7 Styles of Videography

7 Styles of Videography

Just as with photography, there are multiple styles of videography. Think of these styles as different film genres that you would see in a theater. Do you want a documentary, a comedy, or an avant-garde event video? Once you find local videographers for your event or wedding, make sure that you discuss your options with them so that they will know exactly what you want and will film and edit accordingly so your wedding videos will match your wedding theme

If you’ve hired party or wedding videography services and you want special audio recorded at your event, then the type of microphones your video production services use becomes vitally important. You want to hear a clear sound when listening to the recorded audio of you and your loved one reciting your vows or the best man and maid of honor saying their speeches.

When you hire professional party or wedding videographers, you expect professional quality for your event video and sound, so ask about the mics (and pick-up patterns) that will be used at your event. Easy Event Planning has put together the options and recommendations of what styles of videography and types of microphones you can request for your special event!

Styles of Videography

1. Documentary

1. Documentary

Also called a journalistic approach, this video style is meant to capture every moment of your event or wedding. Many video production services specialize in this style since it is an unobtrusive approach in the way that party or wedding videographers are not telling you what to do all of the time. Their job is to melt into the background and capture events that will serve as memorable moments for you!

2. Artistic

Although this style can also be seen as the cinematic style, this artistic style of party or wedding videography is very much about the videographer’s view of the event. The video productions you hire have the freedom to bend a scene or moment to how they feel fits best for the feel of your event’s video and can come up with some creative effects. They might use different types of lighting or sound to capture something different. They may also simply shoot different styles and mesh them together. Whatever it is, if you hire this service, you are bound to get a beautiful and creative film of your event to watch!

3. Cinematic

If you prefer a kind of timeless feel with a hint of classic Hollywood quality, this is the style for you! Keep in mind that there are a variety of subcategories in this style. For instance, you may want avant-garde or experimental instead of mainstream cinema. You may even want a kind of indie vibe to your video. Whatever specific style you may favor, you can usually count on a beautifully put-together video that isn’t just a tape-recording of your vows. You can count on great camera angles, seamless edits (if you prefer a Hollywood style), and well-composed shots that are all coordinated to create a video that you will love to watch again and again. 

4. Short-form

Short-form is a videography style that is usually combined with another style. This style is a short highlight video that is about three to five minutes in length. In addition to the raw footage and the full feature video of your wedding, many companies also offer you a highlight video. Short-form focuses on three segments: getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception.

You can easily share short-form videos with your friends and family as well as posting them on social media for everyone who couldn’t make the guest list to see. Videographers do not always work in this form or may not offer a short-form video in the package, so if you would like to have a highlight video, make sure to ask the videographer if it is available to you.

5. Storytelling

The storytelling videography style usually has voiceover audio narrating the couple’s story and their wedding day. Videographers use text, music, or a combination of both to create a video that focuses more on the love story than the details of the wedding or the funny moments of the day. The storytelling style is usually paired with the cinematic style, as the results of the two are very similar.

6. Traditional

The traditional videography style focuses more on the ceremony and reception, without the wedding or behind-the-scenes details. Videographers who use this style usually use tools such as handheld cameras rather than cinematic tools and their editing is more straightforward.

7. Vintage

The vintage style looks like a 1940’s movie. The color grading has a vintage look to it, usually a black-and-white or sepia tone effect. To achieve the vintage style you can use filters or using a Super 8 mm film, which is the old-fashioned film from the 1960s that requires a specialized camera.

Styles of Videography: Types of Microphones

4. Omni-Directional


Also called a lapel mic, this tiny microphone is used by TV crews, stage crews, and wedding videographers alike. This microphone clips onto the lapel or neck of the person’s clothing who is speaking. It is nearly invisible and provides a steady audio output since the distance from a person’s mouth never changes. These are quite common in wedding videography.


These microphones get the name “shotgun” because they are shaped like the barrel of a shotgun. They are usually unidirectional, meaning they pick up patterns from only straight in front of them. Film crews and video productions use them a lot since they are great for picking up specific elements due to their directionality. These could be put on a microphone stand and used for those speaking at the reception for speeches, announcements, etc.


Known as the reporter’s mic, this style of microphone is common in the news industry as it is durable, efficient, and portable. They can be set up anywhere with a mic jack. Just plug it in and you’ve got a working microphone! You can also get wireless versions that simply have a battery pack instead of a wire, which simply means that you check the batteries and flip a switch to use it. Both wireless and cord options of this handheld microphone are great for vows, speeches, and any other type of audio needs for your event.


If you need sound from anywhere and everywhere at once, this mic will supply the pick-up pattern that you need. It picks up sound from a 360-degree area and is perfect for situations in which there may be many people socializing or speaking. This could be used for recording dance-floor fun or for recording your guests chattering before the ceremony, during the ceremony, during cocktails, or during the reception.


These mics pick up sound from the front and back, which is great for interviewing guests during your event. If doing interviews during your event interests you, make sure you set up who the interviewer will be and what questions they will ask your guests. This would be great for weddings, as someone could ask questions to guests about their warm wishes, advice, etc. for the happy couple. 


We hope you enjoyed these styles of videography! The types of microphones are an addition to help you with your project so we hope you found this information useful.

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