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11 Unique Prom Decorations

Depending on what the theme of your school’s prom is, there are so many different ideas for decorations. However, there are a few prom decoration ideas that the planning committee can incorporate to make the night magical and special regardless of the theme.

Top 11 Prom Decorations

1. Projector Pictures

This is a great way to decorate your prom. A projector is something that you can continue to use at proms in the years to come. Announce to students that there will be a projector highlighting them at prom. Make an email that students can send their pictures to so that they can be showcased on the projector screen. You don’t have to have a screen to project the pictures onto, any wall will do!

2. Photo Booth

Find a local vendor that rents out photo booths so that the guests at the prom can take silly pictures to remember the night. You will even be able to customize the bottom of the film strip to say the year. This is a wonderful and special keepsake that students will hold onto.

3. DIY Photo Booth

If a photo booth is too much to rent, consider making your own version of it. Have a solid backdrop and many props that guests can choose from. Students can take photos with their own cell phones to share and post. Be sure that you have a volunteer or faculty watching over this station so that none of the props find their way to the dance floor or out the door.

4. Balloon Arch

Create a balloon arch that matches the theme for students to walk through when they arrive at prom. This will be a great photo opp for the students and will get guests excited as soon as they walk through the door.

5. Red Carpet

There is nothing like walking down a red carpet as soon as you get to prom to feel like royalty. The red carpet can double down and be used for the prom court to walk down as their names are announced.

Edible Prom Decorations

From dessert tables to snow cone machines, here are some delicious ideas that you can use to decorate your prom. There are so many themes and so many edible decoration ideas, don’t be afraid to search the internet for some unique ideas. For the most part, these are pretty generic ideas that you can use to sweeten up your prom decor while keeping it a very tasteful night.

6. Walking Candy Bag

Once prom is over, there will be high volumes of people trying to leave at once. If the guests have a sweet tooth, give them a goodie bag to fill up with their favorite candy on their way out. Purchase these small clear treat bags that students can fill up with whatever they’d like. If you purchase somewhat small bags, it will limit the amount of candy that each student takes.

7. Cotton Candy

If you are having a carnival theme prom, a cotton candy machine is great to invest in. Whether your school has the money in the budget to purchase one because they could use it for other events or if you rent one for the night, a cotton candy machine is a great touch. Have several flavors that students can choose from.

8. Dessert Table

 A dessert table can be easily dressed up to go along with the theme of the prom. Have all the generic desserts such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. If you want to incorporate some less generic desserts, you can use desserts such as cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, candy rocks, and chocolate-dipped marshmallows.

9. Snow Cone machine

Consider buying a snow cone machine for your prom. This is similar to buying a cotton candy machine. It will satisfy the guests’ sweet tooth while creating a tropical atmosphere. Buying a snow cone machine is a really good investment for the school as well.

10. Candy Confetti

Instead of buying confetti to go on tables that won’t ever go to use, you can use a colorful candy in place of table confetti. Depending on the theme of the prom, you can choose different candies to scatter on the tables. For example, if the theme of your prom has gold in it, you could use gold truffles. If your prom has different theme colors other than gold, Hershey’s kisses can be wrapped in almost any color.

11. Food Fortunes

Since prom is held at the end of the year, send the students home with hopeful messages about their future endeavors. The prom planning committee can get together and think of a handful of messages to print out and add to cupcakes being served at prom. To do this, make the cupcake as normal, and before frosting, gently push the fortune down into the cupcake. Cover the top with icing and what your guests enjoy their fortune as they eat.


Prom decorations don’t have to break the budget every year. There are some things that you can invest in as a school to make more money in the long run. Super extravagant and expensive decorations are not necessary for the high school prom. Students are more concerned with spending time and celebrating with their friends than they are about every intricate detail. If you have good food, good music, and a couple of good photo ops, you will have some happy high schoolers.

Written by Amanda Breivogel, Jessica Clark, and Mackenzie Tolrud

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