21 Great Purple Theme Party Ideas

It’s hard finding the perfect motif for your next party. Instead of trying to find some extreme theme, try a simple color theme. Whether you are planning for a birthday party or a themed one. A purple theme party is great for adults and children of all ages. It’s a simple and fun theme that can be used in so many ways. 

Purple Theme Party Decorations

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If you’re a purple fanatic it is your time to shine and deck out your party with purple everything! Be sure to download our party checker and money-saving tool! Below are some ideas for purple party decorations.

1. Purple Paper Lanterns 

Hang tissue paper lanterns* from the ceiling for a unique decoration. Lanterns can be used for future parties.

2. Purple Streamers 

Use different shades of purple to give the room more dimension. Layer the streamers* on the ceiling or wrap them on banisters.

3. Chair Sashes 

Dress up the chairs with a purple sash* or bow tied across the back. 

4. Purple Floral Arrangements 

Choose purple flowers like Cosmos and Pansies or fake purple flowers* to create centerpieces and scatter throughout the room. 

5. Purple Tinted Lighting

Switch out the light bulbs with purple bulbs* to give the room a purple tint. This is also perfect for a black light. You can turn all the lights off and have people come dressed in white or neon colors. 

Purple Theme Party Favors

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Finally, top it off with purple party favors that will keep your guests thinking about the color purple. Need inspiration for gift ideas? Check out these favor ideas.

6. Gift Bags

Purchase clear bags and add a touch of purple tissue paper*. You can then fill it with an assortment of purple candies and other party favors. Tie it off with a piece of purple ribbon.

7. Feather Boas

Give each of your guests a purple feather boa*. This will be a great addition to their purple costume and is easy to buy in bulk. 

8. Purple Jewelry

Hand out purple necklaces*, bracelets*, or rings* to your guests as they leave. Other accessories, like scarves* or bags*, would make great party prizes, as well. 

9. Lavender Scent bags

Buy lavender sachets* for your guests. Lavender is very relaxing and multipurpose. They can hang it in their car or their bathroom. You can even crush up the lavender buds to make soaps or a very fancy bubble bath! 

10. Purple cookies

Order customized cookies* with your name in purple frosting. Everyone will love the cookies and remember this day as they gobble down these tasty treats.

Purple Theme Party Activities

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Set the mood with games and activities that will implement the purple theme.

11. Tie-Dye Activity

Purchase shirts*, bandanas, bags*, and other apparel for your guests to tie-dye. You can choose to keep the colors in the violet family or set aside the theme for this activity.

12. Purple Wardrobe Contest

Note on the invitation that guests should arrive in the most overwhelming purple outfit they can put together. Hold a contest to see who put together the best costume and announce the winner at the party.

13. Purple Mani-Pedis 

Transform your party into a manicure station offering a wide assortment of purple nail polish*. You can give mani-pedis to all your guests. If it’s an option, offer special touches and designs to the polish.

14. “Don’t say it” Game

The “don’t say it” game is usually played at events like baby showers. The goal is to not say a specific word that the host stipulates. This word would be “purple”. Everyone starts with a purple bead necklace*. If someone catches another person saying the word purple, then that person can take the other’s purple necklace. By the end of the party, the person with the most necklaces will win a prize!

Purple Theme Party Menu

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It is easy to fill your table with purple food to match the theme of your party. Go through your local grocery store and grab anything purple off the shelves. To get you started, use the purple theme menus and violet party food ideas listed below.

15. Berries and Grapes Tray 

Place purple-colored fruits, such as blueberries, blackberries, black cherries, and grapes, on a platter. You can even make a bowl* of dip and color it purple for a fun touch. Have some greek yogurt* and granola* so guests can make a parfait.

16. Cotton Candy

Get purple cotton candy and serve it to your guests. It can also be served in decorative glass cups if you want to dress it up a little. You can also leave the fluff out in glass bowls as a pretty decoration, but remember it will lose some of its fluff once it hits the air. Parties could always use some cotton candy! 

17. Purple Frosted Baked Goods 

To give your dessert a purple touch, frost your cupcakes, cookies, and cake in purple icing. Menus are always equipped with cupcakes! Ube is a fantastic flavor you can introduce to your friends.

18. Purple Paper Cones 

Find a thick lavender paper* and shape it into a cone to hold snacks. It is easy to fold together, and the perfect way to serve pretzels, popcorn, and other treats. 

19. Purple Ketchup 

You can find this special at some grocery stores. It would be a fun condiment to add to your course if you can get your hands on it. It can be fun to color your food in a different color for a change. 

20. Purple Tortilla Chips 

Purchase the colored tortilla chips* to serve as a snack at the party. These will be a creative way to serve a simple party favorite. 

21. Purple Fruit Juice

Serve grape juice*, purple punch*, grape soda*, and other violet-tinted refreshments to complete the meal. Many drinks can easily be made purple if you are set on serving a particular beverage.


A purple theme party is the perfect kind of party for a purple fanatic. It won’t be hard to find purple items because this person will surely have many already on hand. I hope these ideas have inspired some purple thoughts of your own. Good luck at your next party and I hope this article has given you a lot to choose from.

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Writer: Jessica McNellis; Contributors: Samantha Shek and Nitchell Royce Legaspi