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13 Fun Ideas for a Social Distance Halloween Party

Before we take a look at these fun ideas for a social distance Halloween party we want to give a fun fact! Halloween originated from an ancient festival called “Samhain” where people would wear costumes to scare off ghosts. Originally called “All Hallows Eve,” this spooky holiday was later given its modern-day name. Besides trick or treating, the best part of a kid’s Halloween is going to a Halloween party.

Even though this pandemic will still be active come October, the fall festivities can still live on with caution.  Need ideas of how to have fun while socially distant? Take a look at these 13 ways to still have fun at a Social Distance Halloween Party


Social Distance Halloween Activities

1. Pumpkin Hunt

Holding a pumpkin hunt is a great way for kids to compete without initiating close contact. Purchase some artificial Styrofoam mini pumpkins and scatter them across your yard/ an open space outside. This allows kids to go their separate ways while searching, so they will be able to stay six or more feet apart during the game (playing this game outside also decreases the chances of catching COVID). To spice up the game, give out little prizes to the kids who collect the most pumpkins.

2. Bobbing for Apples

To avoid everybody using the same bucket while bobbing for apples, kindly ask guests to bring their own buckets and apples (the bucket can be any size.) Have the contestants fill their own bucket with water and place 3 apples in each. The first person to get all three apples will be crowned the winner! To make the game last longer, you can make a bracket to determine the true champion! 

3. Pin the Nose

Find a poster or large picture of a witch, get some pins, and have everybody bring their own blindfold. Find a picture of an ugly nose online, and make a copy for every kid in attendance. Everyone should get their own pin. Have the kids tie their blindfolds themselves (demonstrate yourself, if they find themselves confused.) This variant of pin the tail on the donkey should end up being contact-free and plenty of fun!

Social Distance Halloween Party Favors

4. Make it Glow

Glow sticks are always good favor ideas when it comes to Halloween. You can get creative with the sticks by placing them inside balloons. With these balloons, you can have the kids draw Jack-o-lantern faces on them as well. 

5. Tiny Pumpkins

Mini pumpkins come in all different shapes and sizes; it is up to you to figure out which ones fit the party best. Look for ideas at your local convenience store– nothing is better than supporting small businesses. These tiny pumpkins, they can either be used for carving or decoration.  

6. Fangs

Fangs are sold across stores during the month of October. They are very cheap to buy and are a good accessory for pictures. 

7. Candy!

Candy is a necessity for Halloween, and a great favor for any season. Instead of just handing it out to your guests, create a candy table and supply paper Halloween trick- or-treat bags. Then your guests can explore the candy that’s on the table and decide which kind they want. If you go for this interactive option, make sure to place limits on the amount of candy every guest takes. 

8. Stickers

Kids love stickers!

9. Severed Fingers

Add some scare to goody bags with these fake fingers. Plastic spiders and bugs are another gross-out item kids love to hate! Hide them at the bottom of their bags for a taste of treat AND trick!

10. Bouncing Balls

Purchase some fall-themed bouncing balls– bonus points if they glow in the dark! This would be a nice small item for the kids to play with during a party. 

11. Punch Balloons

With these neon punch balloons, the kids will be able to entertain themselves by repeatedly punching these colorful balloons. 

12. Pins

Having Halloween-themed pins gives people an opportunity to decorate their bags, shirts, hats or fridges (if they’re magnetic). Keep a piece of the party with you all the time no matter where you travel. 

13. Slime

Oozy & ooey-gooey: slime is an excellent Halloween favor! 


We hope you enjoyed these fun ideas for a social distance halloween. A nice tip to remember is to get party favors that are packaged individually to avoid the spread of germs. Overall these ideas can be helpful for future halloween parties.

Written by Chelsea Muzar on May 2, 2013

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