Shopkins Birthday Party Ideas

10 Easy and Adorable Shopkin Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a child who loves Shopkin toys? Or maybe you’re stuck on a party event this year and are in need of a great birthday party idea? Well, don’t worry because below you will find some simple ways on how to throw a memorable party – that includes Shopkin’s! The ideas below feature Shopkin birthday party ideas and themes you can work with.

Top 10 Shopkin Birthday Party Ideas

10 Shopkin Birthday Party Ideas

 1. Party Favors

Having different types of party favors is what sets the mood for a great birthday. If timing and cost are your enemy, then you can buy plain t-shirts and paint Shopkins characters on them. Next, you should put each guest’s name on the t-shirts to make them feel more welcomed. 

2. Birthday Party Games

There is no real fun at a birthday party without some activities and games. You should include all sorts of games that kids will enjoy. There could be one activity called the “Googy Egg” station where kids design eggs however they would like to. The next game you should include is the “Egg Race” where kids balance eggs on top of spoons and whoever’s egg falls off first loses!

3. Jewelry Party Favors

You have the opportunity to get creative here and the sky is your limit. If you have time, then create some necklaces and bracelets for your guests. Nowadays, almost every grocery store has all of the supplies that you need such as beads and yarn. 

 4. Hot Air Balloon Party Favors

If you want to add something special to your birthday party, then include some hot air balloon party favors. You can start off by buying some yellow or purple balloons. Next, find some mini baskets that you can attach to the bottom of the balloons. Finally, the outside of the baskets will need some Shopkins stickers placed onto them. Lastly, the inside can be filled with some candy, mini toys, etc.

 5. Lippy Lips Party Favors DIY

If you want to get creative you should make some Lippy Lips. First, you will need to buy certain stickers that can create some eyes, nose, and lips. Next, find some pencil holders that look appealing to you. Lastly, use the pencil holders to create the Lippy Lips character!

6. Kookie Cookie

You can never go wrong with having some cookies for a birthday party. Bake some chocolate chip cookies and place some edible googly eyes on them!

 7. Miniature Shopkins Pinatas

Pinatas are definitely one of the most fun items at any birthday party. First, you can order a pinata in the shape of any Shopkins character. Next, fill it up with some candy and stickers that the kids will enjoy!

 8. Miniature Ice Cream Treat Erasers

If you need something to place into your gift bags for the guests, then include some ice cream treat erasers. Normally, local markets have Shopkins themed erasers.

 9. Shopkin Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are what each kid looks forward to every night. You should add some customized bath bombs to the gift bags. A lot of grocery stores sell bath bombs and you could buy whichever ones you liked. Lastly, decorate the bath bombs into different Shopkins characters.

 10. Shopkins Bracelets

When you are making the gift bags make sure to include some Shopkin bracelets. You will need to buy some beads, yarn, strings, and Shopkin charm pieces. Lastly, create the bracelets however you would like to!


Trying to plan a Shopkin theme Birthday is not easy but it’s totally manageable. When you find the right ideas then everything else comes together on its own. I hope these Shopkin birthday party ideas were what you were looking for and sparked your imagination!

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