Sleepover Party Ideas

37 Exciting Sleepover Party Ideas

Are you missing your best friends from school this summer break? Hosting a dream theme sleepover party will give you the perfect occasion to catch up over a dreamy bonfire and some s’ mores. You could even send out invites to all the kids in your class and turn it into a big old pajama party!

Our ideas can create the most fun and fantastic dream-theme parties for people of all ages, whether in-person or through an online platform, which is highly recommended for bigger groups. Stay up till dawn, sipping on wine or hot cocoa (choose your poison!), and watch the beautiful sunrise using our guide to create the most magical party ever. Complete with out-of-the-world decorations and menu ideas and even games!

37 Exciting Dream Theme Sleepover Party Ideas

Dream Theme Sleepover Party Invitations

1. Happy Cloud Invites

Set up your dream theme sleepover party by sending out these ridiculously cute and perfectly on-brand happy-cloud invites to your guest-list. You can make these yourself by printing out colored sheets of paper with designs of animated clouds on them or even paint fluffy clouds on blank sheets yourself. Using golden glitter pens and markers, scribble down the party information on these cards and send out the invites in baby blue colored envelopes to complete the dreamy look. If you’re not super interested in DIYs and are comfortable spending extra money, you could even buy personalized happy cloud invites made by professional artists for a more sophisticated touch. 

2. Sing me a Lullaby Invites

If you’re looking for a more out-there and unusual dreamy invitation idea that would cost you absolutely nothing and would only require a couple hours of effort, you could even send out video invites. You could use existing videos of lullabies and dreamy songs, preferably animated ones to create a very ethereal effect, downloaded from the internet and edit them using free video editing software. You would only have to create a cute frame at the end with the party information and merge it into the video. And voila, you’ll have created your own unique dream party invites that you can just email to your friends! Don’t forget to give credit to the original video artist!

Safety Recommendation – In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we recommend that you maintain the highest level of safety possible by virtually sending out evites to all your guests. If you choose to create your own physical invitations and send them out, ensure that you do this while keeping the highest standard of sanitization possible. Wear gloves throughout the process of creating and sending out these invitations to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Is your sleepover party also a housewarming one? If so, then you’ll want to take a look at this checklist to ensure that your party is a great success! We also have a slumber party checklist and slumber party budget.

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Venues

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Venues

3. Dreamy Dwelling: 

The most convenient place to host a sleepover would be your own house, considering that you will need to organize beds for everyone to sleep in. This will also save you the cost of renting out a venue, but beware it will potentially mean a considerable cleanup for you the morning after. Considering the extensive safety precautions, you will need to take if you decide to host the party at your house, we recommend choosing this venue for a smaller group of people.

You can ask your guests to keep their masks on throughout the night, carry their own food and sleeping bags, and take extra precautions like sanitizing the area every few hours to prevent contamination. It might be ideal to host the party in an isolated section of your house to keep the rest of your family or house’s residents safe. This will also make sanitizing the area after the party is much more manageable.

Need a checklist for your house party? We’ve got you covered.

4. Farmers Night Out:

If you don’t live in a house big enough to accommodate all your guests, we have the most dreamy venue idea for you! Rent out a local farm in the countryside to give your guests the best night of their lives under the glow of a thousand rural stars.

You could spend the night counting sheep in the night sky, huddled up around a natural bonfire, and feasting on some scrumptious cake. Instead of arranging for beds, you could ask all your guests to come along with their own sleeping bags so you could sleep outdoors, snuggling with nature. Especially if you’re city-folk, this sleepover party would be a dream come true for many of your guests!

You can easily find local farms and rustic barns open for renting by visiting our website. Hosting the party in an isolated region might increase safety. However, you must be sure to inquire about the renter’s hygiene and sanitization policies. Additionally, if you have a bigger group of people, renting a farmhouse with rolling fields will allow your entire group to safely social distance from each other while also enjoying the night together.

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Decorations

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Decorations

Irrespective of whether you choose to have a virtual or in-person party, you can use these decoration ideas to glam up your space. If you do have a virtual party, you can use these ideas to create the perfect party atmosphere for you, even in the absence of your guests. And, if you do choose to have an in-person party, it is again essential for you to be extremely safe and careful, and you should remember to use gloves as well as sanitizers.

To help you stay organized with your party planning details, check out our budget sheet and party checklist.

5. Colors

Decorate your venue using pastel pinks, lulling blues and mint greens. The color scheme you choose will ensure that your dream party has the perfect atmosphere to soothe your guests into the most calming sleep of their lives!

6. Lighting

Since your theme is centered all-around nighttime, you can create a very mystical and captivating atmosphere by keeping the lights permanently dimmed. If you’re willing to spend the extra money, you should also look into renting a miniature smoke machine, which is sure to transport your guests to dreamland!

7. Dress Code – Pajamas!

Ask all your guests to come dressed strictly in their nightly best! Flannel pajamas and comfy vibes will make your sleepover party incomparably memorable. Are you in need for some brand new pajamas for your party? You shouldn’t settle with an old pair; there’s a lot of options out there!

8. Fluffy Cloud Cutouts 

Create your own floating clouds to transform your venue into dreamland! Use colored construction paper or bendable Styrofoam supplies to create strings of cloud shapes, which you can then hang up using invisible nylon threads. Tips to make these clouds look real are to top them with fluffy pieces of multicolored cotton and sparkles!

If you’re willing to invest a little extra time and effort into these decorations and love DIYs, you could even construct clouds using a colored cloth. You should first cut two identical pieces of cloud-shaped fabric and then stitch them together, leaving a tiny hole from which you can stuff in the polyester toy stuffing. Create strings of these to give your venue the most magical vibe possible!

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System

Make your dreamy sleepover party radiant by putting up glow-in-the-dark stars and planet stickers on your ceiling and walls. These will be the perfect ornaments to set the mood for the night as you party under the glimmer of the stars! Don’t forget to find a ceiling sticker of the moon to complete the look.

10. Stunning Dream-Catchers, Fairy Lights and Streamers 

Generously hang streamers and dream-catchers all over the room, twisting different colors together as you go for a dramatic effect. Guests will be transported to a fabulous dreamland at your party! 

11. Colorful Confetti

Scatter all sorts of colorful confetti onto your tabletops to bring your table settings to life!

12. Instead of Tables and Chairs

You can offer beanbags and large pillows as resting places. Get creative with your seating arrangements, as long as it’s comfortable and appropriate!

13. Basket of Stuffed Animals 

Not all kids are comfortable sleeping away from home, so what better way to make them more comfortable than giving them a stuffed animal to cuddle with. This is great for all ages of kids because everyone likes snuggles at night! It can be used as a decoration during the party, and then when bedtime comes, everyone can grab their favorite animal from the basket.

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Games and Activities 

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Games and Activities

All activities for your dreams theme parties should revolve around making dreams and wishes come true. This list of sleepover and dream games and activities will serve as a guide to make your party a success

14. Interesting Interpretations 

An excellent idea for dream parties is to create a private “Dream Teller” booth and, one-on-one, interpret guest’s dreams (make sure they are happy readings) by consulting an online dream database. Print out meanings from the database beforehand and create a “Dream Handbook,” complete with old looking pages and a vintage style cover for a mystical touch. Have a crystal ball as well! This fun activity can safely be done while maintaining distance from each other as it requires no contact. 

15. Bouncing Bonanza 

Nothing says dreamy like floating and bouncing in the air! Rent a giant bounce house or purchase a trampoline for guests to “soar” in. Encourage guests to jump high and reach their dreams! Make sure someone is supervising your guests’ activities at all times. You should limit the number of guests on the trampoline at any given time and sanitize it between turns. Moreover, ask guests to wear masks, gloves, and socks to ensure the utmost safety and hygiene. Trampolines and other bouncing bonanza related goods are conveniently being sold at online retailers.

16. Sand Art Wishes 

Create bottled sand art (kits can be found at any craft store), and call the sand “fairy dust.” When the bottles are halfway full, have guests write down their hopes and dreams on small slips of paper, drop them in, and then continue filling. You can also drop small charms inside the bottles and ask guests to make a wish. This can be done safely by preparing a sand art kit for each guest and placing them at safe distances to create stations for each person.

Make sure each guest gets all of their own materials and that anything that is not used is thrown out immediately. Ask all your guests to use a face mask and gloves and take home the bottled art as a favor. 

17. Calming Candles 

In the evening, have guests place (already lit) floating candles in your pool or fountain. Have them make a wish upon sending the candle away. Everyone will marvel at the beauty of all the candles floating above the water together. Keep ready a candle for each guest with their name on it, so there is no cross-contamination. Ask guests to place the candles in the pool while being at safe distances, and while taking out the candles the next morning, you should make sure to use gloves and thoroughly sanitize the pool.

18. Marvelous Movie

Watch an inspiring and dreamy film, such as a classic animated fairy tale that everyone is familiar with. Ideas for the movie should include positive choices and make everyone feel cheerful at the end. If your backyard is big enough to accommodate all your guests, you can rent out a projector and watch the movie outdoors! Watching the movie outdoors will also allow you all to social distance from each other.

19. Fancy Fireflies 

Catch fireflies outside using clear jars. Turn it into fun party games: whoever catches the most or finds the brightest fireflies wins a small prize. Decorate the outside of the jars with glitter and ribbons while maintaining the highest standard of hygiene and using gloves. Also, ensure that each guest gets their own jar, which they can take home as a favor. This activity is doable in the spring and summertime

20. Glamorous Makeover

This is a great party game for a girl sleepover. Have girls break off into pairs, and one of the girls has to wear a blindfold. The girl wearing the blindfold has to attempt to apply makeup to her partner. The results of this messy makeup are great!

21. Spin the Nail Polish

Why paint your nails in the color you always use? This is a great game that can get your guests to try something new. All you need for this game is an old board game spinner and different nail polish colors. A girl spins, and the pointer points to one nail polish that she gets to use. It is also a great way to make sure everyone is fair!

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Menus

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Menus

Health Advisory – It is absolutely recommended that you ask your guests to bring their own food to the party. You can use our list of themes menu ideas to guide their creations. If you choose to cook food for all your guests, laying it all out as a buffet is not advised. Make sure you have disposable plates and cutlery for your guests’ use and prepare the food with the utmost level of hygiene.

22. Pleasant Punch 

Add some delicious punch to your menu by blending sorbet, fruit juices, and fizzy drinks together. Call it “Sweet Dreams Potion.” If your party consists of mostly adults, you can create a spiked punch mixed with vodka or any other alcohol of your choice. 

23. Moon Milkshakes 

Create milkshakes in everyone’s favorite flavors – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and candy bar flavor ideas. Call them “moon milkshakes” and top each one with a bar of single moon-shaped chocolate or sugar cookies.

We’re recommending a lot here – but why not take a look at healthier alternatives too?

24. Fabulous Fruit 

Get creative with this one! On a platter, serve star fruit, “moon” shaped tangerine wedges, etc. Give each fruit a fun and edgy name, such as Starry Strawberries. 

25. Creative Cookies 

Serve sugar cookies shaped like moons, clouds, stars, rainbows, and planets at your theme parties. Sprinkle them with colorful, edible glitter and add some small candies as well. Guests can also get artsy by icing the cookies and decorating them on their own. 

26. Dreamy Pizza 

Have a “make your own pizza” bar, and allow your guests to add their own toppings to mini pizzas and create their ideal “dream pizzas.” You can have savory as well as dessert pizzas.

27. Cosmic Cake 

The cake should embody the night sky – complete with shooting stars (dusted with edible glitter), the moon, and much more. Create these figures out of fondant. Or, create a cake shaped like a giant smiling moon.

28. Breakfast Bar 

Greet your guests the next morning after your sleepover with a mini breakfast bar! Provide smoothie shots, moon, and star-shaped pancakes, moon-shaped sausages, etc. You can also make biscuits, muffins, and other delicious food. 

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Favors

Dream Theme Sleepover Party: Favors

29. Dream Catchers

These classic symbols for dreams are unique and real prizes to have. Guests can hang them up above their beds when they sleep, or just about anywhere! Personalize them with guests’ names, if possible.

30. Cosmic Candies

Star-shaped lollipops, chocolates, and other galactic shaped edible goodies are great treats for your guests.

Need even more ideas on treats and goodies that you can make yourself? Take a look at our recommendations. As well as gift ideas if for a birthday party event.

31. Fantastic Fairy Wands

Little children can make their own wishes and dreams come true with their very own light-up wands! Purchase them at toy stores. Include stickers and rhinestones that guests can personalize their wands. 

32. Glow in the Dark Goodness 

Wall stickers and erasers are only some of the countless glowing items that typically come in a shooting star, moon, and planetary shapes. There’s a lot of glow in the dark related products out there to choose from!

33. Sassy Stickers

Metallic star stickers or 3D puffy cloud stickers are among just a few of many sticker ideas you can give to guests. You can also give away temporary tattoos. 

34. Kaleidoscopes

Mini kaleidoscopes can be found in most party stores. Guests will love the nonstop fun and uniqueness that these toys bring! Paint “Your Name’s Party” on each one. 

35. Mini Pop-Up Fairytale Storybooks 

Fairy tales will remind your guests of fantasy and dreams. Mini, pocket-sized books are adorable and thoughtful theme favors that guests will surely keep.

36. Hot Chocolate 

Everyone will love some “Sweet Dreams Hot Cocoa Mix” (attach a label to each mix with this fun name)! Be sure to include some marshmallows! 

37. Planetary Mini pillows 

Hand out a small star or cloud-shaped pillows. Have guests’ names or significant anagrams of their first names stitched into his or her pillow. Make sure they are cozy and comfy for guests to lie on at your parties! 

If you decide to give your favors out in-person, you must wear gloves while preparing them and handing them out. If you are having a virtual party, you should consider mailing out your party favors.


There are so many dream theme sleepover party ideas to choose from! Regardless of the situation, there is bound to be a perfect idea for you. These ideas are sure to bring unique elements to your party no matter which idea you choose! Check out our other ideas perfect for a kid’s theme party.

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