Pirate Theme Party

14 Ideas For A Pirate Theme Party

Looking to throw a pirate theme party but not sure how to get started? What sort of food to feed your guests, games to play, or favors to give? Look no further! Below you’ll find all your pirate party needs, including activities, themed favors, buccaneer games and menus that everyone will be sure to enjoy!

Pirate Theme Party Food

1. Seashell Shaped Food 

Whether it’s macaroni and cheese or just regular pasta, try to find seashell shaped food to go for an ocean theme. Additionally, you could decorate some cookies to match the theme. If you’d like to make it into an activity all your guests can enjoy, set out plenty of colored icing and let the kiddos go wild! It could even serve as a fun contest, with a small prize for the best ocean themed cookie. Of course, everyone gets to eat their entry cookie, so it’s a win-win!

2. Turkey Legs 

Pirates are known for their lack of table manners, so serve some messy finger food at your party like ribs or turkey and chicken legs. A friendly reminder that pirate diets, while exciting, were a little lacking in the nutritional area. Don’t forget to include some tasty and healthy finger foods, like fruit cups and veggie trays.

3. Cake 

No party is complete without cake! Try to decorate your cake with a pirate theme in mind. You might include blue icing, a boat cake topper and a saying such as “aye matey.” You can decorate the cake yourself or go to your local bakery and find out if they do any pirate themed cakes.

Don’t forget health conscious desserts as a possible option! We have quite a few recommendations that you can incorporate into your party.

4. Goldfish

Who doesn’t love yummy Goldfish crackers? These fishy treats are a perfect pirate food! You could also offer some Swedish fish, and any other fish or mermaid-themed food.

Pirate Theme Party Favors

5. Pirate Gear

Go to your local party store and try to find an assortment of party hats and eye patches to give to your guests! If you’re trying to save some money, you might be able to make them into an activity during the party! You could use them as prizes to the victors of your pirate games, or create a fun treasure hunt with these accessories as the “booty”.

6. Pirate Booty 

Give your guests a bag of pirate “booty” to take home. To do this, grab small bags and put in plenty of chocolate and candy. A great in-theme addition to the pirate “booty” is the popular chocolate wrapped to look like a gold coin! To add to the theme, consider decorating the bag with pirate themed stickers.

7. Temporary Tattoos 

Most party stores will have a section of pirate themed favors, stickers, or tattoos. Go to your local party store and see what sort of pirate themed favors they have that you can give to your guests. Of course, party stores can be a bit expensive. You might have better luck finding budget-friendly party favors in the party aisle of a local grocery store or general store.

8. Plush Parrot

Parrots are an iconic part of pirate lore! A stuffed toy parrot, parrot keychain, or parrot-decorated cookie would make for an excellent take-home gift. Plush parrots make great decorations around the venue, too!

9. Invitations

Get creative with your invitations! Guests are sure to love a bottled message if you have some bottles on hand, or you could design a “treasure map” message outlining all the necessary party information and hyping up some of the fun activities you have planned.

Pirate Theme Party Games & Activities

10. Face Painting 

Hire a face painter for your party! Have the painter make all your guests into pirates by drawing eye patches on them and/or other pirate accessories! If you’d like to save some money on entertainers, this is a great way to get a talented older sibling involved.

11. Treasure Hunt 

Create a scavenger or “treasure” hunt for your buccaneers by hiding small prizes around the party. Give them clues in pirate talk! For a more challenging hunt, give them only the first clue and sprinkle the rest of the clues at the checkpoints along the way. Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than solving a challenge and seeing a pile of goodies at the end!

12. Plank Walk 

To set up a plank walk, simply draw a “plank” on the sidewalk in chalk and have the children all try to walk or hop along it without stepping outside of the lines. To make it even more difficult, put certain “obstacles” in their way like blow up alligators and ships.

Want to take your pirate themed party to the next level? Check out these ideas for a creative ocean themed party and see what elements you can incorporate!

13. Beach Party

If you’d like to go the extra mile, consider hosting the party at a nearby lake or beach! The scenery will really immerse guests in the pirate theme, and the venue allows for plenty more fun pirate games. Challenge your guests to create paper boats and hold contests for things like “biggest boat to float”, “boat that floated for the longest”, “boat that made it the furthest”, and more! If you don’t live close to a large body of water, there’s still ways to add to your venue. A sandbox is a perfect touch, and the paper boat races will work just as well in a large kiddie pool.

14. Dress-up

Pirates weren’t exactly remembered for their great hygiene, but they did manage to create some fashionable and timeless looks! Let guests know they can dress up as a pirate for the day. Play pirate music in the background or show a kid-friendly pirate TV show or movie during downtime. Don’t forget to offer plastic swords to complete their ensemble!


We hope these ideas spark your creativity and inspire you to create the best pirate party for your loved one! If your pirate party is for young kiddos, trust us, you’ll want as many games and activities planned as you can. Having several games going on at once will be extra helpful as well, so that kids don’t have to wait to join an activity. Invite parents or ask some sitters to help chaperone for the day, depending on the size of your party. Happy sailing and best of luck!

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