St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

22 Creative St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Whether or not you’re Irish, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is always an enjoyable time. You probably want to have some good St. Patrick’s Day party ideas to liven up the mood! You want your guests to have fun at the party, and of course, you want it to be a memorable day.

One way to make the memory last is by handing out unique giveaways at the end of the party. Impress your guests with these St. Patrick’s Day activities, party favors, food ideas, and decorations. Keep reading for a fun, entertaining list of things to do on St. Patrick’s Day! You might want to manage your expenses as well, so consider downloading our expense tracker to do just that. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you have to go wild with your money!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas: Party Favors

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Party Favors
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1. Leprechaun Bookmarks

Not only is this a gift that people will be sure to use, but if you have kids, it’s a gift they can help you make! All you will need for these St. Patty’s Day prizes are popsicle sticks, green felt* or construction paper, orange string*, glue, and a permanent marker. The leprechaun’s body will be the popsicle stick, and you can cut out a hat and clothes from the construction paper or felt to glue onto the body. Make 2 dots on the popsicle stick for the eyes and use the orange string to make the beard. For personalized giveaways, add the guests’ names on the back. 

2. Lucky Blarney Stone

Search online to find a salt dough recipe to make into a good luck stone. Once you make the dough, form it into any shape you want, such as a four-leaf clover. You can also make the stone into a bracelet or necklace; just make sure you put a hole at the top to put a string through. Put the prizes in a small box* or bag*. Make sure to include a small description of the meaning of the stone and the value of kissing it for good luck! 

3. Bags of Money

Get little green or St. Patty Day-themed goodie bags and fill them with chocolate coins*. Or to get a little more creative, buy mini plastic pots* and fill those with the chocolate coins instead. You could give these out as little pots of gold for guests to take home and enjoy.

4. St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough

Purchase green molding components* or clay and pack them in plastic containers. Decorate the containers with stickers or ribbon*. You can also get circular plastic containers and flip them over so the lid is on the counter. Paint the container green to resemble a leprechaun’s hat. Then, tie a black ribbon with a small gold square glued to it around the bottom of the container. 

5. Top of the Mornin’ Pencil Toppers

For these unique favors, you will need glitter*, glue, green craft foam*, pencils, scissors, shallow boxes, and stickers. Sketch or trace the shape of a leprechaun’s hat or four-leaf clover onto the green foam paper. Cut 2 small slits into the foam where the pencil will be inserted. The slits should be pencil width, horizontal, and parallel lines. Decorate the hats or clovers and insert the pencil into the foam with glue on it. Poke the pencils into the shallow box to allow them to dry.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas: Food

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Food
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6. Themed Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Spice it up by making green punch, Shamrock shakes, or even Bailey’s Irish floats for some great Saint Patrick Day party food! Most of these drinks can be made without the alcohol as well! Simply omit the alcohol from the drinks for a kid-friendly version of each of the cocktails. There’s no reason this holiday can’t be enjoyed by children and adults alike! Get your Irish party on!

7. No-Bake Leprechaun Cookies

We know you have a thousand other tasks to do to make the perfect St. Patty’s Day party, so we included an easier idea (you’re welcome!). Gather a few boxes of Nutter Butters, depending on how many people you plan on hosting. In order to make the leprechaun’s beard and hat, stop by your local craft store and pick up green* and orange* candy melts (icing would also do, although it would be a bit messier). You will also want to pick up some chocolate chips for the eyes. Then you’re all set with some cute leprechaun cookies!

8. Rainbow Fruit Skewers

For a healthier option, include rainbow fruit skewers in the mix. These skewers should have a layer of melons, pineapple, berries, and grapes so that they are in a ROYGBIV order. Not only does this snack look wonderful, but it also tastes wonderful. As the Skittles commercial notoriously says, “Discover the rainbow, taste the rainbow.”

9. Gummy Snakes

Legend says that Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland?! To keep the fun in your Saint Patrick Day party food, give out gummy snakes *to your guests before they leave or make a dessert out of gummy snakes. It’ll be your own way of saying, “Get out of my house!”

10. Traditional Irish Meal

Traditions are meant to be upheld, so you should consider feeding your guests a traditional Irish meal. The most classic Irish dish may be corned beef and cabbage. This dish may be easiest if you are hosting a lot of guests, as it would be simple to serve buffet style. Another traditional Irish dish includes beef stew. This stew is made up of vegetables, beef, potato, and occasionally beer (oh, the Irish and the beer). Impress your guests and make one of these homemade meals!

11. Green Party Foods

Green party foods are a staple at any St. Patrick’s Day party. You can make any food or drink green if you try hard enough. Even if you try hard enough, I am not sure if the food or drink should have been made that color! However, for the purposes of this holiday, anything goes! Some colorful food and drinks that are sure to get you in the spirit include shamrock cookies, leprechaun lime drink, green popcorn, avocado crab boats, and lemon-lime punch. The list of green snack ideas could go on and on.

12. Irish Party Snacks

Whether you’re Irish or not, Irish party snacks can serve as great, little snacks throughout the party. If you wish, you could serve the food via appetizers. Either way, the guests are sure to enjoy them. Some great options for the snacks include mini shepherd’s pies, potato skin bites, and cabbage dumplings. Serve your guests however you like, and enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas: Games

st. patrick's day party ideas: games
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13. Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun

This game caters to all audiences, so no need to worry about that. To play, you should supply a face-covering material (e.g., eye mask*) and a printed out leprechaun hat to the guests. Before the party, you should print out a full-size leprechaun and tape it onto a wall. For more of an added fun, the adults are allowed to have a few drinks beforehand and see where the game leads them! Who doesn’t love games that include alcohol?!

14. Coin Toss

Test your guests’ throwing skills with a fun game of coin toss! Set out a pot*, and tell your guests to stand at least 10 feet from the pot. Supply them with a handful of gold coins*, and let the game begin! Whoever gets the most coins in the pot wins! This game could easily turn into one of the best St. Patrick’s Day games for adults out there: allow the guests to use their real coins for the toss. Whoever wins the game gets to keep the whole pot of coins. Play this version if you’re looking to bet some money!

15. Shamrock Bingo

Bingo is just the best. Shamrock bingo? Even better. Guests of all ages will enjoy this activity, guaranteed. It brings everyone together and encourages participation. Simply print out St. Patrick’s Day Bingo cards, and you’re all set to play!

16. St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

St. Patrick’s Day activities for all adults and children are hard to come across. A word search is certainly an all-ages activity. Although adults enjoy a good word search, children absolutely love them. If you want to keep the children at your party entertained while the adults are talking, give them a St. Patrick’s Day-themed word search*. I guarantee they’ll love it and stay entertained. Hint: print multiple versions of the word searches to keep them entertained throughout the day. Just like the coin toss is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day games for adults, this is one of the best St. Patrick’s Day games for kids!

17. Minute to Win It

We all know that the marshmallow pieces in Lucky Charms* are the best pieces. What better to do than make it a game of separating these pieces from the normal cereal pieces? Gather your guests together, and tell them exactly that: separate the marshmallow pieces from the regular cereal pieces in a minute. Whoever completes this task the fastest wins. On your mark, get set, go!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas: Decorations

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Decorations
Source: Pixabay

18. Shamrock Balloons

Gather together four green heart-shaped balloons*, and you’ve got a shamrock balloon! These balloons are perfect decor for the treat table and photo wall. According to Irish tradition, if you find a four-leaf clover, you are destined for good luck, so don’t feel as though you need fewer balloons; the ‘less is more’ rule doesn’t apply here!

19. Party Table

Every party should have a treat table! Place your decadent treats on your table with a green table runner*. On the wall above the table, create an eccentric rainbow with a pot of gold at the end out of streamers*. The table should have the sweet treats, rainbow cups, napkins, and plates for your guests to dive right in!

20. Shamrock Streamers

You can never have too much shamrock in your life, especially on St. Patrick’s Day! Grab some dark and light green streamers*, and get to cutting. You should be incredibly precise with this task. If precision is not your forte, you may want to skip this task, and instead consider buying St. Patrick’s Day-themed streamers instead. Or you could invite some friends over, and turn it into a competition! Whoever makes the best shamrock streamers for the party wins!

21. Irish Flag Mason Jars

If you are going for an Irish theme in your St. Patrick’s Day decorations, consider making Irish flag mason jars. To make them, start with a layer of primer*. Then, start to paint with the colors of the Irish flag from top to bottom (green* at the top, white in the middle, and orange at the bottom). During the party, you can use these mason jars to put fresh flowers in to make your house smell wonderful!

22. Photo Wall

Download printable St. Patty Day decorations, and print them to put on your wall. This printable set should include a banner; however, if the banner is not to your liking, head to your local party store, and purchase a St. Patrick’s Day banner* instead. You will also need props to take fun pictures. To do so, download and print pictures that you may attach to rods, so your guests can hold the pictures up to their faces.


It’s always nice to get a little creative on the work you put into a party, especially a St. Patrick’s Day party. They will appreciate you for all the thought and work you put into the party, and be able to enjoy all the little gifts you’ve prepared for them. Make this St. Patrick’s Day for kids a special one, but don’t forget the adults! Activities for all ages are a great way to include kids and adults.

All of these ideas are simple and inexpensive to put together. You will be able to save money and put a little personal touch on all of the party favors. The favors are especially fun to give out for kids and younger guests. The games, food items, activities, and decorations are great for all ages as well. They will enjoy the goodies for how playful they are. I hope these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas helped to plan your event, but most of all, enjoy the party!

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