a great variety. Cut the cheese into thin slices and curl them around each other so that they look like roses!

28. Petal-Covered Cake 

Bake any type of cake you desire such as chocolate, vanilla, or spice. Use icing or frosting to decorate the cake. Add edible petals and flowers that you can form with the frosting. Your guests will appreciate such a beautiful DIY dessert!

We’re recommending a lot of tasty desserts here. Why not consider healthier alternatives?

29. Cute Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes that represent flowers! Use frosting to create petals and add edible sugar petals. For even more creativity, make a bee out of the frosting and stick it on each cupcake! You can also visit a local bakery to see if they have any sugar treats in the shape of a bee so you can add it to your cupcakes.

30. Bubbly Champagne

Serve some elegant champagne at your party so your guests can feel they are being pampered. This drink will taste wonderful with all the sweet treats you have in store for them!

31. Floral Drinks 

Make drinks that are named after flowers, such as Margaritas and Elderflower cocktails! These will create laughter among your guests as they try to think of other flower named drinks that you can prepare!

32. Blossom Sandwiches 

Cut two pieces of bread into flower-theme shapes with a cookie cutter. Cut a small hole in the middle of one piece by pressing a water bottle cap into it. Spread peanut butter and jelly onto the bread and stick the pieces together, placing the piece with a hole on top.


These are only a few ideas to get you started on your petal theme party. Add your own creative twists to make it unique. Set up and smell the flowers!

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