Quinceanera Decorations

10 Important Quinceañera Decorations

So, your girl’s special day is coming up: a day of elegant dresses, ceremonies, dancing, and a court of family and friends to escort her into womanhood. No, we aren’t talking about her wedding. It’s time for her quinceañera!

If you’ve clicked on this article, you probably don’t need us to explain what a quinceañera is (but if you are lost, here is a great resource). Of course, a young lady’s 15th birthday is a momentous occasion, and momentous occasions call for extraordinary quinceañera decorations. Not sure where to start? We got you covered: here’s our list of unique quinceañera decorations that are sure to get your creative juices flowing as you plan the party of her dreams.

Top Quinceañera Decorations and Party Ideas

Top Quinceañera Decorations and Party Ideas

1. Pick a Theme

Does the young honoree have a favorite color, interest, or movie? Incorporate that into the theme of the evening! Carefully pick out a color scheme and stick to it, because it gets integrated into everything – tablecloths, the backs of chairs, the dresses of the damas, even the food! Popular colors these days include rose gold, lavender, Cinderella blue, and deep purple. Pick one and accent it with white/cream, silver, or gold. The contrast makes for elegant and striking decorations.

2. Light the Night

Lighting is everything, dear readers. Pick a venue with beautiful and adequate lighting: many event venues have elegant chandeliers that integrate well into a formal event like a quinceañera. To create a dainty yet elegant atmosphere, use twinkling lights to outline the venue’s entryway and windows. You can also purchase paper lanterns from any party suppliers to hang from the ceiling, especially in outdoor areas. As always, make sure the colors fit the theme! 

3. Colorful Tableware

If appropriate, use fun colored plates and glasses to add flair to the dinner table. If you’d rather opt for glassware, many vendors offer multicolored glassware in exciting shapes. Make sure to research ahead of time how to set the table properly, as a formal table setting adds to the elegance of the evening.

4. Fine Flowers

Flowers are always a popular party decoration, but they feel especially perfect for a special young girl’s coming-of-age party. Flowers can be an excellent addition to centerpieces, chairs, wall decorations, or even just strewn on the table. For a twist, pull the petals off the flowers to use instead. Sprinkle petals in the entryway to create a grand entrance.

5. Little Lamps

Purchase miniature lamps from craft or department stores. If you can’t find lamps that match your theme, pull out your crafty side, and purchase plain lampshades to dress up yourself. You can use ribbon, sequins, beads, and flowers to add accent pieces to the lamps. Set the lamps on decorative tables and around the room to make the space feel brighter and more inviting.

6. Dazzling Centerpieces

This is a formal event – don’t be afraid to go all out on your centerpieces! These will be looked at the most throughout the evening, so pick your designs carefully. We’re big fans of vases or glassware filled with beads, flowers, or fairy lights. If your color scheme is warmer, consider a false tree strung with fairy lights! Such a large statement piece is usually appropriate for decorative tables (as opposed to dining tables). Faux ice sculptures are popular centerpieces for quinceañeras with wintry color schemes. Whatever you decide, get creative!

7. Memory Frames

Purchase colorful picture frames from any craft or department stores. Fill the frames with pictures of friends, family, and important moments from the honoree’s life. You can scatter the pictures around the room, or place all of the pictures from one year in a specific area. It’s a simple and classic way to celebrate the young princess’s accomplishments in her first 15 years.

8. Creative Guest Book

Guest books are a great way to keep track of who’s who and what’s where, especially for the reminiscing days to come. Though traditional write-in guest books are elegant and appropriate, consider different options for guests to write notes. One retailer is offering a Connect Four-style guest book, where guests write their names and a note on a wooden circle and add it to the game board as if they were playing Connect Four. Other ideas include writing notes to hang on a tree (remember the centerpiece suggestion from earlier?) or leave in a card box.

9.Card Box

Speaking of card boxes, who said it had to be a box? Depending on your theme, you could opt for a wooden chest, an old suitcase, a birdhouse, or a converted fishbowl! It all comes down to color and theming – if it goes, then go for it.

10. Photo Booth Fun

This is her special day, and guests will want to remember it. Consider getting a photographer and setting up a photo booth. Because the occasion calls for an elegant setup (and not just some cloth background and props), carefully construct your backdrop for your photo booth. Some quince photo booths feature a wall completely adorned with flowers that compliment the honoree’s dress. Others feature chiffon curtains hung with fairy lights and decorated with beads and garlands. The possibilities are endless.


There you have it – a list of quinceañera decorations that will kickstart your creativity and give your girl the night of her dreams. It’s going to be amazing! If you’re looking for more tools, tips, and tricks, check out Easy Event Planning.

Written by Jessica Clark and Jillian Smith

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