St Patricks Day Party Favors

6 Unique St Patricks Day Party Favors

Whether or not you’re Irish, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is always an enjoyable time. You want your guests to have fun at the party, and of course, you want it to be a memorable day. 

One way to make the memory last is by handing out unique giveaways at the end of the party. Impress your guests with these St Patricks Day Party Favors

St Patricks Day Party Favors

1. Leprechaun Bookmarks

Not only is this a gift that people will be sure to use, but if you have kids, it’s a gift they can help you make! All you will need for these St. Patty’s prizes are popsicle sticks, green felt or construction paper, orange string, glue and a permanent marker. The leprechaun’s body will be the popsicle stick, and you can cut out a hat and St. Patty’s clothes from the construction paper or felt to glue onto the body. Make 2 dots on the popsicle stick for the eyes and use the orange string to make the beard. For personalized giveaways add the guests’ name on the back. 

2. Lucky Blarney Stone

Search online to find a salt dough recipe to make into a good luck stone. Once you make the dough, form it into any shape you want, such as a four-leaf clover. You can also make the stone into a bracelet or necklace; just make sure you put a hole at the top to put string through. Put the prizes in a small box or bag. Make sure to include a small description of the meaning of the stone and the value of kissing it for good luck! 

3. St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough

Purchase green molding components or clay and pack them in plastic containers. Decorate the containers with stickers or ribbon. You can also get circular plastic containers and flip them over so the lid is on the counter. Paint the container green to resemble a leprechaun’s hat. Then, tie a black ribbon with a small gold square glued to it around the bottom of the container. 

4. Top of the Mornin’ Pencil Toppers

For these unique favors, you will need glitter, glue, green craft foam, pencils, scissors, shallow boxers and stickers. Sketch or trace the shape of a leprechaun’s hat or four-leaf clover onto the green foam paper. Cut two small slits into the foam where the pencil will be inserted. The slits should be pencil width horizontal and parallel lines. Decorate the hats or clovers and insert the pencil into the foam with glue on it. Poke the pencils into the shallow box to allow them to dry.

5. Bags of Money

Get little green or St. Patrick’s Day theme goodie bags and fill them with chocolate coins. Or to get a little more creative, buy mini plastic pots and fill those with the chocolate coins instead. You could give these out as little pots of gold for guests to take home and enjoy.

6. Theme Water Bottles

Encourage your guests to stay hydrated by decorating theme water bottles! Take regular water bottles and remove the original label. Then, design a nice and colorful St. Patrick’s Day graphic on your computer and print them out to replace the water bottle’s original label. You can even top off the bottles with little leprechaun hats to make them a little more festive. 


It’s always nice to get a little creative on the favors you give for your guests to take home. They will appreciate you for all the thought and work you put into the party, and be able to enjoy all the little gifts you’ve prepared for them. 

All of these ideas are simple and inexpensive to put together. You will be able to save money and put a little personal touch to all of the party favors. These are especially fun to give out for kids and younger guests as well. They will enjoy the goodies for how playful they are. 

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