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36 Fun Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for a colorful and exciting rainbow-themed baby shower for your soon newborn?  We have a complete guide from decorations, favors, activities to food for you to share this joy with your friends and families.

Rainbow Baby Shower Decorations

rainbow baby shower decorations
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1. Rainbow Balloon Garland

Balloons are a must in almost all parties. Consider adding rainbow balloon garland at the entry of the rainbow baby shower, above the snack table, or anywhere that would fit at your baby shower location. It looks fun and cheerful no matter you are holding the party outdoors or indoors. The most important thing is to have fun with the colors!

2. Doorway Rainbow

Doorway rainbow is a great decoration that does not only brighten up your party but also acts as a guidance and orientation of where the party is going to happen. It is the opening scene that leads your guests to engage and enjoy the activities that you planned.

3. Colorful Flowers

Flowers are great elements in any event. You can use all kinds of flowers, including real flowers, paper-crafted flowers, or plastic flowers depending on your preference. They are all cute and pretty that could add some elegant vibe to your rainbow baby shower theme.

4. Rainbow Photo Booth Backdrop

The photo booth is a must because it is an important day for you and for you to share your good news with friends and families. Rainbow backdrop creates a pretty background for your photos that help you remember this beautiful day. 

5. Sprinkle Votive Candles

Votive stands for the expression of a wish, which is exactly what you need for a baby shower. Sprinkles add the rainbow element that takes the decoration to the next level. You can add it anywhere, just make sure not to put easily flammable items nearby if you plan on lighting them up.

6. Rainbow Pom Pom

Rainbow pom pom is a great item for rainbow theme baby showers. You can place them on the snack table, hang them up somewhere, or use them anywhere that makes the decoration creative.

7. Colorful Balloon Box Decoration 

These balloon boxes are cute and great for decoration. You can assemble them in a tall tower, put them in a horizontal line, or a square.

8. Rainbow Runner

The rainbow runner is simple and eye-catching. You can decorate the place with ease as it can cover a huge space and set the tone of the party easily.

9. Rainbow Party Tutu Table Skirt

This tutu table skirt is perfect if you are trying to dress up a not so stylish table. For example, you can use a simple plastic folding table with this rainbow table skirt. It will not only make it pretty but also perfectly blend into the rainbow theme.

Rainbow Baby Shower Favors

rainbow baby shower favors
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10. Rainbow Gift Favor Box

Colorful gift box is suitable for any gift you are planning on giving out to the guests, especially for snacks and homemade desserts.

11. Rainbow Bubble Bar

Bubble bars shake up the notion of a liquid bubble bath, taking many different colors and forms to create a unique experience. It is an excellent idea for rainbow baby shower favors.

12. Rainbow Soaps

Rainbow soap is a practical party favor that matches the rainbow baby shower theme seamlessly. 

rainbow baby shower favors

13. Colorful Macarons

Macarons are one of the best gift choices as it is aesthetic and tasty. Dress the macrons with pretty boxes, and you are good to go. 

14. Rainbow Candles

Rainbow candles are great gifts that everyone would appreciate. You can either make your candles or buy them at the store. Whether it is a rainbow layer design or adding rainbow sprinkles to the candle, they would all fit the theme of the rainbow baby shower.

Rainbow Baby Shower Menu Ideas

rainbow baby shower menu ideas
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15. Rainbow Cupcake Tower 

Everyone loves cupcakes, so why not make it fun with colorful frosting. It is a good snack to grab and eat. If you are planning on inviting a lot of guests, this would be very convenient. Beyond the rainbow frosting, you can also use different colors of cupcake liners to present the rainbow theme ideas.

16. Donut With Rainbow Sprinkles

Donut is another popular dessert that everyone loves. You can simply buy them at stores and put them on elegant trays when you are serving them to the guests. The best option for donuts would be the ones with rainbow chocolate sprinkles to make the rainbow baby shower theme complete.

17. Rainbow Salad

Make a colorful salad to lighten up your food table if you want to add a healthier choice for your guests. You can use colorful bell peppers, purple cabbages, tomatoes, and any kind of greens to fit this dish right into the rainbow theme.

18. Candy Bar

A candy bar is the best effortless snack idea that can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. To match it with the rainbow theme, you can simply choose candies, such as skittles, m&m, lollipops, or jelly beans. If you would like, it is also great to mix the colorful chocolate with trail mix.

19. Rainbow Layer Cake

Rainbow layer cake is symbolic and you can use it as the big item that set the rainbow baby shower theme on your snack table. You can always use vanilla cake mix with food coloring if you don’t want to make it from scratch. 

20. Rainbow Sliders

Snack bars do not have to be filled with sweets. Mini burgers with rainbow buns are the perfect food idea for a baby shower. All it takes is a set of colorful food colorings to add to the dough. There is no limit to whether you prefer the classic beef burger, chicken sandwiches, or vegan, they would all work for these rainbow sliders.

21. Fruit Skewer

Fruit skewers are delicious and healthy. It adds a different kind of sweetness to the snack choices that your guests would love. Have fun with the combination. Since it is so easy to make, it will make planning this rainbow baby shower quick and easy but not taking away the quality.

22. Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie board is a classic at parties, and it is no different in events like a baby shower. You can put all kinds of food on a charcuterie board, such as cheese, salami, grapes, crackers, strawberries, and more to make the plate colorful.

23. Fruit Punch 

Fruit punch is refreshing and goes well with any food and snack choices. There is no limit in what flavor of fruit punch you want to make. There can even be multiple flavors depending on what you and your guests would enjoy. Some examples include tropical fruits, pink lemonade, or Hawaiian Punch.

Rainbow Baby Shower Games 

rainbow baby shower games
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24. Rainbow Balloon Dart Board 

The Balloon dart game is popular among all ages. It would be perfect if you have a slightly larger place to play it. Instead of filling the air in the balloons, you can also fill them up with water. It would make a mess, but it would also be worth the fun.

25. Guess the Baby Poll

There are many creative ways to play this “guess the baby poll” game depending on your situation. If you are combining a gender reveal party with the baby shower, you can make a poll to guess genders. Or if you have decided the name for the baby, you would make a poll for your families and friends to guess. This idea can be combined with any riddle-type game. It is easy and entertaining as long as you try to have fun with it.

26. Rainbow Egg Race

Rainbow egg race is a game that matches the theme of this rainbow baby shower seamlessly. For this game, you can choose either painted eggs or toy eggs. They are both fun and easy.

Rainbow Baby Shower Party Supplies 

rainbow baby shower party supplies
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27. Watercolor Rainbow Paper Dessert Plates

Disposable tableware is convenient and no doubt a must at any event. Just a simple click to purchase these rainbow-themed plates and silverware can perfect your rainbow baby shower.

28. Tie Dye Waterproof Bottle Labels

These tie dye water bottle labels are great to make simple water bottles much more fun. This product offers 20 in a pack at an affordable price. It would be cool to add the trendy tie-dye element to this theme party.

29. Rainbow Party Favor Bags

This rainbow party favor bag design is fantastic for any gifts you prepare to give to the guests. If you are not planning on giving gifts that directly relate to the rainbow theme, this would also be a great choice.

30. Colorful Flatware

Colorful flatware adds the rainbow theme beyond just decoration the atmosphere of the party. When everyone is using colorful spoons and forks, it takes the rainbow to each individual. Plus, this is an effortless decoration that does not require much expenses or time.

31. Rainbow Slap Bracelets

Rainbow slap bracelets are a good way to make your guests feel inclusive in your rainbow baby shower. You can choose to send it out with invitations or give them at the entrance of the party.

32. Rainbow Party Treat Bags

With snack bags, it is easy to sort snacks and convenient for guests to grab on the table. Consider using this rainbow party treat bag to avoid the hassle of distributing food.

Rainbow Baby Shower Invitations 

rainbow baby shower invitations
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33. Rainbow Diaper Raffle Ticket

These diaper raffle ticket invitations are the best way to ask your guests to bring a pack of diapers for the new baby. With each pack of diapers, the guest earns a raffle ticket to enter the drawing for a special prize at the baby shower.

34. Boho Rainbow Baby Shower Invitation Template

This boho rainbow baby shower invitation is elegant and cute. You can download it or print it out.

35. Colorful Sparkle Party Invitations

This is a rainbow themed invitation that is suitable for many different types of events. If you are not using all the invitations for this rainbow baby shower, you can also save them for other parties in the future.

36. Rainbow Invitations with Envelopes


I hope this list of ideas inspires you during the shower planning process. A great party would be a good start to share your joy with friends and family; however, if you feel overwhelmed, you can also hire a professional to plan the event for you.

Written by Tsaiyen Hu

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