St. Patrick's Day Party Checklist

St. Patrick’s Day Party Checklist

Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day Party with our St. Patrick’s Day Party Checklist!

There’s a bunch of details you’ll want to account for such as the food, venue, and decorations. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by it though. If you’re looking to put together a St. Patrick’s Day party and pull it off with flying colors, today’s your lucky day!

Easy Event Planning has created a list of tasks you’ll want to complete to get this event underway in time, and we have put them into an easy-to-use template so you can budget your time and have everything ready for the Irish holiday!

Reasons to Love Our St. Patrick’s Day Party Checklist


Add the day you will start planning along with the day you want to hold your party, and the sheet will automatically give each task a due date so that everything gets done in time! These tasks range from figuring out what drinks your friends will want during the party, to make sure your car is accessible when people start piling on the day of!

Visual Formatting

This sheet is conditionally formatted to help you easily see what tasks are the highest priority and what tasks still need to get done.

Did you figure out what food will be served? Whether you’ve decided on corned beef and cabbage or some other festive food, check the box in the column relating to food, and the row will turn green. This helps visually spot which tasks still need to be completed.

Is St. Patrick’s Day approaching quicker than you thought? If you start to approach a due date, it will turn yellow. If it passes without completion, it will turn red. This helps you easily determine what tasks should be a top priority.


If you are planning your get together with friends or family, you can easily share this sheet with them through Google Drive! That way, everyone can be on the same page with what tasks are being completed and by whom.

Valuable Links

This sheet includes links to helpful resources too!

Do you need to poll your guests so you know what drinks to order? There are links to websites for that.

Need to find a caterer that serves your favorite St. Patrick’s Day fare? Links to vendor pages are included to help you find the party professionals you need, whether it’s food, DJs, or rental companies.

When planning a party, it can be hard to keep track of your green! That is if you don’t have a budget in place. We created a budget sheet template just for St. Patrick’s Day parties too! A link is included in this sheet. Be sure to use it so you won’t get pinched!

Helpful Hints

  • Changing Tasks
    • Do you have something particular you want at your St. Patrick’s Day party that isn’t in the original tasks? You can overwrite an existing task with a different one, and it will have the same due date as the original.
    • If you want to keep all tasks and add new ones:
      • Choose a row within the checklist and right-click its row number, then select ‘insert one above/below’.
      • There are three cells in the new task box—merge them.
      • This new task won’t have an auto-scale due date that appears. You can add your own, and it will change yellow or red if the date comes or passes.
      • If you don’t add a due date, be sure to assign someone to the task right away!
    • If you want to get rid of a task altogether, simply right click on the row number and select ‘delete row’.
  • Assigning People
    • Planning with people can’t get much simpler with our template! Just add the name of who will be attending to each task in the ‘person assigned’ column. This also visually shows what tasks are still not attended to!
  • Filtering
    • When planning, it can be helpful to filter information for various reasons. To do so, click the triangular icon in the title cell of a column and choose the criteria. Here are a few questions you can answer:
      • What tasks are incomplete?
        • Select ‘False’ in the ‘Done?’ column.
      • What tasks are assigned to me?
        • Select your name in the ‘Person Assigned’ column.
      • What tasks do I have to complete myself?
        • Select ‘DIY’ in the ‘Task Type’ column.
  • Changing Due Dates
    • You can overwrite due dates if you want. Changed due dates will not auto-scale if you change event days, but the colors will change when the day is approaching or has passed.


As you can see, our checklist template could be your lucky charm this St. Patrick’s Day! Have fun planning your event and make sure everything is accounted for in time for the party by using it. This St. Patrick’s Day Party Checklist is easy to use, and simple to customize!

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